There's a normal side of him, I think. I see it. He runs around, says things very loudly, doesn't wear shoes, and laughs a lot. Except when he's with her.

She's so quiet. Reserved, modest. She's sweet, to sum it up. But when she's with him, it's different.

I'd always seen them together. Thought they were a thing. Mason and Kim. Yeah, that's them. It was obvious. So I thought. I've come to know them better, and I finally asked one of my friends as she was leaving one day, "Are they together?" She shook her head and said no and continued to leave.

It didn't make sense. I may not see the whole picture, but I see who he is with her, and that's enough.

He becomes sensitive. He smiles a gentle smile at her, and he giggles, instead of a bellowing, sarcastic laugh. He's different around her, and he's been around her a lot lately.

She smiles. And that tells me so much. She laughs around him, and you can tell she's happy. He gives her the courage to speak up, be bolder.

She's sitting down, talking softly to someone, and he leans over to say something to her with a huge grin on his face. She looks up with a loving smile on her face. She stares at him as he's walking away, now doing something sarcastically rough to someone. That look I see on her face is one I know all too well.

It's a look of love.