You wouldn't believe what two weeks can do to a person. Seriously, turns out, that amount of time was longer than I'd thought. For Rashel Montague-or whatever the hell her last name was-had done a 180 degree turn. She was now starting to actually resemble what a fifteen-year-old girl would look and act like. Even though she had slip ups every now and again, when it was just me, her, and Ross. Sometimes with Kaia, as well, but those were very rare.

Anyway, Rashel had forgiven me for the whole "yelling at her ex-boyfriend" thing. Mostly. According to Ross, I was still on probation, but I supposed that that was a huge step up from the whole totally avoiding thing she'd been doing for the past half month.

"Whoa!" I gaped at the colored pencils that sat on the blonde's desk, "These colored pencils look expensive!"

"Yeah." Ross chuckled, "They're the best kind-the kind famous artists or whatever use. Rashel asked for them and of course my parents had to buy them for her." he rolled his eyes, "She's becoming a spoiled brat, again."

Rashel shot him a glare from her bed, where she was laying, doing homework. She grabbed her notebook, one of the many markers she had from the box sitting right underneath her, and wrote; I was never a spoiled brat. I was a well behaved little girl.

Ross busted out laughing at that, as did I.

"Well behaved?" Ross snorted, "You constantly skipped class, drank, smoked, got into fights, and threw beer cans at our heads for most of your life!"

Rashel raised an eyebrow at him, pouting slightly, before flipping the page over and writing; I only threw them at you because you guys were being overly obnoxious.

There was a faint drawing of Belle from Beauty and the Beast in the top right hand corner of the page. It was actually surprisingly good. I mean, for a girl who was supposed to be the huge rebel, and all.

Ross rolled his eyes, again, "We were walking home from school! How is that being overly obnoxious?"

Walking home from school is so over rated.

"You do know that's how you get home now, right?" I asked, sitting down on one of her many blue fluffy chairs that the Griffens had bought for her.

Only because you jerks force me to.

Ross raised an eyebrow, "Really? And how did you get home before we came along?"

Simple. You didn't ACTUALLY think I was going out with Zeke for his looks or personality, did you? It was for his car, and that was it.

Ross and I sniggered a bit at that, "Don't you think you could've gotten a ride even if the two of you weren't going out?" I asked.

Who said that was the ONLY reason I was going out with him? Rashel wrote, A girl has needs, you know.

"Please tell me you've just been spending too much time with Vash, and you really meant 'A girl has knees'" Ross begged, blanching slightly.

"Hey!" I cried, hitting his shoulder, "Stop dissing my accent!"

Ross shot me a playful smirk, "Why should I?"

"Because it's se~exy." I smirked back, "It's the reason the girls are all over me."

Ross rolled his eyes, "Yeah, that's why you've had a grand total of zero girlfriends in your entire life."

"Well, at least I've had girls ask me out." I shot back, "You ask them out every time, and you always get shot down."

Rashel sniggered at that, making me smile widely. I wasn't sure why I was so happy that she found my comment funny, I just was. It made it feel like there were little happy butterflies swimming around in my stomach.

I say you're BOTH still pathetic. Rashel smirked, turning so that her head hung off the side of her bed.

I followed her hair with my eyes as if fell briefly. Then I paused as I caught something slightly odd about her box of markers. There were a ton of blues in there, but she never seemed to write in blue. It was always in a different color. Odd. Maybe she didn't like that color, or something.

"Oh, ouch." Ross clutched his hand to his chest, making a face that looked as if he'd been stabbed or something, "Right where it counts."

He collapsed to the ground, holding his hand up dramatically and making weird gurgling noises like he was dieing. Rashel and I glanced at each other briefly, shaking our heads at him. Then she shot me a look that said "Hey, I'm being forced to stay here with him. You, on the other hand, have the choice to leave." And I shot her a smile back that said, "Oh please, I wouldn't miss this for the world."


A couple hours later, I was getting ready to leave, when I walked by Kaia's door. It was open for once, so I glanced in, to see her coloring something. That was odd. I didn't know that Ross's little sister liked to color.

"Hey." I said, sauntering in, despite the 'DO NOT ENTER' signs that were hung up all over the place.

Kaia barely glanced up, "Hey, Frog."

My eye twitched, "I'm not a frog." I grumbled.

Kaia shrugged, "Fine then. Hey Frienchie."

"I'm not French either."

She looked up at me then, raising an eyebrow, "Then what are you?"

I rolled my eyes, "I'm Swiss."

Kaia stared at me for a second, before sighing, shaking her head, and going back to coloring, "You should stick with letting people think you're French."

"You're the only one who's ever mistaken me for being French." I pointed out, "Which I still don't get. The Swiss accent sounds more German than French. Hell, it doesn't sound French at all." then I sighed-this was the same conversation the two of us had every time we saw each other, and it was quickly growing old, so I decided to change the subject, "What're you coloring?"

Kaia glanced briefly back at me. She sighed, grabbed a rubber band, and pulled her shoulder length, chocolate colored hair back into a sloppy ponytail. She then grabbed the paper, and held it up to reveal an anime girl with long hair, and cat ears.

"Rashel drew it for me." she stated, "I was complaining about how I had nothing to color, so she said she would." I raised an eyebrow, causing Kaia to roll her eyes, "Okay, she wrote that she would."

I nodded, before walking over to her, as she turned around. I glanced at her pile of pencils, noticing that she hardly ever used the Maroon.

"So, you don't like maroon, huh?" I asked.

Kaia shot me a confused look, "No, it's my favorite color."

I raised an eyebrow, "Then how come it doesn't look like you've used it at all?"

Kaia shrugged, "Because I want to save it for something special." she smiled, "You're favorite color should be something you savor. Not something you put on every picture because then it seems to grow less special."

I rolled my eyes, walking out, "You're weird."