Level 19: My Sister is My Rival and My Classmate?!

***Act I: A Spirited Dash***

"Clow, Yuji, hurry up! If you two keep walking so slowly, we'll never make it to the entrance ceremony!" exclaimed Olivia.

"Hurry up you two! We're going to be late!" yelled Alicia.

Clow and Yuji strolled side by side with tire-stricken faces, tailing the girls at an amusingly slow pace.

"The hell are they so excited about?" asked Yuji quietly.

"Beats me. Maybe being up so early destroyed a few of their brain cells," hypothesized Clow.

"Brain cells?"

"It's something that I learned from Luna and Aerith, don't ask how it came up though," explained Clow with a slightly disturbed tone of voice.

Yuji felt a shiver run down his spine. Shaking his head, he said, "Don't worry, I don't wanna know."

Seeing the worry in Yuji's eyes, Clow said, "Aerith and Claus were tutoring me in science yesterday. I wanted quiet, so I locked my door. Sorry if I worried you guys."

Yuji looked at him, not exactly believing his words, but deciding to accept them. It was far better than allowing his worries to continue eating at him. "Ah, I see. Say, doesn't Aura go to school here too?"

Clow shook his head. "Aerith told me to tell you that Aura would be studying in Vaizen this trimester and over the break. She apparently has some kind of work to do there under Silver," answered the raven-haired boy.

Yuji raised an eyebrow. "With Silver huh?" muttered the boy aloud.

That's weird. Aura's supposed to be the Guardian's other full-time puil. Unless, she's gonna go train with Silver, thought Yuji curiously. Shrugging his shoulders, he thought to himself, I'll just ask Luna about it today when I go there for training.

At last the auburn-haired knight and the raven-haired boy found themselves standing in the middle of a courtyard. Olivia was waiting for them with her arms crossed, while Alicia stood with her arms folded behind her.

"Geez, are you two zombies or somethin' this morning? Get a move on!" whined Olivia.

"Seriously, you two have gotten super lazy since we moved here," added Alicia.

Yuji and Clow felt their irritation growing.

"That's starting to get old," growled Yuji.

"Agreed," said Clow irately.

Looking at each other, the two grinned demonically. A plan had come to their minds.

"Shall we?" asked the auburn-haired knight.

"Definitely," replied the raven-haired boy.

In a flash of auburn and black, the two boys sped past both girls, overtaking their lead by several meters until they disappeared completely from view. Alicia and Olivia watched their retreating forms until they were completely gone from their sights.

"Well, that was an improvement," said Alicia.

Olivia laughed nervously. "I guess," said the blonde.

"We should catch up to them."

"Probably. After all, we're the ones with the school map."

With that, the two took off at a comparable speed to the boys, hoping to find them before the two managed to get lost. Unfortunately for them, they were far too late.

***Act II: Yep, They're Definitely Siblings***

Having run so far into the campus, Clow and Yuji wandered throughout the campus, lost and completely unsure of their location. Before any of that could worry them however, they had to catch their breath from all of the running they had done earlier.

"Whew… I think we… Lost 'em," said Yuji in-between breaths for air.

Clow, resting against a wall on his left muttered, "Next time, let's just ignore 'em."

"That's fine with me," agreed the auburn-haired knight, panting.

As Yuji squatted onto his knees to catch his breath, a cold sensation spiked through his back. It felt welt and plastic like. It had to be a water bottle.

"You look tired. Are you guys part of the track team or something?" asked a feminine voice.

Yuji raised an eyebrow, sure he had heard this voice somewhere before, but nodded anyway.

"No, we're fine," answered the blue-eyed boy.

Clow's green eyes lit with interest when they realized that the auburn-haired girl before him had a water bottle. "Thank you for worrying, but we're fine. Can we have some of that water though?" asked the raven-haired boy.

The girl giggled. "From the way you two act, you are probably from the mountains. Sure. Have some," answered the girl, tapping it against Yuji's shoulder.

Yuji turned around to accept the bottle, but his eyes quickly widened in horror. This girl, he knew her. She had long auburn hair done in a ponytail, deep-blue eyes. The girl before him was none other than Akira.

Akira's stood there, surprised. "A-Aki?" the girl nearly yelled.

"Akira?" yelled the auburn-haired knight.

Clow raised an eyebrow, unsure of what was going on. Since he hadn't witnessed the battle between Yuji and Akira, this exchange came off to him as incredibly peculiar. "You two know each other?" asked the raven-haired boy.

The auburn-haired twins nodded to Clow slowly, their eyes never leaving one another. "Yeah," they answered steadily.

The raven-haired boy's curiosity heightened with the awkward reply. "Yuji, who exactly is this girl?"

Yuji looked to Clow and then back to Akira. "We need a moment," he told the auburn-haired girl.

Akira, still shocked, replied, "Sure, go ahead."

With that, Yuji pulled Clow a distance away from the auburn-haired girl before asking, "Remember when it was brought up that I have a sister?"

Clow looked at the girl, noting the similarities and then back to Yuji. "…Hot damn-"

"My thoughts exactly," Yuji interjected. "Look, she and I kind of got into it. If it weren't for Alicia, I probably would've kicked the bucket. I'm just warning you that she's dangerous."

The raven-haired boy nodded slowly as they returned to where Akira stood patiently waiting for the duo.

"What are you doing at my school?" asked Akira quietly.

Yuji shook his head. "Hey, don't blame me. Luna's the one who shoved me into the education system; something about having to adapt to normal society."

Akira rolled her eyes. "Like that's gonna happen. You were never exactly a normal guy to begin with Akito."

"Your honesty is pretty brutal, you know that?"

"I know, but this makes me kind of happy I guess."

Yuji looked at the girl confusedly. "Why?"

Akira grinned at the boy smugly. "Because this means that I get to destroy you both on the battlefield and on the academic field!" exclaimed the auburn-haired girl.

The auburn-haired knight's muscles tightened at her boastful words. "Is that a challenge little sister?" he asked with a threatening tone of voice. If this kept up, Yuji really may cast aside his feigned amnesia.

"Definitely! If you still suck as much as you did yesterday, I can take you on any day of the week," teased Akira.

"You wanna go right now?" yelled Yuji.

"I would, but you'd be dead on the floor without your friends to protect you!" mocked Akira.

Watching the two bicker, Clow simply jotted down a few notes in his notebook before thinking to himself, Yep, they're definitely siblings.

***Act III: Trouble on the First Day of School***

"Grr… That little wench!" growled Yuji as he snapped his fork in to two.

His peers watched on in fear, not quite sure of what to think of the seemingly fiery-tempered boy.

The auburn-haired knight took note of the fear in his peers' eyes, but decided not to react to anything just yet. Right now, his thoughts were consumed with rage. This sucks! Everyone else is in the class next door, and the worst part is that she of all people just had to be in this class!

Yuji sighed, drowning himself in his mental whining. I wish Clow and the others were here. The worst part is, he paused to sneak a peek at the girl calmly eating her lunch behind him. She's sitting right behind me! Narrowing his eyes, Yuji thought to himself, Then again, this would be a pretty good time to spill the beans to her.

Akira looked up from her lunch, a sandwich and a few slices of an apple, to find none other than her brother watching her eat. She raised an amused eyebrow at him, smiling nervously as the rumors began to fly around them, unbeknownst to her twin anyway.

"Hey, the delinquent kid's staring at Shakugami!" one whispered loudly.

"They have the same hair and eyes, maybe they're related."

"Yeah right! As if cutie like Shakugami could be related to a Velkan savage like him. I mean, look at his hair, he just screams delinquent."

"I heard that Shakugami was talking to him and the other Velkan boy in the class next door from here this morning and called Mr. Auburn-Hair over there by another name" a girl chimed.

"What seriously? Guess no one'll be asking her out now. Her 'delinquent brother' might beat someone up," said a male classmate.

"That or he'll encourage them," suggested another hopefully.

Hearing their words, but attempting to tune them out, Yuji stared out the window absentmindedly. It was rare for Velkans who had managed to survive the trials to actually leave Velka unless they had children of their own. For the Chronosian natives, seeing a Velkan who moved from Velka at his age roaming the streets was a relatively scary thing.

Akira on the other hand continued to watch him, internally giggling when the boy's expression turned into one of frustration and annoyance. I know I had a hard time when I was the new kid, but Akito's just down right awkward,thought the auburn-haired girl near-sympathetically.

As the bell chimed, Yuji stood up and pulled a ridiculously crinkled paper out of his black and silver backpack. Reading it, he thought to himself, Oh yeah, Clow mentioned earlier that we all have Computer Science together. Yes! I'll finally have someone to talk to!

Just as the auburn-haired knight began to stuff the paper back into his cramped backpack, Yuji heard a voice in his head.

Hey, Yu-chan! You there! Hello~ It's your favorite guardian~ a bubbly voice said happily.

Yuji felt his countenance go flat. What's up Luna? I'm still in school. Can't it wait?

Nope! Yuji Shirogane, I command you to come over to assist me with my paperwork today!

I refuse. Even if you had the power of mind control, I'd sooner slit my own throat than follow your every command.

Bah, what's got you so grumpy? Are you having a bad day?

So what do you really want me over for today? You didn't really say what we'd be working on.

Oh, that. Well, Aura's going with Silvy to Vaizen today and I wanted you to come with me to see 'em off.

Oh. Clow mentioned that earlier today. Can the others come?

Nope! Today's a flag even-

I don't think so. I'll let them know there's been a change of plans and bring them with me.

Bah! What do you have ta be so mean for Yu-chan? The tropes clearly state as the co-protagonist that you and I-

Screw the tropes, and who made you the co-protagonist?

There was silence.

Bah, whatever. So you're coming right? asked the purple-eyed guardian.

Yeah, I'll be there with everyone, answered Yuji.

Okay, see ya!

Right, see ya.

Yuji waited several seconds for Luna's presence to leave him. He sighed with annoyance. "That girl is as tiring as ever," muttered the auburn-haired knight.

Finally done packing, Yuji swung his bag over his shoulders and began to walk out of the classroom. Just as he arrived at the sliding door, a hand grabbed onto his shoulder. The boy immediately whirled around on his heel, his eyes promising death to whoever had touched him without permission. The boy who had his hand on his shoulder immediately leaped away.

"Whoa, whoa there! You don't need to get violent about it Auburn-Hair!" yelled the blonde-haired boy.

Yuji stared at him, clearly not impressed. The boy was of skinny, lanky build with shiny eyes that only knew of pleasure and fun. His confident and smug grin easily got under the auburn-haired knight's skin. Yuji felt his irritation growing by the second just from staring at it.

"You need something?" asked Yuji, as nicely as possible.

The blonde boy grinned. "Guess it's true, you Velkans really don't have manners!" exclaimed the boy.

There was silence. Yuji stared at the boy darkly.

The blonde waved his hands dismissively. "Whatever. My name's Alden and I got a look at you and thought you were somethin' special. What do you say? How about you join the mage-knights team here at our school? I hear you and your friends are good fighters and we'd be happy to have you."

The auburn-haired knight eyed the boy cautiously. "What's the catch?"

The blonde grinned. "You're Shakugami's brother, aren't you?"

The whole classroom fell silent. Everyone stared at the two auburn-haired siblings.

Yuji looked away, his hair falling over his eyes. "Yeah, we're twins," he admitted begrudgingly.

Alden's eyes grey grew even brighter if that was humanly possible. "Then, if you lose the initiation match, I want you to convince your sister to go out with me," said the blonde-haired boy.

Yuji stared at him, terribly unimpressed and annoyed with Alden's demands. "Ask her yourself. That's not my problem," said Yuji, sweeping Alden's hand off of his shoulder and attempting to walk away.

Alden grabbed onto him once more. "I see you need to be shown your place. Come to the school arena this afternoon. Let's see what you're made of Velkan savage!" yelled the grey-eyed blonde.

Yuji stopped walking, a grin slowly slithering onto his face. "Sure, I'm okay with that," he said almost happily.

As Yuji cheerfully walked away to his next class, Alden stared after him with a vehement expression on his face. "We'll see who's all cheery after this match is over," said the blonde. With that, he walked away to his next class, pulling out his cell phone and dialing a number.

The phone rang for a few moments. Finally, someone answered, "Hello?"

Alden grinned. "Hi, it's me. I need you to help me take care of someone after school today."

Akira, having seen the entire interaction and heard Alden's phone call, thought to herself, Geez, he's getting himself into all sorts of trouble and it's only the first day! Ugh! Akito you DUMMY!

Author's Notes:

Leave it to Yuji to get himself into trouble on the first day of school. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the latest chapter and look forward to the next. For clarification, they do not have school uniforms here. So everyone will be dressed as they please at school.

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