The sunset streaks the sky,
Painting it with innocently bloody colors
As twilight starts to set in
We hold each other tight,
Waiting for the moon to rise
Knowing we're out of time
Because time is given to those who don't fight
We fought to the death for freedom
But freedom is far from what we got
We got the ocean, the wind and the beach
Secluded from humanity but close enough
For me to dream I can reach

Your battle wounds are fresh, and I
Try to wipe the blood away
You and I both know you're going to die
I won't cry, but I'm still not strong enough
To say my goodbye
So I'll sing you the horizonsong
It speaks of a romantic hope for
The future, but the artist looks at the world
Through rose-colored lenses
And frankly, we're too poor to get
Plastic kaleidoscopes
You'll fall asleep to the horizonsong
As the sun fades away
And I'll be left alone in the eternal night
With nothing but the waves and seashore spray

But at least I felt your warmth one last time
Before it was forever gone
And when your last breath escaped your lips,
And you looked at me in fright,
I asked you with a hoarse, sweet, battle-weary voice,
"Can you see the lights?"