~*Robin Hood's POV*~

"So then what happened?" Hannah asks. I got back and told her the whole story, from being caught and now. Normally I wouldn't tell people this, but she's my sister and I know I can trust her.

"I jumped from the building and ran," I shrug.

"And what did you say his name was?"

"Cayton," I respond.

"Cayton… rich guy, about sixteen, blonde hair blue eyes, really good looking?" she questions. I pause for a second. How did she know that?

"I suppose…" I look away, slightly blushing. I never really thought of how attractive people were, but there was no denying he was.

"I know him!" Hannah says suddenly, and my eyes widen.

"Wh-what? How?"

"He goes to our school. Speaking of school, let's go register you! No cloak and mask though."

He goes to our school. I guess it's not that much of a surprise, I just assumed he went to some fancy private school. Most of the families I rob with kids have them in a private school.

"Do we have to?" I whine. She rolls her eyes and pulls me up.

"Yes, now go change. I laid out an outfit for you on your bed. Hurry!" She practically shoves me towards my room. Geez, bossy little girl. I change quickly, and despite what she says I put on my gold mask and cloak, but carry a bag to put them in later. I can't risk anyone seeing my true identity coming out of the hideout.

"I said no hiding!" she reprimands. I explain to her why I need it and she grumpily lets me keep it on, but demands I change once we get into the city.

"Angel huh? That's your real name? Kind of funny isn't it," Hannah chuckles. We just got out of registering me for school and I had to use my real name. Yes, my real name is Angel. Highly ironic, I know.

"Yea yea, Angel's a thief. She isn't all sweet and holy, sue me," I sigh. She laughs again and I can't help but laugh with her. I would have put my name as Robin but I didn't need any suspicion. I was already worried enough about Cayton finding out. He couldn't though, could he? I mean, all he could see was my eyes. And brown is a very common eye color. He wouldn't be able to recognize me. I never spoke to him, so he couldn't recognize my voice. I'll be fine.

I push those thoughts away and think about tomorrow. First day of school! I had to take a placement exam when I registered, and apparently I did well enough to skip a grade. I'm going to be in my junior year. The best part? My brother Zack is in that grade! I haven't seen him in seven years, and I finally get to see him again. He was my best friend when we were kids and I really have missed him. Plus, I know he has some answers I'm looking for. However, I'll save those for another time. We need to catch up first.

At the edge of the woods, I take a good look around, then duck behind a bush to put my cloak and mask back on. Hannah waits patiently, letting me know the coast is clear once I'm done. I get out of the bush and we continue our trek home.

If you didn't guess what was going to happen next, Goldie stepped out. I expected Hannah to cling to my side like usual, but this time she didn't. Instead, she runs up to the wolf and pets him. My eyes widen in shock. One minute she is a scared little girl, the next she is braver than me, running up to a wolf and petting it?

Talk about mood swings.

I don't know if I'm going crazy or not, but it looks like she is actually talking to him. Quietly, so I can't hear. Nevertheless, I'm sure she's saying something, and it almost look like he's listening. I'm at her side quickly.

"What are you doing Hannah?" I ask her as if she is crazy. She just giggles and shrugs.

"Nothing at all. Just petting your friend Goldie," she says, like she knows something I don't. I give her a suspicious look and she just shrugs again, continuing to stroke Goldie's golden fur. Goldie looks up at me and nudges my hand, which I have learnt is his code for 'pet me'.

I scratch his head behind his ear which I can tell he likes. I giggle quietly then pull away.

"Alright, let's get back. I don't like being out in the open without a weapon," I tell Hannah. She quirks an eyebrow, motioning to the wolf. I roll my eyes and grab her hand, sending a wave to Goldie before we go back into the trees. Did I just wave to an animal?

"What was that about?" I ask once we hit the clearing where our hideout is located.

"What was what about?" she asks innocently.

"The whole thing with the wolf. Usually you won't go anywhere near him."

"Oh, that. I just wanted to see him up close. You've been around him a lot so I just assumed he wasn't dangerous." I eye her suspiciously, but don't question her further. I don't buy that. No one has such a drastic change of heart in such a short time. However, I see no other explanation.

"Ok then. Lets get inside and make some lunch, I'm starving." We stand on the entrance and I stomp on the ground, granting us access. That reminds me, I need to fix Hannah's shoes so she can get in on her own.

I fix up a quick lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and we eat without a word. My mind is reeling with thoughts of tomorrow. What if I'm recognized? Will Zack remember me? Am I going to be stuck with all the bad teachers?

"Angel, you look like you're thinking too hard about something," Hannah says through a mouth full of bread and cheese. I shoot her a look and point to my mask that I haven't taken off yet.

"When I'm wearing my mask and cloak, you are to address me as Robin." She rolls her eyes and mock salutes me.

"Yes ma'am!" I roll my eyes back and smile, pulling off my cloak and mask. "So what are you thinking about?"

I sigh. "Tomorrow. What if that boy recognizes me? Or is Zack going to remember me?"

Hannah thinks for a second, before she swallows her food and lays her half-eaten sandwich on her plate.

"First, no, I don't think he will recognize you," something in her tone implies she is saying that for my benefit, "and second, of course he will! You're his little sister! All three of us look alike; it would be hard not to remember you. He loves you too much to forget you Angel."

I smile a little. Her words help to reassure me that everything will be fine. How could they not be? I'm about to be reunited with my brother, I found my sister I never knew about, and I'm going to finish my education. Everything will be fine.

The rest of the day, Hannah and I get our stuff ready for school. I can feel my nerves rising up as I slip into bed after my shower, but I figure I could try to sleep them off.

"Goodnight Angel. Set your alarm!" Hannah shouts before she enters her room across the hall from mine. I shout and 'ok' back before I switch my alarm on. I have it set for five; the time I wake up every day.

"-keep on dreamin' even if it breaks your heart.

Downtown is where I use to wander ol-"

My alarm goes off in the morning and I quickly shut it off. It connects to my IPod and plays music instead of that annoying beep. I stretch and get out of bed, ready to start this day. My nerves did die down some and is now replaced by anticipation and excitement.

"Was that country music I heard?" I jump slightly when I hear Hannah. I didn't know she was awake yet.

"Yes. Why?"

"No reason. I just took you as more of a rock music kind of girl," she yawns. I laugh.

"Nope. I basically only listen to country. That reminds me, your IPod I gave you is filled with only that. You can download something else though, it's yours now."

"Thanks, but I listen to the same thing too." I smile at how much I have already learned I have in common with my sister. Even if we had just met a few days ago, it feels like we have known each other forever. She suddenly claps her hands loudly, making me jump again. "Time to get ready!" she cheers, suddenly full of energy. I laugh a little and go to my closet to change.

I pick out my favorite pair of ripped jean shorts and slip them on. Hannah picked me out a shirt to wear yesterday and I put it on. It's a plain flowy blue shirt, with sleeves that stop just at my elbows. I like it, it barely feels like I'm wearing it and it gives me a vague comfort that I get when I wear my cloak, yet it still hints at my figure.

"Can I straighten your hair, please!" Hannah begs. Usually I would just put it in a ponytail, but I allow her to fix it anyways. She sits me down in front of the vanity in her room and works on my hair. I didn't realize how long my hair was, it goes about to the middle of my back.

"All done," Hannah sings. I thank her and go to put on my shoes and grab my backpack, cloak and mask. I'm not ready to go out without cover completely. Hannah rolls her eyes when she sees me decked out in my Robin Hood gear, but doesn't say anything, knowing I won't budge.

With that, we exit the hideout and start to head to school.