It hurts when you hurt someone, but it hurts even more when you hurt them because they hurt you. They may not understand it, but you do. There's a constant trade off ~ Pain for Pain and Love for Love

Pain for Pain, Love for Love


by XxmickeyTxX


You cause me pain because I cause you pain.

You make my eyes flood because I make yours rain.

You allow blood to seep from my heart because I allow yours to lay silent in vain.


You do not want to be in love.

I do not want you to be in it from up above.

I want this and us to float away peacefully like a dove.


I want to say it but only if it would make you stay.

But I do not want you to simply just lay.

We must come together in this way,

and only in this way can we decay.


Believe in me as I do you.

Believe in this because you know my love is true.


I will not beg and I will not plead,

but with all my heart and soul I do not want you to leave.

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