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Above I had stated that all of my works were posted on another site. This is true except for the FIRST CHAPTER of this story and ONLY the first chapter of this story. The original first chapter of Hotel Hopping was meant to be a oneshot and didn't really match the style of the rest of the story (not that this chapter will match either, but it's closer) and can be found as such under the title My Name is Wes. The two versions basically contain the same stuff but this one is filled with much less angst than the original and was written two years (aka, right before posting) after the original so you can see why it still might not match up.

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I am one pathetic human being and a moron. One of the key strategies to a successful life is to learn from one's mistakes, right? Well my lack of following up on this strategy could be the reason I'm not living large.

Logically, I knew Mark would never love me. I've known this since the first time we had sex but being kicked out of his house because his potential boyfriend was coming over really shook me to my core. They weren't together yet, not technically at least, but he was in Mark's clutches and everyone knew it. Cole is kind of a twink but he's weirdly original. He has his own thoughts and opinions on everything and won't let anyone keep him down. He's like a sheet of Plexiglas, extremely see through but tough to damage.

I, on the other hand, was slightly petrified to do anything out of line when Mark and I first met. This was partially because Mark's hot and partially because we ran into each other at work sometimes. We had our good moments and I honestly think we connected over the past year or so but Mark seems to think it's only in a friendly manner. The sex we've had has never been what one would call "friendly."

To give him some credit, Mark really did try to discourage any romantic thoughts I've had of us. Not in a harsh way but just in a way that would bring me back down to reality. He would do this by telling me about the strangers he'd been having sex with or something. It could seem a little harsh at times, and I think we both thought it was necessary, but in the end it was very ineffective. I envy the way he can compartmentalize his life.

I think I would be fine right now if you had just kept sleeping around, but now you're looking for a boyfriend, an actual steady boyfriend. That and the fact that Cole is so much unlike me kind of tears me a part. Maybe it's better this way, maybe I can give up now and just move on. I'm going to use this as an excuse to get away, not as in to take a vacation but as in to move across the state. I've got some money saved up, not a whole lot but enough to get me through a few weeks of traveling. I mean, it's not like I'm really all that happy when I'm with Mark so being without him in the same place doesn't sound like the greatest idea. We won't ever go back to being friends anyway.

The friends that I do have won't really miss me I don't think. We aren't that close and I probably won't even tell them that I'm moving. The Western New York office has been looking to steal me away from the Big Apple for years and I'm sure my mom would like to see me again too. I just hope to God that Mark and Cole are happy together.