The Myth of the Raccoon

Once upon a time, in the animal kingdom, there was a land ruled by the dogs. In this land, a river divided up two territories where cats lived on one side, and raccoons lived on the other.

At this point in time, Raccoon's had no "mask" or rings on their tail.

Since the Dogs ruled, they decreed that cats may only have a mate of their own species, and raccoons may only have a mate of their own species. Dogs however got to choose whoever they wanted.
As a harsh rule as this was, Cats did not know that Raccoons lived on the other side of the river, and the same as the Raccoons, since it was a forbidden area for both of them.

One day, as fate would have it, a Cat by the name of Aura, went to the edge of the river crying.

When suddenly, a voice spoke making the cat stir.

"Why are you crying?"

Aura looked around, seeing no one there, and continued to whimper.


This time, Aura looked up to see standing across the river, was a rather strange looking cat. It had dirty white fur and a bushy tail and it waved.

"What are you?" Aura asked.


Aura spoke up, the splash of the river making it difficult for the raccoon to hear, "I SAID WHAT ARE YOU!"


Aura laughed, "I'm a cat…but my name is Aura."

The raccoon nodded and then called out, "MY NAME IS FUR"

"What?" Aura called back.


Aura sighed, all this shouting wasn't civilized and just then, noticed a new friend was gone. The cat looked down, realizing that Fur must have thought it was dumb to shout a conversation.


Aura looked up, and smiled when seeing the raccoon with a large piece of paper, and " NICE TO MEET YOU"scrawled onto it with black ink.

Fur grinned when seeing the cat smile , and right away bent down writing more with the tip of his tail, " SO WHY WERE YOU CRYING?"

Aura looked down, and then pointed to the cat's heart, and shook its head.

Fur frowned, and then lifted up a picture that showed the raccoon smiling. Under it was the word "Smile!"

Aura smiled, but then looked sad again, and then the cat shook its head. Aura stretched out a paw toward Fur, as if an attempt to reach the raccoon.

Fur put the picture down, drew again, and lifted it up.

A boat? Thought then bared her teeth as if to mimic a dog, but it only made Fur shrug and the Raccoon put up its paws as if to fight. "They don't scare me" Fur wrote.

So it was decided. Fur would meet Aura on the other side of the river by boat, in a weeks time, but before they said their goodbyes, Fur made all the drawings into paper airplanes, and whisked them to the other side.

Aura laughed and kissed them, jumping up and down before leaving.

The next week, Aura and Fur were happy. Aura sat on one side of the river, watching Fur draw and draw with great enthusiasm, while Fur enjoyed watching Aura laugh, smile, and be happy.

"I can't wait to be with you" and there was a picture of the Raccoon smiling goofily. Fur jumped up and down raising this picture high, and the cat nodded.

At long last, the day had come, and Fur pushed out a boat onto the river, rowing happily.
But when the Racoon arrived, Fur noticed the other side was empty.

"Aura must be running a little late…." And so Fur waited.
and waited
and waited
and waited

And that's when Fur smelled smoke….

The Raccoon ran toward the gray clouds, until Fur saw a horrific sight. The town where Aura lived was burned to the ground, leaving only smoky remains.

A post was put in the center of it all, reading:

"All Cats must be only with Cats

and all Raccoons with Raccoons

Only the Dogs may choose between the two."

Fur fell to its knees, heartbroken. The Raccoon looked up once again to find in smaller print saying

"To further show an understanding of this rule, the remains of Cat Aura Paw-shy have been thrown out in the dumps of this kingdom."

Fur couldn't take it anymore, the raccoon ran back to its boat, kicking it and sobbing. Fur then took out its ink and paper and began writing and drawing furiously with its tail

"I wish I said 'I love you' more."

Fur drew the raccoon and the cat together, with a heart over their head.

"I wish I held your hand some more

I wish I could hold you again

and make the world understand."

Crying out, Fur threw the paper into the river, its hands black with ink. Fur wiped its face, removing the tears, and cleaned its hands with its tail…leaving only a black mask, and rings on the tail.

So there you have it, the reason why Raccoons have a black mask and rings on its tail. It is also the reason why they go through your trash…for one of them might be Fur, still looking for the remains of Aura…in hopes to burying the cat and giving it peace. This may also be the reason why dogs don't get along with raccoons and why raccoons may pester dogs….and maybe one day Fur may find Aura, give Aura a proper burial and give the cat peace.