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Chapter Two


Ahh… let's see what happened these past few hours of the day…

I woke up from a really weird – and creepy – dream and I just can't get it off of my mind. I mean, seriously, the rhymes remind me of some sort of save-the-world-prophecy-and-all-that-shit. Who am I? Percy Jackson?

I ate an awesome breakfast – which is more than just awesome. It's AWESOME! With the capital A and W and… you know what I mean!

And of course,

We had a new student – who is, by the way, the creepiest, weirdest, and most handsome weirded-out shish kebab – a VERY handsome and Adonisy shish kebab, if I may add – ever!

This Thomason dude is seriously giving me the creeps. He looks at me wherever I go like I'm some sort of stray animal that's on probation – oh wait, that's the school bully.

Anyway, I've been trying to avoid him but no matter what I do, there's always this weird pull thing – a force, I guess? Whoa, I'm getting scientific! – that I keep getting. The more I tend to avoid him, the harder the pull – and I'm not liking one bit of it.

Right now, I am listening – *cough* trying to *cough* – to the teacher and his usual brain wrecking rants on lessons that I'm not so sure you could use in college. As the bell rang, I hurriedly packed my stuff and dashed to by bike.

People crowded on the parking space of the bikes. I squeezed my way in and got my bike. Since I am a descendant of very clumsy people, I tripped and fell with my bike on top of me. I struggled but then someone was stepping on my damn bike!

"Hey, you okay?" a voice asked. I looked up and saw that Thomason dude – wait, is he glowing? Man, I need some sort of spotlight for that! How natural! Damn him – holding out his hand for me. Hesitant, I grabbed his hand and he helped me up.

"Thanks," I muttered as I wiped off dirt – if there was any – from my jeans. He smirked and the crowd dispersed a bit. I looked around and saw the girls staring – well, gaping and drooling in awe – at him.

I rolled my eyes at those hopeless girls and looked in front of me. The Thomason dude held my hand and kissed the back of it – wait, WHAT?

I gaped at the god in front of me, and I probably looked like a fish. As he lets go of my hand, he looks at me and winks. I blushed furiously and slapped myself. I faced him.

"What the heck was putting your saliva on the back of my hand for?" I asked.
"I was merely being polite," he said. I sighed and did that waving thing that stands for 'whatever'. I walked back to my bike and went back home, not looking back because if I meet his eyes, I would probably be captivated.

I got home and saw my parents talking with two people dressed in formal attire. Whoa, are they rich? Bah, who cares?

I went inside and smiled at the visitors. The woman – probably in her thirties. Gosh she's really pretty! – beamed at me. The man beside her – I think he's also in his thirties. Damn, even he's gorgeous! What is it today? Meet-and-greet with the replicas of the gods from Greece? Hey! That rhymed… right? – smiled at me.

There's something bothering me, though. It's like I've seen them before… whatever!

"Hello dear. You must be Rosalinda, right?" the woman said in probably the most beautiful voice I've ever heard! I nodded and walked to the staircase. As I was about to take my first step, my mom stopped me.

"Rose, sit down with us for a while," she suggested. I turned and nodded warily as I took my place across the beautiful couple – they're a couple, right? – and wondered why they want me to join them.

"Rose, have you noticed sometimes why you don't look like us?" my mom asked. I haven't really thought of that but I looked at both of my parents' features. My dad has brown hair and brown eyes with thin lips. My mom has blonde hair and green eyes with thin lips as well. Not to mention, they're both pretty tall. I opened my bag and got my mirror. I checked my reflection and saw how right they were.

I had pale, porcelain skin, whereas they have tan. I got doll-like eyes, while they have small eyes. They have a bigger nose than I do – but not so big! I have bow shaped lips, while they don't.

I looked at them and saw the fear in their eyes – but it's not the kind of fear that a little girl would have if she was scared. It was like… they're afraid of losing something, or someone. I looked at them for a long time and opened my mouth after what seemed like decades.

"Am I adopted?" I whispered enough for them to hear. My dad cleared his throat.

"Rose, these are Angela and William Beaumont-" I cut him off.
"Answer my question, first! Am I adop-?" he cut me off.
"Your real parents," he said, emphasizing the 'real'. I narrowed my eyes at Angela and William, my real parents? You have got to be kidding me!

"Right, and I'm from Mars! Dad, don't make up any of this damned bull!" I complained.
"But I'm not making up any of this so called 'damned bull'," he said, putting quotation marks on the 'damned bull' part.

"Why are you just telling me this now? Why not before? Heck, why did they give me away to you?" I yelled. I was on the verge of tears.

"Sweetie, they had some troubles before, so they told us to take care of you until they fix it," my mom explained.
"But that doesn't explain why you had to keep this from me for how long? Sixteen years? Sixteen damn years of not knowing who my real parents are? Sixteen goddamn years of living in this… lie?" I yelled as my tears rolled down my cheeks.

"We didn't want you to keep thinking about who your real parents were in your childhood. We didn't want you to worry. We just wanted you to be free," she added. I shook my head.

"All these years, you didn't love me at all! You just did that for the sake of taking care of me!" I yelled as I felt a powerful energy was shot through my veins. My mom shook her head.

"That's not true Rose!" she said.
"You expect me to believe you after the lies you fed me?" I yelled. I felt wind of anger inside our house. I shrieked in anger as the wind became stronger. I think I also heard the front door open…

Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm. I struggled from the grip of the stranger. The wind became stronger. I was pulled into an embrace then a wave of calmness went through me. The winds died down.

"It's alright, let it out," a familiar soothing voice whispered to my ear, and I followed. I cried in the arms of a stranger.

After a long time, I let go of the stranger as I felt dizzy. The last image I saw was the Thomason guy pressing his lips on my forehead as darkness consumed my conscience.

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