Who am I?

I am

A faceless identity, who roams among the forgotten and condemned

Who lives upon misery and death, love and hope, the ostensible justification for all human reason

Who paints the blood-splattered sky with the contrasting colors of human emotion,

each shade of color a lost soul,

Corrupted from everlasting crimson stains

Who am I?

I am

Your worst nightmare and greatest victory

I am the reflection of a man tainted by bloodshed, who is haunted by the abandoned, forgotten souls of the departed

I am every coveted human desire

money, power and wealth

the ultimate Pandora's box, seductive and alluring

I am greed, evil, and death

Your darkest, wickedest side

I expose the most repulsive traits, the true immoral nature of a human being

Who am I?

Lifeless eyes,

Colorless skies

Ruthless cruelty

Merciless nightmares

The eternal silence,


Who am I?

I am War,

And I am waiting