#6 Sabotage his food

I told you earlier I could cook didn't I? Well Kai and Alana didn't know (I do this a lot it's funny to mess with Zanos…except when if he gets back by hanging you upside while he and the others eat…that was a sad day indeed.) and I decided to mess with Kai by just making some soup from my home town (it's really good it's like beef stew but you add some different seasonings and use different types of meats aww so good just thinking about it makes my mouth drool…well back to the story!) "Alright guys here you go!" I happily told them as I brought two bowls of my home town's soup (back home we called it meat stew because well you can put different kinds of meat in there) and handed it to them.

Kai looked at the bowl a moment then me then the bowl while Alana stirred the dark soup a moment and took a sip. "Are you sure this is edible? I think I saw it move." He finally said after a few minutes of him just staring at the bowl (no it probably didn't move but I didn't give him or Alana the soup)

Alana sent him a cold glare but stopped taking small sips and sent me a soft smile (just so you know it was not poisonous just scraps) "It has a unique flavor…" She told me and set her bowl down (the look on her face was so funny you should have seen it!) I smiled and handed Nero his bowl (I couldn't do this to Nero because he'd know the difference) "Kai finish your soup." She told him but he only continued to look at it and poked it with a spoon every now and then finally took a sip (his face was funnier than Alana's you could tell he wanted to spit it out but I guess because Alana had told him to eat it he forced it down…oh seeing that face made my day!)

It took him a moment to swallow but after he made it down he had to cover his mouth to keep it from coming back up and even after he took his hand away his eye was twitching and he had to set the bowl down. "I think I'm going to be sick…" He grumbled after a moment and fell over off the log he was sitting on (sort of like that time he got drunk…uh that's a different story back to the main one!) and laid there for a few seconds (it felt like minutes) until he actually rose his head up and glared at me. "You are a terrible cook." He growled but quickly covered his mouth and laid his head back down (I know it's hard to believe but I think he was actually turning a little green) after another few moments he rose up and picked the bowl up looking at it a moment before poking with his spoon. "Is that an eyeball?!" He asked in an alarmed tone and quickly glanced at me with wide eyes (I don't know what it was but I'm pretty sure it wasn't off an eyeball because…at least I think it wasn't one…can you blame me for not remembering I mean that was months ago-scratch that over a year ago!)

"No of course not I don't use the eyes!" I defensively barked and continued to chow down on my soup while Nero did the same but he did glance at Kai every now and then we both did (we had planned this a few days before and wanted to see if he was really sick) "You just don't have any sense of taste." I scoffed and had gotten another bowl from the pot that was on the fire.

Kai glared at me and then looked at Nero who had already finished his second and had started his third (he eats fast I know it makes me jealous he eats all the time but never gains any weight must be one of the perks of being a dragon reincarnation) "How can you eat this it stinks and tastes like pig slop no even pigs wouldn't eat this." He stated with a disgusted face and covered his mouth but Alana scolded him again (he argued back so that tells you how much he did not want to eat the soup) "But-" He had been about to protest again but had been quickly silenced by Alana's dark glare (which trust me you don't ever want to make her mad she makes Kai look like a soft cuddly bunny when she's at her worst-only happened once and I will never let it happen again!) and scarfed down his bowl without further protest. (Oh I still feel sorry for the guy!) He looked fine for a moment but then he bolted up and ran behind the trees (when I say ran I mean one second he was by us the next he was gone) after he came back he looked pale (well paler than normal considering he's an elf and already has pale skin but then again Zanos is an elf…okay a Drow but still an elf and he has darker than night skin! I'm getting off topic onto the story!)

Me and Conner glanced at each other (okay I won't lie we were concerned it was just scraps and it wasn't bad I guess elves had delicate stomachs…) before busted out laughing as he came back a sat (more like fell) down (okay so we weren't really concerned after he moved to show us he wasn't dead!) "Kai you alright?" I asked him and walked over to him he glared at me a moment his face still had the sickly color (okay what I said earlier elves have VERY delicate stomachs apparently since most of the time they make the food and don't eat scraps…)

After a moment (I guess he had to make sure he wouldn't lose his supper before he spoke but who knows maybe he was just trying to think of a smart comment.) he spoke in a tired tone he told me, "Why must you torture me through such mean antics I think I'd rather you use words or try to injure me…" He said and surprisingly went to sleep (laying there on the ground half his body on a log and the other half on the ground…) he had a few cricks when he woke up the next morning but other than that he was fine at least fine enough to cook though me and Nero didn't get some but who cares we got our soup and it was delicious! (Haha in your face Kai-oh wait he probably won't ever read this…got a bit carried away there heh, heh…I should finish this up huh?)

"Next time Kai I'll give you some of the real soup this time you just got scraps!" I happily told him (yeah I kind of spilled the beans on giving him the scraps but I was not really thinking of the consequences) with a big smile on my face that is until he glared at me and I quickly hid behind Nero (when all else fails hide behind your friend…that is until they decide they don't really want to face Kai and send you to the dogs!) who pushed me out in front of him to face Kai who had given me a dark look (before I would have said darker than the one I got from asking him about Alana but now I know it's not) but rather than hit me he smirked (yes smirk not smile there is a difference between the two) and said nothing.

I was jumpy for the rest of the day (he did that on purpose the whole 'I won't do anything to you but let your imagination go wild and torment you that way' thing was torture!) and for the rest of the week. (as a side note he never actually did anything until WAY later on when the battle was all over and we were at the elven kingdom…well one of them anyway and he had made food but put something that tasted terrible in mine!) Other than that nothing happened so it was relatively peaceful (well if you don't consider the fact that every time Kai got near me I jumped…but other than that it was pretty peaceful!) and as you might have guess I didn't do anything to annoy Kai for a while. Well that's it for this one! (I still look over my shoulder to make sure he won't try to get anymore 'payback' you do not know the trouble I have gone through with annoying the dude but it is funny so what do I care?)