I am the weather.
I'll bring you downpour, a heavy rain.
My mood is unpredictable,
a sunny raining day the next.
It can rain when you're on the streets,
bring shine once you've reached home.
You curse at the weather,
oh, why so unfair?
Sometimes I'm a destructive hurricane,
but other times I'm the gentle breeze.
I will caress your face as I go by,
but I might mess your hair up again.
And you'd whisper under your breath,
oh, I hate the damn wind!
But perhaps I'm a escaping fugitive,
the dark clouds always follows and
they all come to your side of the world:
endless days of raining hours.

Someone, stop the rain.
Stop it from raining inside my heart,
it's getting colder every second now.
And I can't take it any longer,
it's been too long, too far.
It's traveled down my soul,
now I'm feeling sick to the stomach.
Oh no, I'm colder now.