A/N: I decided to rewrite this because 3rd person just sounded so cold and boring. This is my first ongoing story so please give me suggestions for improvement :)

Chapter 1 - Lotus Pie

"Hey Alex."

I opened my eyes. I wasn't sleeping anyways. I looked around me. The sky was grey. The car was still moving. Alex and Ike were still sleeping beside and in front of me. It was such a dull, languid atmosphere that I closed my eyes again.


I heard Alex groan and yawn. "What, Nick?"

"My fingers are cramping," Nick said. "Wanna take over?"

Alex groaned again. "Fine, just take the exit."

The four of us were returning home from a well-deserved winter vacation at Universal Studios. We were all high school seniors with severe cases of senioritis, and we were in desperate need of a break away from stress and girls. Not that we didn't appreciate the latter, but sometimes they added to the former, if you know what I meant.

Nick and Ike were twin brothers who got along better than most twins (which isn't saying much.) They were identical only in their pale blond hair and piercing eyes the color of the ocean. Nick was the more aggressive, self-centered one; Ike was more of an innocent but adventure-loving kid – like a bird or something gentle but winged.

Alex was the jock, the tough guy who played football and got cheerleaders with his muscles. And I, Oliver, well, isn't it always a challenge to describe yourself?

Anyways, Nick took the exit ramp up to a busy intersection when it started to rain. He waited a long time for the traffic before turning left and looking for a safe place to get off the car and trade drivers. The windshield wiper weren't exactly helping with his accuracy. Finally, he parked the car on the corner of one of the seats.

Nick and Alex traded places in the front of the car. Alex was just about to turn the key when a terrible screeching noise ripped through my eardrums. It was so loud I knew we were done for.

Ike was blasted awake, and the two in the front ducked their heads. I, however, turned to my left. I'd rather see what killed me than blindly die.

A black car was sliding towards our way, towards Alex's window.

"Alex!" I screamed. Too late. Metal crunched metal and something punched my face real hard. The wind was knocked out of my lungs.

The car alarm wailed, a sickening cry.

I recovered from the air back, and immediately thanked God that I was alright. A black car had crashed into the driver's corner of the car. I checked on the other guys – they seemed alright. Well, almost.

"Holy shit!" Alex screamed, and cursed some more. "My arm!"

"You okay, man?" Nick said.

"How is he okay?" Ike said. "He's freaking bleeding."

At this, Alex began to cry, "Holy shit, I'm bleeding!"

I quickly opened my door and got out of the car. Our car wasn't damaged that much, but the drivers' door was basically dented in. I pried it open.

"Alex," I said. Alex's arm was bleeding, and his elbow bent at an obscure angle. "Alex, calm down."

He took a few deep breaths, then started to cry again, "I'm never gonna play football again!"

"Shh," I said. "It's alright."

"It hurts so much I could die from it!"

"Come on," I said. "Be brave now." I unbuckled his seatbelt and supported him out of the car.

The twins were talking to whoever drove the black car into us. I wondered how they would be charged if we were so far from home. I glanced around me, searching for police, but there were just some rubbernecking passers-by.

I sighed and helped Alex get in the other side of the car. He looked so vulnerable now, despite his muscles and reputation.

"Ollie," Ike called me. "Come here. You go talk to the weird lady. I'll stay with him."

I went over to the black car. Nick was busy castigating a middle-aged lady.

"We're not gonna sue you," Nick was saying. "Because we can't. But we're gonna wait until the cops get here, and see how they take care of this."

The lady paid no attention. She threw me a perfect-toothed smile.

"Hello, kind sir, your lovely friend here doesn't seem to understand me," she told me. Nick rolled his eyes and sneered. The lady continued, "But, I am so sorry for the accident."

I nodded.

"I'll take you home, dry you up, and feed you lovely boys," she continued. "Then I'll send you on your merry way as if nothing had happened, if you don't get the authorities involved."

I thought about it. What use was it to get her into trouble? We would have a police case, a broken arm, and hungry stomachs.

"Sounds good," I said. Nick grabbed my arm.

"What the hell, Ollie?" He said. "You serious? We don't need anyone's pity."

I shrugged. "You memorized her license plate, right? If it's a scam we'll still win."

The lady winked at me. "I'll lead you to my house, when you're ready."

I got in the driver's seat, and the twins piled into the back. I followed the woman's black car down the roads and through the downtown. We went into the suburbs, and suddenly I had lost track of where we were. I just knew if I found the highway we were on…Maybe the lady would help us.

The woman stopped at a large, nice house and got out of the car. She waited until we helped Alex out of the car, and then she led us up the little stone steps and into her home.

It smelled nice, like flowers and spring despite the dreadful winter weather outside. Most of her decorations were light pink and white, as if the house was a flower itself.

She made Alex a sling with a pair of pantyhose and safety pins. She gave him some ice and some bandages too.

"Thank you," Alex said. He tried to smile, but ended up making an awkward grimace.

"We won't forget your kindness," I added to be polite.

"Oh yes you will," she said in a sing-song voice as she set the dining table. "I mean, it's best you forget about me when you go on your merry way. We can both pay for our own damages, and life will go on. But oh, it'll be easy to forget me, that's for sure," she laughed to herself. "After all, I am just an old lady and you are teenaged boys."

She served us homemade spaghetti and meatballs, which we all wolfed down without savoring the taste. I never realized how hungry we were until we looked at our empty plates and she sadly told us she had no more.

"But I do have dessert," she said with a mischievous smile. "If you have room, of course."

We were still starving, and she could tell, so she brought us a homemade pie out of the oven. It smelled so curious and tantalizing, yet it was the same smell that filled her flowery house. When she sliced it, the smell wafted into our nostrils and made us drool like dogs.

Nick took a slice. The inside of the pie was a pink color, also like her home décor.

"What is it?" Ike said. "I've never seen a pink pie."

She winked at him. "You'll soon see, child. Do have some."

Ike took a slice too, then I helped Alex and myself. I watched Nick take a bite – and was shocked. The arrogance in his eyes melted into a dreamy, delusional look.

"Woah," he said. "This is great."

Ike took a bite too. "Hey, you're right for once, bro."

I threw Alex a worried glance. He shrugged back. "I dunno," he said. "Let's try it."

He took a bite, and suddenly he threw his arms – even his broken arm – over his head, and whooped as if he had scored a touch-down.

I was really nervous now. I mean, since when did pie make someone high? Maybe the lady put weird drugs into it, and maybe she was trying to kill us so she wouldn't be charged for the accident.

"M'am," I said. "Actually, I'm kinda full." My three companions were shoving the pie into their mouths like they were having an eating contest or something.

"Oh dear," the lady said. "Please, don't be polite, kind sir. You of all people deserve the enticing taste of my homemade lotus pie recipe. Please try some."

She seemed so sincere, and the pie was calling out to me. Come, Oliver, you know you want me. My stomach answered with a growl, please Oliver, satisfy me!

I took a deep breath and held my fork up to my mouth. It smelled so good I wanted to faint. I licked the corner of it carefully to see if there were strange drugs in it. But the moment my tongue touched the tip of the slice, fireworks exploded inside my head. It was as if the pie was my girlfriend Portia and I had kissed it.

And after that, I couldn't stop until my slice was done. It was even softer, sweeter, better than my girlfriend. I could not explain it. It was euphoria.

I looked up to see if there was any more of it, but the pie tray was empty. My companions had probably helped themselves to seconds, thirds, fourths…but they were passed out on the table.

I heard a soothing voice wash over me like a soft blanket. "Sleep, Oliver, sleep." And so I slept.

I wasn't sure if I had fallen asleep behind the wheel or not, but I found myself driving as I opened my eyes. I thanked God that I didn't crash during my sleep and cursed that I should be more careful next time.

But, I realized my door was dented and caved in. So we had crashed! And suddenly, memories came floating to me as I regained consciousness fully. I remember we crashed, but where? I glanced over at Alex, sound asleep beside me. He had been hurt during the crash, but where did he get the pantyhose sling?

"Guys?" I said, feeling creeped out because I couldn't remember what happened. Maybe I had lost my own memory during the crash.

I heard stirring beside me, and suddenly a terrible groan.

"Holy shit, my arm!" Alex cried. "What the hell happened to it?"

Why didn't he remember? I wondered. Should I tell him?

"You really don't remember?" I said.

"Was it during practice when that stupid asshole Tommy tackled me?" He asked through clenched teeth.

"Yeah," I lied.

The morning sunlight grew brighter as I realized I did not remember the night. So I turned on the radio, opened the window, and soon forgot that I had forgotten anything.