Naturally, Marilyn (PG-13)

My dream girl was (and always had been) Marilyn Clemons who I considered the perfect girl next door (even though she didn't actually live next door to me).

I had gone to school with Marilyn since first grade and I was always taken by her. By the time we reached junior high, I had come to realize that this was the girl for me and by eighth grade I had implemented my three year plan to get her to like me in return.

I was patient and unrelenting in my determination to capture Marilyn's heart knowing that it would be a slow and meticulous process but if I stayed with it there would eventually be a promising pay off.

I had always been friendly and nice to Marilyn but when I started my three year plan in eighth grade I raised the stakes. My plan was to get her to notice me, trust me, and realize that I was a good friend. Unlike some of the other guys, I never came on to her, hit on her, made passes at her, or acted like a jerk around her.

Instead, I had her back. I'd follow up with a positive and supportive comment to an answer she gave in class. I'd compliment her every day on the way she looked and what she was wearing which was easy because she was one of the best dressers in the school and easily one of the prettiest with long amber hair, a round face, and a killer smile. Her wardrobe choices made her shapely figure stand out all the more.

What topped it all off about Marilyn was that she really was a nice and good person. She was well liked by her classmates, popular among her peers, and successful within our class. She was smart without being overbearing, confident without being egotistical, friendly without being fake and sincere without being sappy. It was easy to like her.

My three year plan kept me within her orbit and I was able to maintain that circle while others crashed and burned by either dating her (and breaking up with her) or alienating her with some stupid comment or behavior. Meanwhile, I was Mr. Consistent, saying hello to her in the halls, complimenting her for her achievements, and supporting her in her causes. I was her unofficial campaign manager when she ran for student council freshman year. I went to all of her volleyball games. I wrote nice things about her in the school newspaper. I showed up at her events outside of school - a car wash fundraiser, a church group activity, a family funeral.

I was there for her without being in her face about it, emerging from the shadows when needed or necessary to remind her that I was there. Sometimes I would sit with her in the cafeteria at lunch or in the auditorium during an assembly. I had long since befriended many of her friends and I slowly ingratiated her confidants so I was an accepted member of her peer group having staked my claim over time.

I showed up at all her parties (even when I wasn't exactly invited). I did nice things for her friends knowing she would hear about my kindness. Even when she was dating other guys, I held steadfast in my three year plan by never bad mouthing those guys, never giving her a hard time about her choices, and always being there for her if she needed a word of advice or a guy's insight.

Ours was a relationship of osmosis. I had been around for so long that Marilyn eventually just accepted me as part of her life. She never really even thought about it. It just was. Her friends talked about me to her. My friends talked about me to her. I talked to her about me. She talked to me about her.

And then, during Junior year, having patiently planned and waited for my moment of glory, I began to notch the plan up. I invited Marilyn to my house for my kid sister's birthday party, an innocent and non-threatening event. I asked if she wanted to go on a double date to a movie with me and my friend Jerry and her friend Brenda. It was a safe and controlled situation that worked out fine. I asked her out to breakfast at Johnny C's Diner after one of her early Saturday morning volleyball practices.

Subtly, slowly, almost without even noticing, we had become a couple and my dream really had come true. I had gone out with a few other girls but only as a stopgap as I waited for Marilyn, my dream girl, the perfect girl. And now that it appeared that we really were together, I was the happiest guy in Hillsboro. I had waited three years for this to happen and it was one of those life milestones in any young man's life when he realizes that he finally made it to the big leagues by capturing the feelings of the only girl he ever wanted.

I looked forward to getting up everyday. School was a pleasure because I knew I would be seeing Marilyn. We were officially a couple, hanging out at our lockers before school and between classes, holding hands walking to class, cuddling together during lunch.

Success! Happiness! Perfection!

The first time we kissed (in my car while dropping her off from school) I nearly died. It was sweet, it was innocent, and it was the meaning of life as it was meant to be. We got along great together and my family liked her when I started bringing her around the house, thrilled that I had landed such a "nice" girl. What was there not to like about Marilyn? She was pretty, funny, friendly, polite, and fun to be around. I had won the lottery!

Marilyn's family liked me too. Her parents were cool and hip and they accepted me as their daughter's boyfriend without question or suspicion. I knew her fifteen year old brother Mick from around school and her kid sister, thirteen year old Sue was a fun and bubbly kid too.

Life was good and I knew Marilyn was serious about me (and us) when she invited me to go on a camping trip with her family. I was thrilled to be included and I knew this was a big step forward in our relationship. I was on top of the world!

My three year plan was a roaring success with the perfect pay off!


The Clemons were still loading up their pop-up camping trailer when I arrived at their house early on Friday morning. I helped out and when we were finally ready to go, we climbed into the family's Ford Explorer and we were on our way with Marilyn's parents in the front, Marilyn and me in the middle row, and Mick and Sue in the rear seats. It was a ninety minute trip and we talked and listened to music and everybody was excited about camping.

It was great riding through the back roads of New England and eventually Mr. Clemons slowed and turned onto a long gravel side road that was marked private. The road led to an open gate that took us through a thick row of trees running parallel to the road until we reached a log cabin that served as the check in office. A large sign over the structure read "Natural's Way".

We stopped and Mr. Clemons checked us in and I glanced out the window. The camp grounds looked idyllically beautiful. The camping area ran along either side of a paved roadway. The facilities consisted of restrooms, outdoor showers, a pool, an open shelter house with picnic tables, a volleyball court, and a children's play area. The facilities were well cared for and the grounds clean. The roadway dead-ended so that there was no traffic running through the camping area.

It was going to be a great weekend!

And then….everything changed (for me) when a woman stepped out of the office….completely naked! I did a double take with disbelief.

"Did you see that?" I asked with shock.

"See what?" Mick asked without much interest.

Mrs. Clemons turned and looked at Marilyn with surprise. "You didn't tell him?" She asked with shock.

Marilyn shook her head no and I could hear giggles coming from the back seat.

Mr. Clemons appeared from the office and glanced at his wife's strange look. "What?"

"We have a problem," Mrs. Clemons replied, motioning toward me and suddenly I felt like an alien from a different planet.

"Marilyn didn't tell him!" Mick laughed.

A group of naked people strolled by the car and I stared dumbfounded. Mr. Clemons waved to the people and smiled.

"Everybody knows everybody here," Mrs. Clemons informed me gently.

"Let's just get to the site," Marilyn said. "I'll explain everything to Bib there." She refused to look at me.

Mr. Clemons nodded and drove the car down the road and his wife selected a spot just past the last camper. There were naked people everywhere! All ages, both sexes, different sizes.

Mr. Clemons backed the camper into place and we piled out of the vehicle. The sun was high in the sky and the air was warm with a gentle breeze. As uncomfortable and weird as I was feeling, the air felt great! Mitch and Sue were happy to stretch out after the long ride and I did another double take when the two kids started to get undressed. I looked at Marilyn with embarrassed desperation.

"We're nudists," Marilyn revealed. "This is a naturalist camping area."

I looked at her with astonishment. "What does that mean, exactly?" I asked, my throat dry.

"It means this!" Mick laughed.

I turned to see both him and his kid sister standing there completely naked.

"Hi, Bib," Sue giggled and I tried not to look at her small breasts and thin pubic hair.

Marilyn took me by the arm and led me away from the family. We stood near some trees in the back of the camping site. I could see the camp ground next to ours – there were three couples in their twenties, all stark naked.

"We love being nude, especially outdoors," Marilyn explained. "I've always been comfortable being nude. I love skinny dipping. And as you can see, my family practices nudism."

"Practices?" I scratched my head with confusion. "How long have you been doing this?"

"From since I can remember," she said.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wasn't sure how you'd take it," she sighed.

"So you thought surprising me would be easier?" I frowned.

"Look, I never told any of the guys I've dated about it before," Marilyn told me. "You're the first guy I've really liked and felt comfortable with about this and I was hoping I could trust you and that you would be okay with it. You're the first person from Hillsboro to even know. I realize now that I shouldn't have sprung it on you like this. Please don't freak out."

"You don't mind being naked around other guys?"

"You're my boyfriend," she said. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

I peered at her. "Would you be disappointed?"

She shrugged. "This is what we do, Bib."

My perfect girl. My angel. My dream. My three year plan. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect something like this.

"I've never knowingly known a nudist before," I admitted. "I'm not sure what to think."

"Nudism is not about sex, Bib," Marilyn told me. "It's about freedom and independence."

"Oh," I said, unconvinced.

"If we're going to be together, I'd really love for you to be able to share this part of my life with me."


"I know you're nervous but I promise you'll get used to it," she assured me.

"I would have rather tried it in private first," I admitted, glancing around, shocked to see both her parents in the raw as they set up the camper and arranged the camp.

I knew I shouldn't be looking but there was Marilyn's forty year old mother walking around in the buff without a care in the world. She glanced at me and smiled before going back to helping her naked husband with the chores.

"What do you mean?" Marilyn asked.

"It would be a lot easier if I already saw you naked before we went off to a nudist camp together," I rationalized.

"I'm fine with you seeing me naked now," Marilyn said. "But you need to know that I'm not ready for sex yet."

"We've been going slow," I realized.

"This is who I am, Bib," Marilyn said. "If you're going to be with me, you have to accept me the way I am."

"Okay," I said nervously, still not believing we were actually having this conversation as we stood with her naked family ten yards away from us. "So what do we do now?"

Marilyn effortlessly peeled out of her clothes and happily stood before me totally naked. I could have passed out on the spot.

"See?" she said. "It's pretty easy!"

I tried not to gawk at her loveliness.

"You're not supposed to stare if you're a nudist, Bib," Marilyn let me know with a serious frown. "It's not supposed to be sexual."

I tried to look her in the eyes but it was hard not to let my eyes roam to her breasts and further south.

"Everyone's nude and at ease so it isn't hard to join in," Marilyn said. "The people are friendly and the water feels good without a suit on. I love being outdoors, sunning, swimming and enjoying wonderful naked people. I enjoy the nudist lifestyle and the wonderful relaxing experience it offers."

"This is kind of hard for me to accept, Marilyn," I admitted with a sigh. "I'm just not used to something this….different."

"Is there anything you want to know about nudism, Bib?" She asked with understanding. "It would mean a lot to me if we could share this," she said. "Outside of my family, I haven't been able to share this with anybody I cared about."

"I can't believe this is happening," I said, trying not to feel turned on looking at her in the nude.

"Would you be willing to try it?" She asked hopefully. "For me?"

"It feels sick in front of your parents and brother and sister."

"You've got to believe me, Bib. It's not like that at all. I really like you but I'm not sure if we have a future together if you can't embrace this part of my life."

It was the most bizarre moment of my life and I realized that this was the make it or break it point in our relationship. My three year plan was meaningless if I couldn't overcome this shocking development. I wanted to be with her more than ever and I knew I should be willing to partake in her interest no matter how crazy or strange it seemed to me.

"I'm really feeling self-conscious and nervous," I confessed.

"It's okay," she said gently.

I had never been naked in front of a girl before, let alone my dream girl. I sucked in my breath and proceeded to take off my clothes until I was naked before her, feeling uncommonly vulnerable and exposed as well as strangely out of place.

"Oh Bib!" Marilyn proclaimed joyfully, giving me an appreciative hug.

"Be careful," I warned. "You're getting me excited.

"Oh, that's a definite nudist no-no," she let me know, stepping back and giving me a scolding look.

"Sorry," I mumbled. "I'm going to need some time on that one."

Marilyn smiled and turned her attention to the campsite which was pretty much set up. I wasn't sure where or how to look at Marilyn's naked family or the people who were stopping by to say hello. Mrs. Clemons introduced me to some of the people they knew. Everybody was friendly and accepting and they made me feel at ease and welcomed even though I felt….naked.

"Marilyn really should have told you before we left Hillsboro, Bib," Mrs. Clemons told me. "I just assumed she had and I apologize for the awkward situation we put you in."

"Its okay, Mrs. Clemons," I replied, looking somewhere at her forehead.

"You'll get used to it in no time and soon you'll forget that everybody's naked," she assured me.

We headed for the pool for a dip after all the chores were done, past the other campers some of whom we stopped to say hi and chat with along the way. I was introduced to so many people in such a short time that I couldn't remember their names (but it was hard not to remember their appearance!). I was still having a hard not looking and I had no idea what to do with my hands, resisting the natural urge to want to cover my privates.

There was no one else at the pool when we got arrived.

"Remember the safety rules!" Mrs. Clemons warned.

Mick dipped his toes in the water to check the temperature.

"It's perfect," he announced as he dove in.

Sue and Marilyn walked along the edge to about the middle of the pool and they both sat on the edge. I couldn't take my eyes off of Marilyn's backside as she walked away from me.

"Come on, Bib, over here!" Sue called.

I joined them and put my feet in the water which felt like bath water. I was sitting at the side of the pool completed naked with my dream girl…and the rest of her family.

"This is weird," I admitted.

"You'll get used to it," Marilyn assured me before she slipped into the pool.

"It's really okay, Bib," Sue said with a reassuring smile. "I don't mind."

I nodded awkwardly and followed Marilyn into the water. We swam around the pool together, skinny dipping as if it was the most common thing in the world to be doing.

Marilyn's parents were now sitting on the edge of the pool with their legs in the water and Mrs. Clemons changed her position so that her legs weren't open for me to see what was in between them. I was getting better at making eye contact with everybody I saw though it was still easy to look elsewhere, especially when I thought nobody was looking.

We swam for about ninety minutes and then we walked back to the camp site and the wonderful smells of outdoor cooking from some of the other sites made me feel hungry.

"Who wants some lunch?" Mrs. Clemons asked when we reached our site.

She gave each of us our assignments and we went to work. All went smoothly and before long we were sitting at our picnic table enjoying a great outdoor meal except that we were nude, of course. After we finished, assignments for clean up were made and before we knew it the area looked as though we had never eaten in the first place.

Marilyn and I took a walk around the grounds, still as naked as the day we were born. We walked down a trail and into the quiet of the trees.

"So, what do you think?" Marilyn asked cautiously.

"This is pretty different," I replied oddly.

"I just love it here," Marilyn told me. "It just feels so natural to be nude here because it's just so totally normal and it feels so right."

"I guess," I shrugged, unable not to look at her naked beauty as we stood underneath a tree with soft moss under our feet. Once again I had no idea what to do with my hands and arms.

"I know it's weird for you being a first-timer," Marilyn said sympathetically.

"Everyone here is nice," I said. "They've really made me feel welcome."

"That's great," she said with a smile.

"So none of this is weird for you?" I asked. "Seeing me like this? And me seeing you?"

"Not here," Marilyn said. "I guess I owe it to my open-minded free-spirited parents!"

"I could never picture my parents doing something like this," I admitted.

Marilyn laughed. "Anyway, thanks for trying, Bib. It really means a lot to me."

"Well, I'm glad I found the courage to actually do it," I said.

You're such a great person to be with," Marilyn beamed "It's fun to see you discovering the joys of nudism."

"Joys?" I asked. "I'm not sure if I'd describe it exactly that way!"

"I think nudism is totally natural and totally right," Marilyn informed me and it still seemed unbelievable to me that we were having a conversation while standing in front of one another totally naked. "It's given me even more confidence about myself."

"Being naked in front of other people gives you confidence?" I asked.

"Yeah," she answered seriously. "I know it sounds weird but it's true, for me."

"I always thought you were good at everything you did," I said.

"We're out here with nothing but what we were born with, right?" She asked.

"Right," I agreed, trying not to blush.

"And we're comfortable and confident in that," she explained.

"Not yet," I admitted.

"We choose to be nude. We're not ashamed to see or be seen. No fears. No anxieties. Right?"

"Sort of," I agreed.

"The fact that I've been doing this all my life and you've been doing it only a couple of hours doesn't really make any difference because you're now a natural and every bit the nudist that I am," Marilyn explained. "So just be who you are and believe in yourself. You're a great person and you're only going to get better."

"Well, thanks, Marilyn," I said, feeling kind of flattered. "That's nice of you to say that but all of this is still very weird to me."

"Let's keep walking," Marilyn said, taking my hand and leading me along the trail.

She told me about the times she had been here and she pointed out places along the trail. We walked and talked a good deal of the afternoon and we had a great time together, stopping to take a skinny dip in the lake and to chat with other teenagers we crossed paths with.

After a while, something strange seemed to be happening to me. I was beginning to forget that I was naked (or that I wasn't supposed to be naked according to the real world) and I was beginning to feel comfortable being naked and seeing other people naked. I stopped looking (gawking) at other naked people and I began to see them as totally free and unafraid people with no pretenses or hang ups. Marilyn was right: it was kind of freeing.

Marilyn and I returned to the site in time for dinner and after we were done eating and cleaning up, the sun was beginning to set and we watched the beautiful sunset and for some reason I felt like I belonged watching the sunset naked with a bunch of other naked people.

I was becoming aware that the temperature had dropped and I was feeling a bit chilly. Some people were totally dressed now while others were wearing sweatshirts but remained bottomless. Mrs. Clemons told us to get dressed and while it felt good to have some protection from the chilly evening air I was surprisingly disappointed at not being nude. Strangely, Marilyn looked sexier than I could have imagined once she was completely dressed again.

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in our campsite and talking with our neighbors and playing cards and charades. The girls got the camper while the guys slept in the large tent Marilyn's father had set up. I lay awake for a while cuddled in my sleeping bag reflecting on the day's events. My first experience in an actual nudist campground was the furthest thing from my mind when I awoke this morning but the setting was natural and rustic and the people were friendly. It didn't feel cliquish and nobody seemed to make distinctions among themselves. Everyone seemed to like each other and enjoyed the company of everybody else. I wondered if nudism promoted that kind of friendliness and I smiled when I thought of Marilyn and how close I felt to her now that I knew something so personal and revealing about her.


The sun had already risen and the day held promise for being a nice one when I woke up in the morning and dragged myself out of the tent wearing shorts and a sweat shirt.

"Some breakfast, Bib?" a naked Mrs. Clemons asked and I barely thought twice about seeing her in her natural state.

"That would be nice," I replied.

A naked Marilyn emerged from the female bathroom down the road and she joined us at the picnic table for breakfast of cereal. When we were done eating, I got rid of my clothes and joined Marilyn for another walk. The campgrounds featured plenty of trails that crisscrossed randomly and Marilyn led us along a different trail from yesterday.

We had to walk single file down a narrow path that ran through trees in some places (I always liked it when Marilyn was in front of me so I could admire her beautiful backside) and we walked side by side when the trail widened. We came upon a large pond and took a dip to cool off and refresh ourselves.

"Isn't it just wonderful here?" Marilyn asked happily.

As we walked back to the camp site, we stopped by the unisex showers which consisted of a completely open area with several showerheads side by side coming out of the outside wall of the building that contained the restrooms. We each turned on a shower and let the warm water wash over us. Not having to take off clothes or dry off and get dressed afterwards made showering easy.

We walked on back to our campsite letting the air dry us off as we walked. As always there was a lot of talking with the other camping neighbors around us in a laid-back, relaxing manner - no cares, no worries, and no clothes!

Later, Marilyn and I took another walk and we came across a girl that was sitting by herself at one of the campsites. She looked to be of early high school age. She was dressed and she was listening to her Ipod even though her parents were nearby. I only remembered that I was naked if somebody else was dressed.

"That girl looks so unhappy just sitting there," I told Marilyn as we walked by. "Why do you think she's not doing something to have fun? How come she isn't naked? Do you know her?"

"I kind of know her," Marilyn admitted as we walked. "I can't remember her name but she's been here before. Some kids when they become teen-agers sort of turn away from nudism – at least for awhile."

"How come?" I asked.

"Peer pressure and worrying about what their friends might think, I guess," Marilyn replied. "Plus being a little bit more self-conscious about their changing bodies. A lot of them just stay dressed and keep to themselves."

"Maybe we should talk to her," I suggested.

"We should probably just leave her alone for now."

"Maybe she'd want to hang out with us?" I wondered.

Marilyn stopped and looked at me. "Okay," she said. "We can give it a try if you want."

We walked back to the girl's site.

"Hi," Marilyn said when we arrived.

"Are you talking to me?" The girl asked indifferently.

"Yes," Marilyn said pleasantly. "We were wondering if you'd like to come to the pool with us."

"No thanks," the girl replied coldly.

"Okay," Marilyn replied. "Maybe another time."

Well, we tried," I said as we walked away.

"You can't take it personally," Marilyn said with a shrug. "After all, we sort of caught her off guard."

We hadn't gone far when I heard, "Hey, wait up."

We turned and to my surprise the girl was running up to us.

"Oh, hi," Marilyn said warmly when she reached us.

"Mind if I tag along?" she asked.

"No, of course not," Marilyn said cheerfully. "Come on."

"I'm Abby," the girl said.

"I'm Marilyn."

"I remember," Abby replied.

"And this is my friend, Bib," Marilyn said, smiling at me.

"Bib?" Abby asked with surprise.

"It's a nickname," I explained.

"I haven't seen you here before," Abby remarked.

'It's his first time," Marilyn boasted.

"Oh, Wow!" An impressed Abby replied. "A newbie!"

Marilyn laughed in agreement and I was feeling a little bit insulted. Suddenly, I didn't like being naked in front of a dressed Abby.

"Everything okay?" Marilyn asked Abby as we continued to walk.

"I didn't want to come this weekend," Abby explained. "My parents made me, though. So here I am." She sighed heavily. "Is it Sunday night yet?"

"What's wrong?" Marilyn asked as we reached the pool. "I remember seeing you happy before."

Abby sighed heavily. "Well, there is this certain guy that I like but I could never tell him where I was going this weekend."

"Yeah, I know that feeling," Marilyn replied as we took seats on some of the lounge chairs around the pool.

"How do you think I feel?" I teased.

"How old are you?" Abby asked me.

"Seventeen," I replied. "Just like Marilyn."

"Well, I'm only fifteen," Abby said. "I'm just a sophomore, so it's different."

"So-o-o-o," Marilyn wanted to know. "How come you're not nude?"

"I don't know," Abby admitted, reverting back to her earlier distant tone of voice and appearing somewhat uncomfortable with the question.

"It just seems that since you're here you might as well make the best of it and enjoy yourself," Marilyn said.

Abby made no eye contact or offered a response.

"It doesn't bother me whether you chose to be nude or not but I think it makes poor Bib here feel a little awkward," Marilyn said. "He's naked and it's only his second day."

Abby sighed. "It's just that none of my friends know I come here and if they ever found out I'd just die." She was talking faster now. "I don't know what they'd do. I don't know what I'd do. Everyone at school would tease me and laugh at me and I wouldn't have any friends. The girls would think I was weird and the guys would think I was some kind of slut. It'd be awful. I don't know what I'd do."

"Well, who back home knows you come here?" Marilyn asked.

"Nobody," Abby replied.

"How about your parents?" Marilyn wondered. "Do they tell their friends about it?"

"No, we've always kept it to ourselves."

"Well then, how would your friends find out?" Marilyn asked.

"I guess they probably wouldn't," Abby admitted but then she frowned. "But what if they did?"

"It just seems to me that it would be very unlikely," Marilyn answered. "Your situation is about the same as mine. Back home, besides my family, there is only one person that knows I'm a nudist and he's sitting right here because I just made him a nudist, too. I know that most of our friends wouldn't understand so I don't tell anyone because I don't want them to jump to the wrong conclusion."

"Yeah, but it's different for you," Abby said. "You're older."

"It's not different," Marilyn insisted.

"I guess you're right," Abby sighed. "But I feel like I'm holding something back from my friends by keeping secrets. Like maybe I'm not being totally honest with them. I feel kind of guilty."

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean," Marilyn said. "But you know that most of them just couldn't handle the nudist thing. They'd over react. They'd think you were weird or a perv and they wouldn't hang with you anymore. Not to mention that they'd tell everybody else."

"Yeah, that's exactly it," Abby said astonished that someone else understood her feelings. "So what do you do?"

"I ask myself, 'how does the fact that I prefer to be nude affect my non-nudist friends', Marilyn replied. "The answer I keep coming up with is that it doesn't. My preferring to be nude is a preference of mine. I like it so I do it but I don't try to impose it on anybody else."

"Oh, really?" I deadpanned.

She looked at me and shrugged. "I was hoping maybe you were ready."

"So while nudism is perfectly normal, acceptable, and preferable to me and everybody here, it's just the opposite for most of my friends, right?" Abby asked.

"Right," Marilyn agreed. "We wouldn't be doing our friends any favors by telling them something that they wouldn't understand or couldn't handle so don't tell them anything that would be upsetting or disturbing if it in no way affects them. I just keep those things to myself."

"I guess," Abby said.

"That's the way I see it," Marilyn remarked. "So now I don't feel the least bit guilty anymore around my friends. And I have a lot of friends back home but like I said only Bib and my family knows I'm a nudist."

"Thanks, Marilyn," a relieved and smiling Abby said.

Marilyn turned to me. "I think I need to apologize to you, Bib," she said.

"What for?" I asked.

"For not being honest with you before we left Hillsboro," she sighed. "I should have had the guts to be honest with you before the fact instead of after it."

"Why weren't you?"

"I was afraid you would freak," she admitted freely. "I figured if you were here you wouldn't have a choice and it would come easier for you."

"Wow, you didn't tell him before you guys came here?" Abby asked with surprise.

"It's not a problem," I replied

"I would have gone nutzo if somebody did that to me!" Abby laughed.

"I've been crazy about Marilyn since first grade," I reported. "I'll accept anything about her."

"Ah, that's really sweet," Abby replied. "You know, it's really warm in the sun."

She stood and stripped out of her clothes and she was as naked as we were. I noticed that there was something different between seeing a nudist naked and watching a nudist get naked and I found myself putting my hands between my legs just in case.

We spent most of the rest of the day at the pool, returning to the camp site for lunch and then we met up with Abby again at the pool. She was a fun and interesting person to talk to and I was glad to make a second nudist friend. We returned to the camp site for dinner and Abby stopped by after we were done cleaning up. We watched the sun set again and played cards until it started to cool off again.

"You look like you're cold," a dressed Mrs. Clemons observed when she found us still seated at the picnic table in the nude.

It was dark and I realized that I was feeling pretty chilly.

"Put something on," Mrs. Clemons advised

We dressed and then walked out of the camping area to look at the stars in one of the clearings. We marveled in silence for a few minutes before returning to the camp and turning in for the evening.

I went to sleep with the realization that I really was a nudist now!


I was the last one up the next morning and I stumbled out of the tent in my shorts and tee shirts to find the entire Clemons family sitting around the picnic table naked eating breakfast. I stripped out of my clothes and joined them. After we finished eating, cleaning up, and putting things away, a naked Abby stopped by and she, Marilyn and I went for a walk on the trails with Abby cracking jokes and making funny remarks

"You're sure in a good mood today," Marilyn noted.

"Well, last night I thought more about what we talked about yesterday and I realized that you were right," Abby said. "I shouldn't worry about my friends finding out about this because they won't. And I shouldn't feel guilty that I'm not telling them because it doesn't affect them. So I should just stop worrying and I should just be me."

"That sounds like a good plan," Marilyn agreed. "You'll be a lot happier."

"I already am a lot happier," Abby said.

"So-o-o-o, that's why you're naked?" I asked.

Abbt laughed. "Didn't you hear what I just said? From now on I'm just going to be me. And one of the things about being me is that I prefer to be nude, at least when I'm here."

"Good," Marilyn beamed.

"I am not ashamed about any of this," I realized aloud.

"Why would you be ashamed?" Abby asked.

"I don't know," I admitted. "But when we first got here and I saw all the naked people around I felt dirty and perverted for some reason," I sighed. "And then when I saw Marilyn's family getting naked I felt like I was doing something wrong. And then when I saw Marilyn getting naked I felt like I shouldn't be looking."

"And how did you feel when you got naked?" Abby wondered.

"Embarrassed," I confessed. "Humiliated. Ashamed. Stupid."

"Oh, Bib, you don't have to feel any of those things," Marilyn said, giving me an unexpected hug. "You belong here."

"With us," Abby agreed.

We spent the next couple of hours wandering the trails and taking little side trips off the trail so that we could see the woods or the creek. Both girls told me stories about the crazy things they did as kids here and the tricks the girls played on the boys and the other way around. We came across an almost nonexistent trail to a creek. We waded across the shallow creek to the high creek bank on the other side which we climbed by using exposed tree roots for footholds and handholds.

"Just follow me," Abby said as she climbed.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" I asked as she started up the bank.

"Come on!" she said. "It's fun!"

Marilyn went next and I followed. When I looked up I saw a view that I would not forget soon as the two naked girls were above me. Both girls gave me a hand up when I reached the top and we sat on the grassy mossy plateau enjoying the view.

"I haven't been up here in a long time," Abby told us with nostalgia. "This is great."

We spent the rest of the morning up there talking about normal stuff even though we were all naked – school, music, movies, sports. It was about as close to paradise as I had ever been.

"How do we get back?" I asked when we realized it was around lunch time and our families would be waiting for us.

"The same way we got up," Abby answered with a laugh. "I'll go first."

Nobody got killed climbing down but I felt a little weird going last knowing those two were standing on the bottom looking up at me in all my glory. We washed the dirt from the climb in the creek and when we got back to the camping area we stopped at the showers to wash off the rest.

We had lunch together and then the three of us spent the rest of the last day together hanging out. We had become good friends in a short amount of time. In the late afternoon we packed and loaded up. Abby and her parents were ready to leave first and they were already dressed when they stopped by to say good-bye.

"Are you guys coming back?" Abby asked.

I glanced at Marilyn's parents hopefully.

"We'll all be back," Mrs. Clemons said.

"Then I'll see you then!" Abby pledged.

We waved and said our farewells and Abby left.

"She's a lot of fun," I remarked to Marilyn. "I'm glad we met her."

"I think we helped her out this weekend," Marilyn replied.

"Especially you," I said with a grin. "You're so confident."

"Shut up!" Marilyn bushed. "I was just trying to remind her that being a nudist is okay."

"You're quite the inspiration," I said in all seriousness. "I really admire you for your insights and your willingness to share all this stuff with me. You took a big chance."

"You did too."

"I've learned so much from your wisdom and unbelievable trust," I gushed. "I'm touched that you were willing to share this with me."

Tears came to her eyes and she stepped forward and we embraced each other in a long hug even though we were still naked.

"Thank you," she whispered in a choked quiet voice. "It really means a lot to me to hear you say that."

I knew my three year plan had exceeded all expectations at that moment.

When all the packing was completed, we reluctantly got dressed and said good-bye to the remaining campers and then we were on our way. The trip home was laid back as we knew we were returning to the real (clothed) world and that our amazingly weekend of special and unique freedom had come to an end.

I helped the family unload the camper when we got home and then – just like that – the meaningful weekend was over. Marilyn walked me to my car.

"Thanks for taking me with you this weekend," I said with incredible honestly. "I had a fantastic time."

"I bet it wasn't what you ever expected it to be when you left on Friday!" Marilyn laughed.

"That's an understatement," I admitted.

"So, we're okay?" Marilyn asked with concern.

"Of course," I assured her.

"You don't think me and my family is nuts?"

"No," I said, giving her a hug. "I feel closer to you now than ever before."

She gave me a kiss on the lips. "Thanks, Bib."

I almost burst out laughing when I got home and my parents asked me how my weekend went. That night, as I lay in bed my mind played back some of the events of the weekend. I thought about what a great time it was with such nice and friendly people. I thought about Marilyn's trust in me and I thought about Abby and our special conversations. Everyone was so laid-back and relaxed. There was no pressure to be nude - it was simply the natural way. After a while, I forgot that I was naked and I stopped staring. People just accepted one another for who they were and it was a comforting and confident feeling of belonging that I had never felt before.

It turned out that my dream girl had given me more than I could have ever hoped for, naturally speaking.