The five year old Zachary took a bite out of his stale bread the other Zachary's were talking about the battles that lied ahead but the five year old didn't care for he believed the original Zachary would protect him. And if was too fall then it was his time the five year old Zachary using his basic training instincts grabbing his short sword and tower shield that was far larger than him he hacked weakly at the dummy hardly affecting it. "Let me show you" said a twelve year old Zachary the fact that a Zachary much older than him was going to teach him how to fight was odd to the five year old. Every Zachary that was of the age of five through ten were deemed expendable and they were armed with the most basic equipment however the five year old saw some Zachary's his age wearing scavenged chain mail and other had some understanding of tanning and wore rough leather guards to protect their legs. However each Zachary was armed with cloth armor and leather helm and carried a pike, sword, and other weapons and a tower shield the twelve year old Zachary hacked at the dummy with ease each strike cutting through the thick layers of hay "you think I'll make" the five year Zachary said worried "you'll do fine". The twelve year old Zachary said with the presentation of how to fight over the twelve retired to his tent the five year old Zachary walked around the encampment humming tunelessly however it was time to rest the five year old Zachary woke up too screams as he rushed out of the tent. And the sight was horrific he rushed into the fray however the enemy he saw was frightening it was an anti-leaf he though how that was possible after the vanishing of the leaves the anti-leaves followed saying a quick prayer to the original Zachary he attacked a younger anti leaf about his age it was a blood leaf which earned her name as her hair and eyes were blood red. The five year old used a common five year old tactic bash stagger then stab and the five year old Zachary did just that hitting the blood leaf in the face with his tower shield she backed away staggered wasting no time he stabbed her in the gut realizing that her wound was fatal he ran to other targets. He saw two seven year olds fighting a much older anti-leaf. "We could use a hand here" they shouted to the five year old Zachary he ran quickly to there " You think you god will protect you now" the Grey Leaf said with a wicked smile. However the taunt had no effect as the two seven year olds and the five year old Zachary's worked together and overwhelmed the older Grey Leaf the five year old sending his sword went straight through her throat she tried covering the wound however the two seven year old Zachary's then drove the pikes through her stomach killing her instantly. The battle was in their favor as they were successfully driving back the five year old smiled as the battle was going well suddenly he felt a pain in his side as he fell to the ground. Watching the final moments of the battle he fell on his looking at the endless stars. "It's a beautiful night to die" the five year old Zachary said coughing up blood. It was morning and the Zachary's were checking the wounded and dead the twelve year old Zachary was one of the Zachary that had to check the five through ten year old Zachary's suddenly he saw the five year old Zachary he taught to defend himself he respectfully closed his eyes "He would made a good fodder".