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Chapter 12

On our way to the hospital Suzy, being in shotgun, calls the hospital so I may get immediate attention.

"Thanks." I manage.

"No prob." Suzy replies.

We are silent the rest of the way. Everyone can tell I'm holding my tongue. Boy am I in pain! We get to the hospital. I get pain killer right away.

"We have to go pick up James and Jim." Joanna says.

"We'll be back as soon as possible." Suzy promises. Joanna and Suzy leave now it's my mom, my dad, and me.

"Mom." I say after a minute of silence.

"Yes?" My mom asks.

"Two things. One can I call Lydia?" My best friend! "Two, what happens if they don't catch James and Jim?" How can I ask that! It might just happen. No it won't! It might. Joanna and Suzy won't let that happen, didn't you read about them online a few weeks ago? They've been doing this since they were 9! Oh yes! Now I remember!

"I'm sure Joanna and Suzy'll catch Jim and James. And you can call Lydia later. Once you're okay-ed by the doctors." mom decides. Dad nods in agreement.

3 hours later, after an X-ray.

Joanna and Suzy rush into the room.

"Why so rushed?" I ask, putting my spoon of ice cream back in the bowl.

"Um... James and Jim, Well they're no where to be found." Suzy gets out.

"Suzy, Joanna, your need back at the station. Another kidnapping has taken place." Joanna's radio says.

"Sea, you may go home. Your leg is fine it just got bruised. It may hurt for a few days." The doctor says entering the room.

"Mom! Give me the phone right now! I need to call Lydia!" I yell. Mom hands my the phone. "Joanna, Suzy wait one minute! Please!" I plead dialing Lydia's number.

"Hello?" Lydia's mom asks. I can hear she's crying!

"Where - Where is Lydia?" I asks scared to hear the answer.


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