Lion of the Sun, Rabbit of the Moon

In the old days of Niee, there once lived a rabbit on the moon. She had fur as bright as quicksilver and when it caught her fancy, she would shimmer all colors of the rainbow. A lion who lived on the sun grew envious of the rabbit for her many transformations, although he, himself, had a luxurious fire mane that crackled like the thunder and the storm. The envy grew hard and heavy in his heart and at last, he doused his own flames to steal through the night to the moon, but as he did so, the darkness of his form caught on the rabbit's quicksilver fur. She shone all over with the reflection of stars, but here and there, a lion-shaped void moved over her haunches, the tip of her quivering nose.

"He has come to devour me!" The frightened rabbit screamed and ran for one of her many burrows.

The lion roamed cautiously across the moon and searched to no avail. Angry and frustrated, he at last stole back home and told himself: "Although the Rabbit can turn red or gold, jasper, or lilac, she is probably white with fright from me."

At these thoughts, the lion grew satisfied and his mane burned bright enough to blacken the foreheads of men and make them sweat, but ever so often, when the rabbit trialed a faint transmutation to rose or orange, the lion turned cold and envious again, and stole again to the moon to eat her.