Frozen Royalty

Our Queen is frozen,
She has to be found!
By those among daredevils
Heroes around.

She lies within the hillside
Royal Blue lips utter true
"Who dares enter this cavern-
Better know whom they pursue"

Knights to beggars
Butchers to sheep
Offer their lives
No matter how steep
But who would guess?
The mast may choose
Lesser than the beggars
Little Tommy Tue

Off he trebled
Or off with his head!
Ready to face
Whatever may lie ahead
How were he to know
That she frozen in ice
May only be for a winter
For spring may suffice

Frozen tomb may drip
Drown in it's tears
Revealing such beauty
Not seen for years!

Royal blue lips were no more,
It place were such lips
Red to the core.

Hand she shall raise
Dragons shall fall
For she who was held captor
Has a lot in store...
On the thrown she now sits
Beside Little Tommy Tue
For he is is her king.

By UnchartedWallflower