A time of pain, we all know so well

A time of sorrow, we worry about hell

We look for a light in our times of need

We all look for someone to set us free

I wait for clouds to roll back as a scroll

I look towards the heaven for Him to console

The answers I hear are too far away

The God we know, are we supposed to pray?

I think I'm confused, have we not been saved?

Jesus, where are you? Her body there is laid

A coffin and a casket, there it becomes present

God, I know our bodies are but evanescent

A fallen friend, a sister, and a dear mother

So close to us, so near, she was like no other

But He loved her more then we ever knew

We aren't stable but his love will shine through

I'm sorry for doubting, it was wrong I do know

But something about that book made my face glow

As I sat down to remember the people I once knew

I remember that people are little and so few

We are only here for a while, that is what He said

He lives forever, we lay down on His precious bed

Please rest forever, may your souls rests in peace

And though we'll miss you, our troubles will cease