Sylvia was extremely unhappy with the work of the stylist at the hair salon; her hair had been trimmed up her neck far higher than she had desired, a fact she hadn't been aware of prior to inspecting the cut in a mirror at home. Bending to stroke her calico cat which wound around her ankles as she frowned at the mirror, Sylvia felt almost naked because of the severe cut.

The cat was shedding terribly, and Sylvia upon removing her hand from her pet noted that several of the cat's hairs were adhering to it; oh well, she loved her pet, and absent-mindedly itched the back of her neck with that hand right where the hair had been brought up by the stylist. Unknown to Sylvia, several of the cat hairs stuck to her neck by this simple and unintentional act of transference. Tired, the girl decided to delay her shower until morning, and fell into bed.

The next morning, Sylvia was still bleary-eyed from sleep when she staggered to her kitchen and tossed a handful of what she thought was dry cereal into her mouth. The taste wasn't quite right, and Sylvia examined the bag to determine that its contents weren't cereal but rather cat food. "This stuff's not bad!," Sylvia shrugged as she continued eating from the bag of Meow Mix, pausing only to go to the refrigerator and drink directly from an open carton of milk so greedily that it ran down her chin. Delicately licking a few stray drops of milk from the back of her hand, Sylvia continued to lick up the length of her one arm and down the other, continuing to lick and groom other parts of her body with a rough tongue and reaching parts of herself that she never realized that she could. Her calico cat regarded her curiously, and Sylvia swept the animal up and hugged it while the cat extended itself to smell the back of Sylvia's neck where its own hairs had implanted themselves. She didn't really want to wear clothes that day when she left the house but Sylvia satisfied herself by going barefoot, amazing neighbors as she walked like an acrobat on the top of fence railings and walls along her path of travel.-How had she missed the many tantalizing scents before which now seemed to surround her? Reaching the hair salon that she had patronized the previous day, Sylvia confronted the stylist who had done her hair, expressed her dissatisfaction, and demanded a full refund.

"I'm sorry," responded the stylist, rolling her eyes, "but that's against store policy."

Picking the stylist up with one arm and repeating her demand, Sylvia soon received her refund, and was out the door; she had shopping to do that day, after all. To fortify herself for shopping, Sylvia visited a neighborhood fish market, eating her purchase fresh out of its wrappings as she continued on her way. Her slitted pupils missed not a sight as she surveyed a world defined anew, one which was hers for the taking.

Sylvia thought that a skin-tight black leather outfit nicely accessorized with a a whip might later make for the purr-fect evening...Meow!