Chapter 2

Multiple Personalities

I woke to the sound of a thud against the wood floors of my house. The noise was followed by the familiar giggling of the twins and the patter of their feet as they ran down the hall to their bedroom.

It took me a moment to register what could be happening, but when I figured it out, I laughed out loud. Oh how I loved those boys. Especially when city boy was involved.

Curious to see what they had pulled off, I slipped out of my comfortable bed, threw on a pair of old jeans and a blue t-shirt, and tied my light blonde hair into it's usual pony tail. As I was brushing my teeth in the small bathroom connected to my room, I began to recall dinner from the night before.

After I had scrubbed the mud from my body, our family settled down to eat dinner as usual. Only this time, Will joined us. He didn't say much, and it made me wonder what had happened to the kid who wouldn't shut up earlier that day. I figured he had just enjoyed angering me and was now over it. However, I did notice a change in his eyes from when he first arrived. He looked like he was lost in thought...or maybe overly tired. It made me curious.

Now, as I slipped my leather riding boots on and strode down the hall toward his new room, that curiousity turned into amusement. My brothers wasted no time in welcoming our guest.

As I approached his room, which was just down the hall from mine, I found the door to be wide open. I peered inside to find Will on the floor, tangled in a mess of sheets. His head was resting uncomfortably on the wood floor and his limbs were sprawled in all different directions. His eyes were closed and for a split second I was worried that he had hit his head and was unconscious.

"Hey," I called from the doorway. No response.

"Will, get up," I called again, this time much louder. Nothing.

Panicking, I hurried across the room and kicked him straight in the gut, this time getting an immediate response. He groaned loudly and clutched at his chest, but didn't open his eyes, "What..." he grumbled into the floor.

"I thought you were dead. Could you answer next time I yell at you? My mother would kill me if you died on the first day," I scolded, crossing my arms.

There was no response, and it took me a minute before I realized that he had fallen back to sleep. Really? I kicked him again, this time a tad lower, so he would get the hint, "If you fall back asleep again, I'll make sure it really hurts," I threatened quietly. Okay, I was overeacting a bit, but I needed to show him who was boss around here.

"Whganaf ong thau flaore?" Will mumbled incoherently against the ground as he reached down to block my path to his groin.


This time he lifted his head and opened his bright blue eyes for the first time, "Why am I on the floor?" he repeated, eyes flickering around in confusion.

I shrugged, though a knowing smile tugged at my lips, "You tell me," I countered. Of course I was going to cover for the twins. That way they could continue with better pranks.

Will groaned and pulled himself up onto the bare matress, leaving the sheets behind in a crumpled mess. And much to my dismay he was wearing his boxers- only his boxers. My eyes lingered on his bare chest for a split second before I turned away in annoyance.

"Eh, w- would you just get dressed already?" I snapped, hurriedly leaving his room before I saw anything I didn't need to see. The teenage girl side of my brain was in frenzy mode as it fawned over the well sculptured abs that rested beneath his tan skin. The much smarter, stronger, and more reasonable side of my brain slapped the teenage girl within me and blocked out the image of Will. Don't even go there, it growled in my head.

I was now leaning against the wall beside his doorway, waiting for him to get dressed.

"Why are you up so early?" he called, "And, more importantly, why am I up so early?"

I rolled my eyes, "First off, 8:00 is not early. Secondly, my mother ordered me to bring you along today while I do my chores."

"8:00 is very early, just so you know, and I'm really not into the whole chore thing so I would be fine if you just left me alone for the day," he replied, though I did hear him moving around the room which meant that he was getting ready.

"I wasn't asking you to come," I answered simply. I paused before adding, "And might I suggest wearing jeans today?"

With that said, Will remained silent. Three minutes later, he emerged from his room, and to my greatest relief, he did, indeed, own a pair of jeans. Still, I could tell they were expensive; possibly designer. Unfortunately, the New York Mets hat was still placed on his head backwards, covering most of his dirty blond hair, and the shiny Nike shoes were still on his feet. They wouldn't last long; just like him.


"So how long will this take?" Will asked as we traveled down the steps of my front porch.

I shook my head and resisted the urge to snap at him again. There was one word for this boy; lazy.

"Pretty much all day," I answered honestly.

Will paused mid-yawn, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me," I replied without looking at him.

This silenced the city boy, much to my relief, and I continued the trek to my first stop; the barn. My summer days consisted of a constant schedule: wake up, chores, chores, chores, eat, sleep. Which is why I valued the weekends when my parents allowed me to do whatever I want. I didn't mind chores, since it was what kept the farm going. Without my brothers and I working, the farm would fall apart in one day.

I unlatched the barn door and entered with a smile on my face. Taking care of the animals was my favorite part of the day, even if it involved shoveling poop. "Watch where you step with those shoes," I called back to Will as he followed me into the barn.

"It smells like shit in here," I heard him mutter under his breath.

A long sigh escaped my lips and I turned around to face him. I let my long glare do the talking, and Will seemed to take the hint immediately.

"No cursing, huh?" he questioned. When I gave a nod, he chuckled, looking somewhat amused. He acted as if he knew something I didn't.

"What?" I demanded.


Ignoring his irritating antics, I set to work in my usual routine. First, I headed to Blue's stall and he winnied happily when I came into view. As I tossed a fresh block of hay into his stall, he stomped the ground appreciatively and set to work devouring his food. I continued making my way throughout the barn, feeding each animal as I went. We owned four horses, including Blue. While I loved them all, Blue has always been my horse, ever since I was a young girl. The rest of the barn consisted of five milking cows, three pigs, and a chicken pen.

By the time I reached the chickens, I had almost forgotten about Will; if it weren't for a strange pinging noise to alert me of his presence. I turned to find him leaning against a pile of hay and staring down at an IPhone. Lazy little...

"Do you have to play with your phone while I'm working?" I called as I lifted a sack of chicken feed from the ground.

I expected him to come up with some kind of witty remark, or maybe even just laugh at me. What I didn't expect was for him to shove the IPhone into his pocket and look away from me without uttering a word. Which is exactly what he did.

I was taken aback by his strange behavior, but didn't question it. Maybe I had finally set him in his place with my constant nagging. With a shrug, I began to toss the chicken feed into the pen, causing the birds to go nuts over the food.

With all of the animals fed and the barn tidied up, I decided I could leave the poop shoveling for later. I was ready to get some fresh air out in the garden.

"Hey, you coming?" I called from the barn door.

Will nodded, but kept his blue eyes cast on the ground as he followed me out of the barn. I began to wonder why my words had silenced him all of the sudden; I mean, I wasn't that intimidating or anything.

We walked in silence down the path to the garden. It was a beautiful walk, in my opinion, with large oak trees shading the pathway and flowers in full bloom all around us. Will didn't seem impressed though, because when I looked at him, he was still staring at the ground with his sharp jaw bone clenched.

"I'm sorry if I said something that upset you," I managed, though there was a tinge of annoyance in my voice.

Will glanced at me, shook his head, and continued his sullen act.

"Just tell me what I said-"

"It wasn't anything you said, alright?" he inturrupted. His eyes were now locked with mine, and I could see the trouble within their blue depths.

"Okay," I murmured quietly, dropping the subject. There was something about the way he said it, combined with the look in his eyes, that was just plain intimidating. I usually wasn't one to keep quiet, but somehow Will managed to shut me up.

When we reached the garden, the silence continued for quite a while as I started to pick weeds around the vegatables. I was on my hands and knees, reaching for a particularly large weed next to the carrot patches when he finally spoke up.

"So who's Dale?" he called to me from where he was seated in the dirt, messing with a piece of grass.

I glanced up in surprise. What? "How do you know Dale?" I asked curiously.

He looked up from the piece of grass and wiped some sweat off of his forehead before responding, "One of your brothers mentioned that he threw you in the mud yesterday,"

I briefly recalled Benny asking me about Dale and let out a short laugh, "Dale's my friend," I replied.

Will seemed skeptical, "Why would your friend throw you in the mud?"

"Well, I kinda pushed him first. But that's besides the point; it was fun," I explained.

By the look on his face, I could tell city boy didn't think mud fights were fun, "Is he your boyfriend?"

That was unexpected. I could feel my face flushing as I shook my head, "No. Why would you think that?" I asked, quickly returning to the weeds.

"You just speak highly of him," Will said, and I could see him shruging in my peripheral vision.

While Dale was my best friend, there was never anything romantic between us. Well...he had tried at one point, but I rejected him. Yes, I felt bad, but I just didn't feel that way about him. He got over it pretty quickly, to my relief.

By the time I had finally finished weeding, I was basically drenched in sweat from the summer heat. I attempted to wipe the sweat on my forehead away with the sleeve of my t-shirt, but it too was damp. Sighing, I gave up and wandered back over to Will to find him sprawled on his back with his arms shading his face from the sun. I wouldn't be surprised if he fell back asleep.

"Do you do this every day?" he mumbled. Hmm, so he managed to stay awake for more than two hours.

"Yeah. Well, I get the weekends off," I answered, sitting across from him.

Will propped himself up on his elbows so he could look at me, "Don't you ever get tired of it?"

I shrugged, "Sometimes. But it has to be done,"

He nodded, though he still seemed skeptical over the idea of doing the same chores all day every day, "So, what do you do on the weekends?"

"I usually hang out with Dale," I said, picking at the grass in front of me.

"What about your other friends?"

"Well, there's not many people around here,"

"So you don't have any other friends?"

"I didn't say that," I responded defensively. He still waited for an answer, so I added, "There are only about 50 people in my highschool. Most of which I don't like to hang out with."

Will nodded slowly, as if trying to understand my way of life, "Aren't there any girls you hang out with?"

I shrugged, "Not really,"

"That explains a lot," Will said as he rose from the ground and brushed the dirt off of his jeans.

My defensive side immediately kicked in, and I too stood up, "What do you mean by that?" I demanded.

Will shrugged sheepishly, "It's's easy to tell that you hang around guys all of the time," he explained.

I narrowed my eyes dangerously, "So you're telling me that I act like a guy?"

"Well...if you put it that way, yeah," Will replied, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

The nerve this guy had! I was seconds away from clawing at his pretty little face when Benny's familiar voice sounded from behind me.

"Shay, ma says to head back to the house for lunch..." he trailed off as he noticed the threatening look in my eyes, "Y'all okay?" he asked.

"Just fine," I snapped, shoving past city boy and heading toward my house. As I started down the path, I could still hear the two talking.

"I've never seen her that pissed off," Benny was telling Will, "She must really hate you, man,"

I heard Will's voice mutter something in response, but I couldn't make out the words over the sound of my stomping boots. I didn't want to know, anyway. Whatever his reply was, it was probably insulting and idiotic.


The rest of the day passed quickly, since I managed to avoid Will for the most part. At lunch, my mother had told him to spend the rest of the day unpacking, which I was very happy about. That meant that I could continue on with my chores without dealing with the jerk.

It wasn't until I was lying in bed that night that I actually began to think about the strange, and rather confusing, morning. After a long while of staring at the roof and trying to fall asleep, I came to the conclusion that Will had at least five different personalities.

The first and most prominant of the five was his humorous, sarcastic, and arrogant side. It seemed like he acted this way most often, and to me, it was absolutely irritating. I mean, I admit that I fire back my own remarks, but he always started it.

Another obvious trait of the city boy was his laziness. Not only did he complain about getting up early, but he did not once offer to help me with anything. I don't think he's ever actually worked in his life. I bet his mommy and daddy handed him everything in life.

With a sigh, I rolled over in my bed and pulled the sheets over my head in aggravation. I just couldn't seem to sleep. And as the seconds ticked by, my thoughts returned to Will.

While the first two were obvious, the next trait on my list was a complete surprise. Somewhere, somehow, deep inside of him, Will had a sensitive bone in his body. That look in his eyes and the silence; it was obvious that something had struck a cord within him. I wasn't sure what had happened, but it somehow managed to silence him.

I yanked my pillow over my head forcefully, hoping that it would help me drift to sleep, but yet another thought entered my mind. Believe it or not, Will had an intimidating aura about him. I wasn't sure what it was, but there were moments when those blue eyes became too much to handle.

Why in the world are you thinking about this idiot? Go to sleep, The reasonable side of my brain demanded. I wanted to listen to it, tried to, but of course there was one more thing my mind had to cover; his confidence. At first, I knew that he was just being cocky and arrogant. But when I recalled our heated discussion in the garden when he questioned me about Dale and my lack of friends, I realized he had an overwhelming amount of confidence. He wasn't afraid to ask me about anything.

Finally, with my mind free of lingering thoughts, I could feel myself drifting to sleep. But even with my head buried in pillows and my eyes squeezed shut, one final thought managed to enter my mind: Why do I keep thinking about Will?

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