This story is based on the song 'Wooden Boat' written by Take That. It is a beautiful song and no-one but Jason could have sung it so well.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, so don't sue me!

Wooden Boat

My earliest memory is one of me sitting with my father on our little wooden boat that we owned. I was a little boy at the time. A little boy of about four. My father had decided to take me fishing to show me what it was like. We sat there for hours in the cold waiting to see if we would catch anything that day. I remember my father telling me: 'Patience is a virtue 'til we die'. I waited with him for a few more hours remembering what my father had told me. Then, all of a sudden, I saw a ripple in the water. Being patient had paid off and ever since then I knew that good things come to those who wait.

The next big thing that really happened to me was when I learned how to drive. My father had taken me out for lessons before hand until both he and my mother had told me that I was finally ready to take my test. I had passed with flying colours. However, I never owned my own car until I was older and had left home. So one day I stole my mother's keys and drove all night. I was on my way to see a girl – a beautiful girl called Christine who I was madly in love with. I drove and waited, but she never showed. By the time it had reached four in the morning, she still hadn't showed. So I started up mum's car and drove home again.

Then came the biggest day of my life. The day Christine and I married. My beautiful Christine was finally mine. We never left each other's side. We had a strong relationship which never faded. We were always like a newly in love couple. Many people thought that were odd, but we were happy. Then only a year after our marriage we had a beautiful baby called who we named Caitlyn. She had her mother's eyes and looks, but Christine had always told me that she was a daddy's girl. From the day she was born she had me wrapped around her little finger and even after all these years that is still the case.

Many years after Christine died and now I'm here alone. She died peacefully and painlessly and I was with her so she wasn't alone. I always wanted to be with her if she ever happened to pass on before me. I would never have let her die alone. She needed to be with someone when she went and I was glad that it was me. I still miss her terribly, even now. She was my one true love and I will never forget her. Now, I sit and think about everything that happened in my life up until now. What I wouldn't give to be on that wooden boat.

Thank you for reading. For any big Take That fans or any other people who happen to know this song, will probably realise that some of the lines are in fact lyrics from the song. If you managed to pick any out then well done.

Thank you again. See you soon!

~Markie xx