Love, like a faded star,

Finding solace in the arms of a dream

Where wraiths of summer's joy remain

To haunt the passing days.

Like a burning furnace

Carrying within it a heart

So brilliant and white

Clasping the ordinary world,

Fearing to let go of mortal fantasies.

Like a vivid wanderlust

Blooming quickly in the tender heart of one

But soon stealing softly into the dreams of another. 


Like a fair damsel

Whose heart bears only sorrow 

Should wither as soon as she bloomed

Leaving only golden memories 

Of sojourn among the slender birches 

Beneath the sunset and the promise 

Of moonlight and magic; 

But the moon did not arise, 

And the magic was faded, 

Leaving the lovers to bemoan their shattered dream. 


Like a lost child

A memory searing in the soul of its mother 

Who endured the pain and the sorrow 

For a taste of the sweetness of the simple things; 

The silvery, faerie voice calling tenderly 

But fading at last into the dawn 

Of another bittersweet day, 

Doomed to be banished to a graveyard 

Buried amongst perfect happiness and joy.   

And so this cruel desire has fallen upon me

And I call to the forgotten love 

Who once knew me so well 

But to deceive this young heart, 

Ah! 'tis too bitter to be thought of...