Child of evil

Chapter one: nightmares!

Natasha snapped her eyes open with a start. She looked anxiously around the room, before telling herself once again that it was just a stupid image that meant nothing, she'd probably not see anything else like that once she shut her eyes again…

"Natasha! Natasha! Get up; you're going to be late for college!"

Natasha awoke slowly to a dull ache in her back and neck. She had fallen asleep on the hallway floor again.

"Coming dad!" Natasha called as she slowly picked herself up from the cold, blue-carpet draped wooden hallway floor and hurried downstairs.

"You've been sleeping on the floor on the upstairs landing again haven't you child?" Natasha's father asked with a soft, concerned look on his face.

"Yeah…just nightmares again, it's alright though dad, they will go soon enough" Natasha replied grabbing her lunch and grey and purple school bag before kissing her father on the forehead and leaving the house.

Natasha Elliott, aged seventeen had chestnut red, short, straight hair, with a half fringe clipped back with two silver and blue flower clips, today, she was wearing her favourite pink Linkin Park t-shirt, black jeans and blue converses. Natasha had been having those nightmares ever since she was roughly six years old and they've been coming and going ever since.

"Hey Nat! What's up?" Natasha's best friend Mitchell called from across the college grounds.

"Hi Mitch! Yeah I'm good, glad I made it on time though, couldn't deal with another one of Mr. Arment's punctuality lectures, man, once he gets going…he doesn't stop" Natasha laughed

"Ha, ha, ha, you're so funny Nat. Come on, we better get to tutorial, otherwise we will be late"

Natasha and Mitchell's college was…different to your stereotypical college, it was over forty years old and a little bit old fashioned, truth of the matter was, the place needed to be demolished and built all over again, but this was unlikely to happen, the place was in one of the poorest areas of the west-end – as if this place could ever afford a make over now.

"Hey, Mitch, whats that your reading?" Natasha asked leaning over Mitchell's shoulder

"Dunno. Something I borrowed from the library about a demonic tyrant named Shashi moren who was so evil; the gods had no choice but to imprison him in an underground cave somewhere in the heart of…London, but apparently he had a daughter born a mortal who lives among us this present day" Mitchell replied

"Weird…wonder what his daughter's like, or if Shashi Moren is fretting over her – I mean, I know he's supposedly evil, but he's still lost his child"

At this Mitchell just laughed. "Nat, evil has no regard for anyone or anything, all its concerned about is it's own goals, and I bet this dude would assassinate his own daughter if it meant achieving his eternal goal of taking over the universe or something"

That same night, Natasha had yet another nightmare, but this time, it was a lot more than just one off, disturbing, freaky images, this time, she saw what looked like the Armageddon, the sky was black and the moon was a blood red, the ground beneath her feet was littered with the distorted bodies of men, their cause of death seemed to be from some kind of unknown, fatal disease, or from what appeared to be just pure terror. In front of her was a man, a man with greyish skin and white hair, his eyes were piercing blue and bloodshot, and his brown lips were curved up in a slight smile.

"Who are you?" a frightened Natasha asked. The man said nothing at first but took a few steps closer, as he did so, he whispered "have you ever heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat? My dear, you have no clue, let me tell you something for your own good, your precious little father, is not who he seems"

"What? What? No, you cannot fool me when it comes to my papa, he and I are way too close for that, there is no way in hell he would ever do anything to harm me" Natasha yelled, gob smacked that this guy would ever insinuate her dad was even the slightest bit sinister.

Natasha woke up with a start once again, however, this time, she noticed her father sitting on the side of her bed with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck.

"Sweetheart. This needs to stop. You were yelling and flapping about in your sleep this time, when is your next appointment with Trisha?"

"10am today, I'll go to school straight after I promise, its just that she had no evening appointments available this week, hey dad, you do love me right?"

Natasha's father just laughed and pulled and daughter closer to him, "Nat, where has this come from all of a sudden? Of course I love you, I love you dearly, you're the only thing I have left, I mean since your mother and sister died at childbirth, you are my most sacred treasure…are you OK? Why do you doubt that all of a sudden?"

"No reasons, just bad dreams, look dad, I need to get myself ready, it's already nine – I've got half an hour to get washed, brush my teeth, get dressed and paint my face" Natasha smiled, quickly returning her father's hug before rushing out of bed to get dressed.

"It's sad…she's such a normal girl, I have a hard time believing she's the one, however, if she's dreaming about him already…" Natasha's father's thoughts were cut off by the sound of his daughter's voice calling to him from the bathroom.