Ginger notes wrapped around the girl sitting taught at the piano's shiny black wood. Her back was straight as ever, and her long, graceful fingers touched each key with gentle ease. She let the music flow out of her like liquid silver as she poured her heart and soul into her impromptu playing. She looked straight ahead at the wall lined with pictures of their little family instead of at her fingers, and her lock of sweet golden brown hair loosely swayed between her shoulders and chin as she carefully bobbed her head to the slow beat of her song. With each pause she took, she drew in a quick breath, her eyes gradually closing, and her still house grew more silent.

Each note took an invisible load off her shoulders. She fought to hold on to her steely gaze, but it slipped and clattered to the floor. She inhaled and her eyes opened, green and glittering, a drop rolled down her cheek and dripped onto the paper folded into thirds on her lap. She looked down at it not missing a beat on the grand piano and the black pen ink had blurred. She felt a wave over her, as if she was trapped like a robot designed to do what everyone wants her to do.

The brunette stifled a gasp, and like that, she felt safe again. She began to cry, smearing the soaked black ink over her navy blue pleated mini skirt. She let the swollen words wash away like rain on the pavement. With each drop, she imagined the words lost forever.

"...Always loved you"

"...Felt alone"

"This was how it was meant to be."

"I'll miss you the most."

"I'm sorry."