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Writers Notes:
Thanks for reading my story Somni, please leave a review if you have the time. I take all reviews seriously and am happy to edit the story to fit with peoples suggestions (although not the content, but the grammar, etc.)

After Word: Well, I thought it was important to explain a few things before the story continues, this after word is only temporary until I go back and edit the chapters sometime in the next couple of weeks.
It has been mentioned that the characters sometimes lack a little in terms of emotions or personality. The chief being that Val doesn't seem as frightened as people would expect because she woke up in an unknown place, but I think if we consider that Val has no memory of any other place to compare this with, she's not going to be as frightened as we may be in this situation. Instead I believe she would be more interested in what there was around her and finding out as much information as possible.
When it comes to the characters personalities, you may wish to read the second chapter where you will find that their personalities become more defined. The characters are starting basically as blank canvas', they all have identical experiences and memories so they're not going to be that different other than in the way their mind thinks, that's why these characters are very similar, but after events begin to occur, their personalities begin to take form, each depending on how their mind handles the situation.

Another important thing, if you have not read my profile, I thought I'd point out that the name "Baird" being the same as my pen-name has no actual relevance, it is simply because I liked the name and the character Baird is of no link to myself, nor does the name being the same have anything to do with the story.

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys will follow my story for future chapters, please check back to this page at the release of each new chapter as I shall list all new edits here for older chapters. I hope you enjoyed the story so far.