Eyes lock

Lips meet

My mind is in shock,

But it doesn't retreat

A breath of fresh air

Eau de you

Without care

The passion grew

We pull away, "I love you," I say

You think you've made a mistake

But it wasn't, no way!

That wasn't something you can fake

I let you know it's okay

You believed it too

So with you I did stay

Taking in all of you

You stuck around

I thought we were beautiful

This love I finally had found

Could only be described as wonderful

All was well,

and you stayed true

I couldn't tell

But you knew.

Still a mistake

A blunder, no less

For God's sake,

This is a mess!

I'm too "young"

You're too "old"

The world sung,

"This story can't be told"

Mistakes are meant to be mended

Thats what I'll do

Our story won't be ended,

but instead made new