What's So Great?

What's so great about being an adult?

I just don't understand it

I used to dream of being older

To drive

To drink

To fall in love

But it's amazing how much things change

Now I'm terrified of growing up

It's impossible for me to drive because of anxiety

I absolutely hate alcohol

And I don't even believe in love anymore

So please tell me

Because I need some faith if I'm going to hold on a little longer

What's so great about being an adult?

As a kid you're happier

The most work you have to do is clean your room

You can play all day

And to think I wasted my childhood years willing myself to be older

It is my greatest regret

Many don't even realize the mistake they've made

At least not until their old enough to understand that life doesn't get better

And it doesn't, that's for sure

With age come bitterness, loneliness, and sickness

So please tell me

What's so great about being an adult?

It's not like there's some profound ceremony that marks adulthood

You just wake up and realized the inevitable

That you have no choice

That you have to become an adult

But to tell you the truth

I'd much rather die as a kid

Than live as an adult

And I don't see anything wrong with that

A poem about not wanting to grow up. Hope someone likes it.