"You know I don't like him! Why on Earth would you let him stay here? I put up with Brian because he was just born when I came in the picture and knows no other mother. But that other-"

"Tread lightly darling. I've put up with your insults about my eldest son but I grow tired of hearing them. He stays as long as he wants. It is my house and I pay the bills. Don't foerget that."

"Don't threaten me Richard. I will leave if that son of yours stays." Her voice was silent and deadly.

"Then goodbye. All those years I chose you over him. That is not a mistake I will make again. All those years of you harping on me because I didn't immeaditely do what you wanted. I wanted children from you but you would have none of it. I allowed you free reign of my money that I earned while you have just sat home doing nothing. I have been a dedicated husband while there is not telling how many men you have slept with. Don't give me that look. I have kept all this inside for the sake of Brian. For some reason he likes you. But it is time for you to go."

"You have no proof that I cheated. And in fact you will no longer even have the time to tell anyone. I'll leave but I'll be back."

"Judith. Before you leave, sign these papers. They're for divorce." My father quietly left the room glancing at me as he walked by. I guess he knew I was there the whole time. I heard Judith stomp out of the room with a growl. I was amazed at all that was said. As long as I remeber my father had doted on my step mother. Despite how she treated me and my brother. For my father to reveal all this, and to know I was there, must mean he really is done with her. The witch who made all our lives a living hell.

I walked in and picked up the papers that would help my father be happy. Judith had signed and dated every line. I took them with me in case she came back for them. I took them to the library and made copies of them. Even though they would not count in court at least they would now there were copies and Judith couldn't use them against my father. I filed the copies in a secret file my father and I used.

I was walking toward the kitchen when someone knocked on the door. It had been raining for three days non-stop. While the weather people called it hard rain and lightning, I called it what it was: a storm. I open the door and no one was there and just as I was about to close it I saw a bag on the porch with a hand connected to it. I rushed to the stairs and there she was, laying unconscious with lips blue and her uncovered legs were covered in goose bumps. I dropped down to check her pulse to make sure she was still alive. It was barely there. No one had gone outside since the storm started. I picked her up and her bag and carried her into the house.

I took her to my room and laid her down on the bed. I pulled of her sandals and shorts as well as her underwear, immediatley pulling a sweats over her legs. I pulled off her shirt and bra putting her in three layers of shirts then wrapped her in a blanket. I walked over to the next room. My brother looked up from his notebook.

"Come with me." He rolled off the bed and without hesitation and followed me, his brother. "Is this your friend? The one who the cops have been looking for? The one whose parents were on the news?" I asked my younger brother, who was staring at the girl in horror. He rushed to the bed and placed his hand on her forehead.

"Eb? Eb? Come on, wake up. Come on. I've been worried sick about you. I'm sorry for what I said..." I walked out the room toward the kitchen I made some soup and got a glass of water with a straw. "Let me through." I placed the straw at her lips and told her to drink. To both of our surprise she did. I left that with Brian and went to the bathroom. I brought back a clean long hot towel fresh out of the dryer. I rubbed her hair dry and replaced the soaked pillow. I pulled out my cell.

"911. Whats your emergency?" An operator asked. The voice sounded familiar and very deep.

"I have the Miss Ebony Green at my home. She is unconscious. Is there a number for me to call to get an ambulance or do you call them?"

"We'll call them sir. Can I have your name?"

"Ben Golden."

"Brian Golden older brother?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Tell Brian, Josh said hello." The man said. His voice sounded kinda surly, like he was upset about it.

"Bry, Josh says hello." I watched as Bry looked confused then remembered who Josh was and blush. I wonder what that was about.

"Ask for a number" he mouthed. I nodded and turned back to the phone.

"Can I take down your number for him then?" Josh rattled off some numbers that I put into Bry's phone. I sent a text message to him and heard a phone go off. I assumed he got the message. I assumed correctly when he sent one back. Although tempted to read it I gave to Bry. Hearing sirens in the distance I told Josh bye and went to find my father.

"The ambulance is coming here for Bry's friend, Ebony." I told my father who was just sitting in the dark. He looked up at that. He hopped up from the chair and nodded at me to lead the way. I took him to my room where Bry was holding her hand. Before entering my father grabbed my arm.

"Don't mention this to your brother. He didn't even know she wasn't his true mother." I nodded.

"You might want to give him more credit. He knows more than you think." We walked as Sherry, the maid, let the paramedics in and led them to the room. They put Ebony on the cart and allowed Bry and and me in the truck with her. My father agreed to follow behind.

We arrived at the hospital about nearly the same time as the cops. The nurses took Ebony while the paramedics yelled out her vitals. I never liked being in a hospital. I felt like one could never really breathe right. I walked back outside to sit on a bench. I looked up the sky that had finished drenching the city. When I was younger I always thought the rain was God's way of crying when he was happy. If it thunder stormed it meant He was displeased over things. Of course that was long before I took a science class. The sky looked all grey and angry. AS I sat there the rain started again. Not as bad as the last few days but bad enough to make me go back inside. Lucky for me, the doctors were talking to my dad. I walked up on the end.

"She is free to have visitors but keep in mind she has a bad fever and probably will be delirous. I have no doubt that she would get violent but if she does just call for a nurse and they will admister a sedative to calm her." The doctor shook my dads hand and walked away. I heard a clamor of foot steps and turned toward the end of the hallway. I saw three cops in uniform running toward us but passed Ebony's room going to the one next to it. I heard shouts and made my way toward there but then a chair came flying out the room. I ducked when a pole that held the IV pouch came flying toward my head. My dad pulled me out of the way and pushed me into Ebony's room with a "mind your damn buisness" and a slap on the back of the head. I cringed and shot him a black look but lost it when he only raised eyebrow.

We walked up toward Ebony's bed. Although we don't know each other, I felt like we have known each other our whole lives. Of course I would never admit that to anyone but her. I remember the night while we laid in my bed. Her laugh, frankly, intrigued me. As did she. Even when I met her three or four years ago. Back then she was only a blossoming rose. Her eyes which to me seemed very odd. When we first met they were green which seemed odd on a girl of her skin tone. It wasn't dark like night nor was it light like peanut butter but like a creamy mixture of both of them. She was so beautiful. Her full lips and small perky nose that at that moment twitched. Her eyes were like a shiny emarld. Except for when they are angry. When she got angry the turned blue like sapphires.

While I sat there watching her I reminisced about that night.

"Hey bro," I plopped down on Brian's bed. "Tell me about Ebony. You think that you and her will ever, you know, hook up?" I didn't look up at him but studied the ceiling.

"Hell no!" I didn't see his face but his voice sounded horrified. I had wondered about his sexuality more than once but never really thought much of it. Even now I let it go. "That came out wrong. I love Eb but she is my best friend. This isn't a movie where the best friends fall in love. I already have someone anyway."

I sat up and turned to face him. I leaned against the back board and lifted my knee and rested my arm against it. "Well spill." I commanded, but Brian just shook his head and blushed. I wanted to press it but the thought of him being gay crossed my mind and this time, it didn't leave. I scooted down the bed and sat next to Brian as I contemplated how to ask this next question.

"Are you gay?" For some reason that was what came out of my mouth not what I had in mind. I refused to look at him because I knew his face would be beet red. Before he could say anything I opened my mouth again. "Never mind You don't have to tell me. Either way I still love you."

"You know Eb said the same thing? Then again, she knew along and only asked me when she caught me making out with Josh." I took that as the confirmation that I needed and let it go.

"Tell me about her."

"Well her dad never looked at her until she was one. He didn't give her affection until she was two because she didn't look like him. With her green and blue eyes he didn't believe she was his. For that her mom never really forgave her. Her dad had to compensate for the lack. We met at three when she almost got hit by dad and his car. After that we have been inseparable. It's funny because when she is angry her eyes turn so blue. When we turned twelve her and her dad did a family history thing. They wanted to know about her eyes. Turns out they- well you'll have to ask her about it."

"Ben? What's going on?" Ebony's voice brought me out of my reverie. Her eye's were cloudy blue-green.

"Hey babe. What's up? How long where you outside?" I stroked her forehead and moved her hair behind her ear.

"I don't know. All I know is that after the fight with Brian and the run-in with Bobby I went home. I fell asleep and woke up to the cops banging on the door. The next thing I know I'm at your door and it's raining but no one is answering the door. Now I am... where am I exactly?"

"The hospital. I found you on the porch. And Brian last saw you three days ago. He told me you guys had an argument and that he didn't expect to see you for a few days. But he-"

"Ebony?" My dad asked cautiously. "Hey sweetie, how you feeling?" I looked out the door and saw the police talking to the nurses. One of them radioed something and the other two looked toward us. They tapped the other one and nodded toward us.

"Um dad? I think we have a problem." That was the only thing that came out of my mouth before the policemen walked into the room.

"Mr. Golden?" My dad looked away from me and toward them. "Mr. Golden you're under arrest for the assault of Judith Golden. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand your rights sir?"

"What the hell do you mean my wife was assaulted?" Dad shouted. I saw Brian come in right at that point.