Today is Friday the thirteenth

It's not the twelfth of fifteenth

It's a day that is perceived to be scary

But it's nothing more to me than funny

Walking under open ladders, cracked mirrors and spilled salt

Cracks of backs when stepping on fractured asphalt

Umbrellas opened up indoors and black cats

Just hope one doesn't cross your path

It's all happened to me

I thought it was all crazy

Now I sit up in a hospital bed

Thinking about Friday's dread

It rained not too long ago much like before

My finger slipped, opening my umbrella early indoors

And later when I walked right outside

A black cat came right across my sight

Being in my way, I walked under an open ladder

And had seven mirrors accidentally shatter

I spilled salt at dinnertime all over the table

And cracked someone's back, leaving them disabled

Now I sit here in a very happy place where I must stay

As my bad luck has driven me to insanity

The men in white took me away

And now tell me, with a glass and pill, everything will be okay

I walk up to the window and look outside

My white clothes shining in the faint sunlight

I wonder how long my bad luck will last

I'm sure it will be around many years after I pass

Today is Friday the thirteenth, a day of bad luck

I've found out why as I sit down, for I'm stuck

It's the day the paranoid all fear

And a day I know I will definitely remember