From morning to night, the neighborhood remained silent, except for the frequent interruptions from the fate-destined rivals and the sheriff. However, over time, the neighborhood had gotten used to the daily disruption of peace and ignored it.

This time, however, the situation was not to be ignored.

Charodon returned to his two-story home in the afternoon, when the sun's light was about at its peak. From the entrance to the street, he noticed a vast amount of citizens gathered around his residence.

"What the..." His pace quickened as he approached his own home. The crowd formed a semi-circle around four figures discussing the situation in the middle.

Leif, the sheriff of the neighborhood, was the first one he noticed, for his enormous size would reveal him from even a mile away. "You two children need to stop this nonsense. Every day, you two make me take my roots and drag them to you just to have me scold you."

The scientist drew closer, alarming one of the citizens. "Look," he whispered to his wife, "the owner of the house is here..."

Charodon pushed through the crowd without care and joined the other four surrounding by the crowd. "Woah...What's all this about...Is there a hamburger on my lawn or something?"

His butler, Roger, turned his head towards his master at the sound of his voice. Being one of the four centered in the middle, Charodon wondered what such a good man could have done to get involved.

A soft wind rustled everyone's clothing and hair. A quiet murmur spread throughout the watching crowd.

The sheriff's carved wooden mouth formed a smirk. "Just who I wanted to see...the shark."

"No, seriously. Is there really a hamburger on my lawn? Cause it's mine of there is," the scientist added, his facial expression remaining stagnant. "If not, get off my lawn." Charodon turned his head towards his home, noticing that one of his windows was completely shattered.

Leif grabbed the two remaining figures by the collar of their shirts and held them up. "You two have something to say?"

Charodon instantly recognized the two figures as Chandler and Radley, the only two pranksters of the entire neighborhood area. The scientist stared blankly at the latter's bald scalp. He shifted his eyes towards the sun every once in a while, but he focused his sight mostly on the man's head.

"We're truly sorry, Mr. Charodon!" the two young adults apologized in unison. "We are sorry for completely demolishing your window!"

Leif grumbled in agitation. "If you two were little boys, I'd give you a very painful spanking right now." After a short moment of pondering, the treant's eye holes widened in realization. "Then again..." With two of his many free branches, Leif whipped their rear ends with a power swing.

Both landed face first on the soft green grass. "Will you forgive us, Mr. Charodon?" Chandler asked. The young man watched Charodon's eyes and he immediately knew what he was staring at. "Haha!" the man laughed, pointing his finger at Radley. "He's staring at your bald ass head!"

Radley glanced up at the scientist. What he dread was true. "Why does everyone do that?" the young man yelled at the top of his lungs. "It's not like I wanted to be bald!"

Charodon chuckled lightly. "Nah, I just like how the light's bouncing right off your head."

The treant sighed. "That's not the point!" his deep voice boomed, silencing the others. "Explain to the shark what happened!" he demanded.

Chandler rolled his eyes, picking himself with his muscled, tattooed arms. "Well...I'm not going to go into details...but...we kind of accidentally blasted an egg through that window."

Radley hissed at his rival. "Liar! It was you! I had nothing to do with this!"

The young man stuck his tongue out at Radley. "Clearly, you were the one who broke tie in my machine!"

Charodon raised an eyebrow. "Machine? What machine?" As a scientist, his curiosity rose to its peak.

Chandler shrugged his shoulders. "It's something my little brother and I built yesterday...Built to launch eggs, we called it the Eggclalibur, the egg-launching cannon!"

The scientist examined the window with care, avoiding the pointed glass edges. "That's a lie...there's no way a single egg could blow my entire window apart."

Roger held his right arm towards Charodon. A large red mark stuck to the palm of his hand like glue. "It did this as well.

The scientist was completely intrigued. A single egg caused so much destructive power. Just imagine what a rock could do. "Chandler..." Charodon spoke. "What'd you use as the machine's trigger?"

Chandler scratched his head. "Trigger? What're you talking about?"

The scientist shook his head in disbelief. "What? How'd you fire the egg without the trigger?"

Suddenly, from out of the crowd, a young 15-year-old teenage boy approached Charodon. He had a handsome face and shared the same tattoo marks with Chandler. "The device wasn't ready for use," he solemnly stated with a relaxed tone. "It lacked a trigger and there were still some things I needed to improve on it."

The scientist raised an eyebrow, staring at the teenager dully. "For a kid...you sure act like an adult."

Chandler wrapped an arm around the teenager and grinned. "Oh, he doesn't get out much, so you probably don't know him. He's my little brother, Weston."

Roger, using his powerful hearing, approached the boy and smiled. "Maybe it's best if you return home...It doesn't concern an innocent ch-"

Leif set a branch on the butler's shoulder. "No, this may work for the better. The boy was a witness to the incident as well..."

"Are you sure, boy?" Charodon asked again, receiving only a nod as a response.

"Wait, so then how'd my window break?" the scientist openly asked. "That's impossible without the trigger."

After a moment, a hand slowly rose up. "That...might have been me," Radley admitted. His yellow eyes drifted towards the ground. "I found out about their device, so I tried to wreck it by igniting it..."

Charodon's eyes widened. He quickly turned his head towards Weston, Chandler's younger brother. "You there! What held the egg in place on the machine?"

Weston shrugged his shoulders. "Well, we stuffed an egg in a metal chute and filled it with quantrum...That's all I think."

The scientist then turned and pointed a finger at Radley. "And you! Where'd you ignite the device?"

Radley was stunned. He'd never seen Charodon so lively in all his life living next door to him. "Well, umm...I think I dropped the match on the closed end of the chute..."

The scientist nodded in realization. "Yes...yes! I think I've got it now!" Quickly, the man ran into his own home, nearly tripping on the grass in excitement.

As he sprinted up the stairs as quickly as he could, he recited what he had understood in his mind. "Of course! I get it now! After all these years, my first step forward!" Slamming the door to his empty lab, he grabbed a notebook and began scribbling on it with a pen. "Like oil and hydrogen, quantrum must have its own chemical properties to intense heat. The fire, amplified by the cannon's metal, did something to the quantrum...Ah! Maybe an explosion! Yes! An explosion, of course! And that must have caused the cannon to launch the egg...Oh shit...If there really were an explosion...that must mean-"

The crowd, realizing that what had happened already passed, dispersed quickly back into their own residences. Leif watched the door of the home, left carelessly open by Charodon. "The shark's ignorance...appalls me."

Roger turned his head towards the treant, alarmed by his insult. "Ignorance, hmm? No person left on Earth could have the persistence or will to try so hard, nor have I met anyone who's matched his mind."

The sheriff chuckled, beginning his own exit of the street. "It seems you don't understand either. You and me both have lived for about 60 years on this planet...yet you do not have a single clue about how it is to live a life without movement," the treant muttered, as he slowly dragged himself away.

Chandler looked at his younger brother. "It's not like you to come outside..."

Weston's cheeks went red. "Well...actually...I came out because-"

Suddenly, the scientist ran out of his door and grabbed onto his butler's collar. "Roger! Guess what?"

The butler was surprised by his master's excitement. "What happened?"

"The device they made...I think it might be able to create carbon dioxide!"

The butler was speechless, suddenly overwhelmed by gratefulness. "Really? This is great! So all your work finally has paid off!"

Radley and Chandler watched in awe. "That means...that...we reversed Q2..." Chandler muttered. "We reversed Q2! We're gonna be famous!" The young man yelled in joy, leaping as if he had won the lottery. He wrapped an arm around Weston, who surprisingly was not too much shorter than his older brother, who was a few years older than him.

After many, many years, Charodon let out his first true smile. "I've...waited so long for this day to come." But as a scientist, this wasn't the end. "Weston...I think your name was."

The boy stood alert at the call of his name. "Yes?"

Charodon motioned him to come towards him with his hand. "I want to see the Eggscalibur. I'm going to run a few tests on it to make sure my hypothesis is right."

Weston gave the scientist a quick salute. "Yes, sir!" he replied instantly, quickly dashing back towards his home.

Radley raised an eyebrow. "Weird..." he thought to himself. "Chandler's little brother has always been a shut-in...I don't think I've ever seen him act like this to be honest..." He shifted his snake eyes towards Charodon. "This was the first time he's met Mr. Charodon...Hmm..."

Running back from his home, Weston returned with a black, metal cannon the length of a backpack. To the scientist, the device looked simply like a metal tube, it's opening just big enough to fit an egg in. "This...is it?"

Weston nodded. "Yes, sir!"

Charodon scratched his head in confusion, accepting the cannon from the boy. "You don't have to call me sir. Just call me...How about...Captain?"

Chandler laughed. "Ah...you're too funny, Mr. Charodon! Am I right, Weston?"

"Will do, Captain!" Weston exclaimed, saluting him once again. Chandler's jaw dropped, never in his life has he seen his younger brother said something so embarrassing.

Charodon faked a chuckle. "Alright then...head home." The scientist stared at the device in his arms, clenching it firmly in his grasp. "Finally...the cure to Q2...has been found!"


Side Note: In one line, I mentioned green grass. Though of course red quantrum resides in these plants, it is the green chlorophyll that defines their color. Added this just in case that question came up. xD

Oh right, now taking questions!...Since, Sci-Fi Future stuff can get confusing D;