The subtle hint of a smile

Not sure whether to laugh or cry

I bite my lip and look away

My cheeks are burning

The flush is spreading across my chest

As I lay naked beside you

You pull me closer and kiss my neck

I shiver when our skin meets

The warmth of your body chills me

And as you turn my face to yours

I close my eyes quickly

You groan quietly and kiss my eyelids

"Don't by shy, sweetheart."

As if you don't know I can't help it

I open my eyes reluctantly

Only to see your grin

My cheeks blaze even more

And the fire spreads across my entire body

Your smile widens ever more

As I pull you down to me

And kiss your lips

Oh so softly I kiss you

You slide your hand across my belly

Along my ribs

Past my breasts to my neck

And you gently trace my face

I feel myself caving in to you

Caving in to your seduction

With your hands tracing my body

Setting my blood on fire

Awakening feelings I've never felt before

I'm losing myself in this ocean of feelings

I'm spiraling out of control

I feel like I'm drowning in the flames of my desire

It's like I'm high on your touch,

Drunk on your taste

Your seduction costs a high price

I am paying with my heart

It's worth this night, this moment in time

And I know it won't last, but that's okay

Your kiss is worth the risk