Chapter One

Stefan Montgomery

And I was singing and I was really into it. Until I saw her, then the song became somewhat meaningful.

And she shines just like a star

And I swear I know her face

I just don't know who you are

She looked lost and I knew by the way she looked at me that I was irritating her. I watched her every move, the way she brushed her bangs to the side. She sat on the edge of the bleachers, looking at her paper. And then at me. And that's when I knew, I had to have her. I winked at her and she blushed. She looked away, still irritated and left. I was almost finished with the song. I had to know her.

"Thank you! Thank you!" I put the microphone in its handle and quickly went backstage.

"Woah, woah there, you're not done for the afternoon," a girl, with some authority, told me.

"Look, sweetheart, there is something I gotta do and it's very important, just let this one slide?" I winked at her.

She blushed and bit her lower lips. She looked into my eyes and turned red even more. "Well, I guess so. Alright then."

"Great!" I smiled at her and rushed out the door and started running in the hallways. I didn't know where I was going; all I know is that I had to move. I have to meet her.

I bumped into Verona, not a good timing.

"Hi," I tried to avoid her.

"Hello?" she seemed somewhat annoyed. "Well, don't ignore me."

"Look, I'm looking for someone so-,"

"I know."

"You know?"

"I know," she smirked.

"How could you possibly-,"

"'Cause, I know," she giggled. "Come on, she's waiting for us."

You gotta hand it to Verona to always know what I'm looking for. She held my hand, she held it tightly which was okay for me but there was something more she wasn't telling me. She was always like that, full of secrets even though we've been best friends since we were young.

My eyes gleamed when I found the girl I was looking for in our cafeteria, sitting all alone, with every guy staring at her beauty.

"Rumor has it, you're slowly stealing my guy," Verona and I sat in front of her. She was still holding my hands.

"Uh-no, not-not really," she blushed. "He barely even knows me." She shot a glanced at me and I cleared my throat.

"Everybody knows you. Sofia Gullenti, a future princess every Card wants."

"That may be so but here I am talking to the future Queen of the Diamonds, Verona Slater."

She smiled at Verona and Verona smiled back. I felt a tinged run up in my spine. The aura seemed good… I think.

"You hungry, princess?" she teased her.

"No, if the Queen is not," she strike back.

"Well, if you're ever in need of something, you know where to find me," Verona gave her a Diamond Card Info. She finally let go of my hand and slightly kissed me on the lips.

I hate it when she does this but who am I to reject a future Queen?

"So," I cleared my throat once again. "I'm Stefan Montgomery, by the way."

"Lover of a Slater, of course."

"More like a best friend of a Slater."

"Mhhmm," she looked at her paper.

"She has a knack of making people jealous. I'm hoping it's working,"

"What's your position?"she changed the subject quickly.

"Oh, I'm the current Secretary of Diamond," I presented her my card. "Call me if you need me."

She gave me an uncanny smile and actually took the card.

"I'm busy," she stood up and gathered her things. "Excuse me."

I blinked and she was gone. I sat there for a while until the bell rang.

"What's wrong honey?" Verona asked. "Was the kiss unsatisfying?"

She was fiddling with my hands. But I couldn't concentrate on her.

"Listen, this school is only for the children of Diamonds and Clubs holders, right?" she started saying.


"So that means, she's going to be a princess of either Card, so I don't know why you're sulking so much," Verona sighed.

It took a while for the information to stick in my head but when it did, I looked at Verona confusingly.

"Say that again?"

"Ugh, I'm telling you, she's ours, she's technically yours if you want her so badly," Verona rolled her eyes.

"What, you're not jealous now are you?" I poked her in the cheek.

"Shut up," she smacked my hand away.

"You will always be my Queen," I took her hand and kissed it.

She smiled as if I said the right words.

Chapter Two

Verona Slater

"You will always be my Queen," ran through my head last night. I miss Stefan. I miss the olden days but I can't sit here and wallow about the past. No, I gotta keep on moving forward.

I have been living in the Diamond Dormitory ever since the assassination of my family. Now there is a new Queen without the blood of a Slater and it sickens me. "Gratefully" I have been assigned as Ace of Diamond. The Queen said it's a fitting image for me. Aces do the dirty work and basically are seen as the 'dog' of the Cards. There is nothing good attached to the name of an Ace. There have been some rumors that a couple of people in the Diamonds want me to be their Queen. Tough spot to get into now without my family and all but it doesn't mean I'm not planning on stealing the spotlight, though it will be very hard to do so.

But there I was, regretting the whole thing. I knew I wasn't meant to be the Ace; doing someone else's dirty work was not cutting out for me. I was supposed to be next in line; it's only natural. No one argued about it. I don't blame them, it's not like free speech is served in the new group. I was stripped off of everything my family had. She took it away like it was hers to take. This is not me; blindly serving orders, reporting back once I have accomplished them. I was still young when everything happened, when my sister died. I'm old enough now but I don't think I will be handed my throne that easily. The Diamonds were everything to me and I can't let them ruin it. I knew that if I need to overthrow her, I needed some help; some people I could trust, people who would want me as their Queen. And that's how it all started; how I'm going to rise up and let them know that the Slater Family is still alive, that I'm still here. I needed new recruits who would follow orders from me and it was the perfect time to get them as X is trying to take over.

The Clubs. I have to admit, the Clubs are not that strong but their defense is as good as ours. Making a contract with them would help me out a lot. But what's going to be hard is how they take my plan. The Clubs and Diamonds had a rocky relationship after my family died. But I have got a lot of cards I can use, not against but they're my assets. I walked in to Sky's room just to find him writing in his journal, in such an eloquent pose.

"Sky," I said. Sky's my right hand man; we've been living together since my sister died.

"Verona," he immediately put his journal away. I have never seen the inside of his mind and when I asked him if he'd ever share it with me, he smiled and said 'maybe one day'.

"What's wrong?"

"Let's take a bath together."

He fixed his hair to hide his blushed face.

"You know you can't do that to me anymore."

"Let me know when the bath's ready," I left. When we were young, Sky and I would always take baths together. He's been adopted by the Slater's family. My grandfather found him almost dead in the woods and took him in. At first I wasn't very fond of him and always taunt him by how weak he was even though we were the same age. Out of a sudden, he started beating me and got stronger and that's when we stopped taking baths naked.

I had my bra and underwear on when I went to the bathroom. I set myself in and waited for Sky. Even when I have seen his body so many times, I can't stop feeling sorry for his scars.

"Don't even start with that face," he sat across from me. He is the only person apart from my family who could read me so well.

"So what's the plan?"

"So you've caught on," I smirked.

"I have caught on since day one." Every time I needed something from him that was out of question, we would take baths together.

"If I asked you, would you kill me?" He looked at me as if he couldn't tell whether I was joking or serious.

"A homicide's not your type."

"Trust me."

"I need so much more than 'I need you to kill me'".

"Remember when we were kids and I'd tell you to do things you didn't understand but you still did them?"

"We're not kids anymore," Skylar argued. "One reason, that's all I need."

I sighed out of frustration.

"My name is Verona Slater. That's all the reason you need." And by that, I hope he realizes that The Diamond belongs to the Slater and there is still me standing. We sat silently in the bath, I needed his approval or else this will all fail and I may seriously get killed.

"How should I kill you?" I smiled at him and began formulating a plan how to do it. Darius who's the right hand of X has always been loyal to the Slater family.

"Well, I don't have a solid plan yet,"

Sky started to laugh. "Here you're asking me to kill you when you don't even have a plan yet," he couldn't stop laughing.

"I will have one by tomorrow," I stood up and went to the shower to rinse myself. Sky always frustrated me, always finding a weak spot to hit.

I dried myself off and got some clothes out of his closet. It's still pretty early but I know I have to run out and do my mission for today.