Her Story

By: Madeline Nickels

Watching the waves pound the shore I think ti=o myself, what's life worth if only you know the truth about it all?

It's a stormy night. There's no moon, only dark, rain and lightning. I'm soaked and shivering trying to find my car.

I can only see two feet in front of me when suddenly one of the mirrors jabs me in the waist. Just great, I'm almost out of gas.

I make it home right when it hits empty. I have been living alone for about two months now since I learned my dad has gotten arrested by the Magical Forces for telling me I was a witch berfore I was sixteen.

They have this law because untrained witches and wizards have very un stable magic. But as you mature so does your magic. I was able to save the girl who tried to ruin my life during senior year. So I think I'm doing good with training.

The council on the other hand doesn't. My father almost tried to kill mne last year. I've let that go now. but it still haunts my memories. Help doesn't call all the time, so you to fix your own problems first and foremost.

Nobody has witnessed a real witch doing magic. People just say they have to get in the papers. I have met many people like that; and I despise them.

Vampires exist to. The super strength and superspeed is real also. If they did'nt have it they wouldn't be able to feed. The witch population is significantly lower than the vampire witc population for one thing; vampires hate us more than the sun. With their strength and speed, they can kill us more easily than we can kill them.

Some of them, and us, are hybrids. Vampires that are half witch and half vampire. They are shunned by vampires and witches. I've never really wanted anything to do with them , except my sister.

As I'm in the shower trying to warm myself up; BAM! I'm losing conscienuss; and the last thing I remember is my head hitting the floor.