Your brown hair blows
in the ocean air.
You laugh and giggle
without any care.

You run and you play,
drawing pictures in the sand.
You love the beach,
and for you, it really is grand.

You draw a picture
of you and me.
You were so proud,
and wanted me to see.

You took my hand
and led me to your art.
Look, Riah!
Now we'll never be apart!

You laugh some more,
then run down the beach.
Right now,
depression is far out of reach.

I begin to laugh,
and I chase after you.
When I reach you, I tickle you,
and there's nothing you can do.

You squeal and you scream,
laughing until you start to cry.
You try to get out of my tickling hold,
key word being... try.

I tickle you and tickle you,
smiling as you gasp for air.
Riah, stop! It's my turn now!
This isn't fair!

So I release my hold,
and you tackle me.
You tickle me until my eyes are so watery
I can't see.

Once you think I've had enough,
you get up and run away.
That's when I decided
this is going to be one tiring day.

That's when you decide
you want to be wet.
So you run towards the waves,
my words something you forget.

You jump into the ocean,
and scream as it's cold.
I swear, that laugh and scream
will never grow old.

Come on, Riah!
It's so much fun!
Hurry up!
Don't walk, RUNNNNN!

So I run towards the waves,
and you take my hand.
Oh Riah,
isn't this absolutely grand?

After a while of playing,
we decide we're pooped.
You fall asleep on the sand,
and your body, I scooped.

I pick you up,
and I take you to the house.
I lay you in your bed,
and tiptoe out, quit as a mouse.

Your laugh, your smile
are something I'll never forget.
This day at the beach
is something I don't regret.