Human Puppet

Genre: Supernatural/Humor

Q: What if you went to school, and then lost control of your own body?

A: You wake up screaming one Friday morning. You had a terrible nightmare about some shadow puppeteer who was controlling you with strings and a cross.

You decide to ignore the dream and instead get ready to go to school. You get dressed, eat, and leave the house. When you arrive at school, you trip in the hallway twice over nothing. You are confused because there wasn't anything or anyone to trip you both times.

Again you decide to simply ignore anything weird is happening and go to your first class. You sit in your seat and listen to your teacher teach about human biology. The teacher is talking about how the brain controls every movement in the human body. You find the lecture rather boring so you mostly daydream throughout it.

Time flys and soon the school bell rings and class is dismissed. That's when the strangest thing occurs. You jump right out of your seat and run into the classroom door face first. Everyone in the room begins laughing at you and so you stumble out into the hallway feeling embarrassed.

You decide to skip your next class and hide out in the bathroom to figure out what happened to you. You can't explain how and why you ran into the door. You go over what happened to you in your head again and again for about forty minutes.

Before you know it, the school bell rings again. You brace yourself for another spaz attack by hugging one of the toilets tightly. However, nothing happens, you don't do anything stupid. You sigh in relief and decide to go to your third period class before you get into trouble.

Throughout third period, you spend most of your time worrying instead of listening to the math teacher. Every now and then your right hand flys up into the air for no apparent reason and the teacher calls on you to solve a simple math problem. But you are not focused and so you get all of them wrong.

Your teacher begs you to only raise your hand when you know the answer. So you tell the teacher that it's not your fault, and that if you could please be excused to go see the school nurse. The teacher asks you why, and without any warning your right hand stabs your left hand with your pencil. You let out a small scream but hold it in. Everyone in the room including the teacher can not believe you just did that. You can't believe it either,especially because you didn't do it on purpose. begin bleeding and wipe your hand on your desk. The teacher grimaces at the sight of your bloody hand and immediately allows you to leave.

You leave the classroom in a hurry and run into your best friend in the hallway. Your friend is surprised to see you bleeding and asks you why you're hurt. You say that you accidentally cut yourself with a pair of sccisors. Your friend is skeptical of you and also asks where you are going. You tell your friend the truth and walk away. Your friend watches you go into the nurse's office.

The nurse sees you walk in and gasps at the sight of your hand. She of course also asks you what happened and you use the same lie again. The nurse looks at your wound and reaches for her first aid kit. You want to tell her if she knows why you are having trouble controlling your body but you are afraid to do so. She grabs your hand and wraps a band aid strip over it. You summon up the courage to ask her, but before you do both of your hands grab her face tightly and you kiss her in the mouth.

The nurse drops her first aid kit to the floor and slaps you across the face. Both you and the nurse stare at each other in shocking disbelief. You get scared and run out of her office before she makes you explain why you raped her lips for no reason.

Amazingly, you run into your friend again but this time you both crash into one another. Your friend gets up and helps you get to your feet. Your friend lets go of your hand and sees that you are still bleeding. Your friend immediately wipes off the blood on your shirt.

Your friend gets mad asks you why your hand is still bloody. You feel afraid and want some help from anybody so you tell the truth this time. Your friend looks at you like if you were crazy, but decides to listen your story because you agree to pay for both of your lunch meals.

You and your friend sit together at lunch alone so that no one else can hear you. You tell your friend that you have no control of your body when it does crazy antics all on its own. Your friend is having a hard time believing your story. You try to explain it as best as you can but your friends is still not convinced.

That is until you pick up an apple from your lunch tray and throw it at the person sitting behind your friend. The person turns out to be the school bully and demands to know who threw the apple.

Your friend now believes you because there is no way you would ever throw anything at the toughest student in the school. So your friend decides to help you out by blaming another student near your table. The bully begins throwing food at him, and so you and your friend escape and make your way outside.

You and your friend hide behind the school outside. Your friend is in disbelief and curiously asks you what's wrong with you. You say you don't know, that you feel like someone is controlling you. "Like a robot?" Your friend asks you. You say "No, I feel like a puppet." That's when you remember the dream you had this morning. You tell your friend to follow you to the library.

You both find a book there about supernatural occurrences. You read the chapter about puppet masters and discover that sometimes ghosts will take control over a person's body. It sounds crazy, so your friend suggests you to first talk to your human biology teacher before you start believing in ghost stories. You agree, but check out the book from the library anyways.

You and your friend both enter the biology classroom. Your teacher is having a lunch break so there is no one else in the room. Your teacher asks you what brings you to the classroom. Your friend makes a joke about a ghost bringing you there but you ignore it. Your teacher is confused, so you tell her that you are having trouble controlling your own body.
Your teacher asks you, "You mean like a urinary bladder problem?" Your friend laughs out loud but you get embarrassed.

You tell the teacher no and that you think your brain is trying to take control over you. Your teacher reminds you of this mornings human biology lecture explaining that the brain is in control of your body's movements. But you say that you are having sudden involuntary reflexes. The teacher simply isn't understanding. You give up and walk out of the classroom with your friend following you.

The school bell rings again and the principal makes an announcement on the intercom. Everyone is to go directly to the gym and attend a mandatory assembly. You begin to get nervous, you don't think it's a good idea for you to make an appearance. You tell your friend to go without you but your biology teacher shows up and reminds you again that it's mandatory that everyone goes. The teacher forces you and your friend to enter the gym and you both sit on top of the bleachers. Soon every student and teacher in school arrive, even the nurse and bully show up. They just stare at you from across the gym, like you're some kind of freak.

The principal is the last person to show and stands in front of a podium. The principal then announces to everyone that acts of violence will not be tolerated at the school. The principal points at two police officers standing by the exist than says that they are here because a student this morning destroyed one hundred dollars worth of school property last night and was caught on a security camera. Lastly, the principal demands that the culprit reveal him or herself to the authorities now or face severe future punishment.

Everyone in the gym becomes dead silent. No one is going to admit to a crime like that. But then someone does speak up, it's a guy from the senior class and he says, "I didn't do it coppers! I was at your mom's house last night!" False alarm, everyone in the gym laughs including the teachers. The principal however reminds the guy that this is no joke and that if he interupts again he will be arrested. Everyone laughs at him now including me. And then that's when you stand up involuntary, and watch as everyone becomes silent and stares at you.

Your friend asks you what the hell you are doing, but you can't speak or even open your mouth. You begin to walk down the bleachers like a robot ironically and the principal demands you to go back and sit down. Everyone is whispering to one another and you can hear them saying if you've lost your mind. It sure seems that way, because no matter how hard you try to think of a way out you can not. Your mind is in control now and it's going to get you killed.

Your legs walk you up to the podium and your hands push the principal aside. The principal is speachless and watches you stare at him for no reason. Your body then turns to everybody sitting on the bleachers and then your mouth opens and a voice that is not yours clearly states, "I did it." And then without any warning your arms push the principal to the gym floor and your legs begin kicking him in the stomach. Everyone gasps and screams while the two police officers run towards you and tackle you to the floor. Your body tries to fight them back but it gives up and you regain control of it once again. But it's too late, the damage has already been done.

The two cops take you away outside into a police car and handcuff your hands together. You begin to cry and plead to the officers that you didn't do anything criminal or mean to kick the principal but they don't believe you. Then they show you the picture from the security camera. It's a picture of you. You can't believe it either. They make you sit in the car, shut the door, and drive you off to the police station.

After a few minutes you stop crying and look at the picture again resting on the seat next to yours. You take a closer look at it and discover that you were sleep walking last night. You can't explain why you were sleep walking, or even how you knew your way to school with your eyes closed. Confused, you take your eyes off the photo and look outside the cop car's black tinted window. What you see scares the living soul out of you. It's the face of a ghost grinning back at you.

The End

To be continued? You decide.