Alone in the small meadow, a brown eyed girl lies motionless in a pool of shifting green, her long robes dancing in the slight wind which pulls teasingly on her nutty locks. The autumn leaves gently caress her satin skin as they float by and the sunlight rests upon her face, causing it to glow in angelic radiance. All is peaceful and serene, as though time itself has frozen this picture, preserving the tranquillity, but like all good things, this soon comes to an end…

The sound of a large body crashing through the dense foliage brings the girl to her feet, staring quizzically in the direction of the disturbance, more curious than fearful of this oncoming encounter. As the sound draws closer, her body shifts and the slim shaft of her red-wood staff tilts slightly towards the trees. A moment passes…

Finally, the branches that ring the clearing are pushed aside and a young man clad in armour all but falls into the open space, it is clear that he is running away from something. Without a sound, the girl walks forward, her feet making seemingly no impact on the emerald carpet, in contrast, the other is almost deafening with his floundering movements as he staggers forward like a drunkard, his face is deathly pale.

When he reaches the girl, he stumbles to a halt, nearly crashing into her slight frame and causing her to take a few steps back. From over his shoulder, she sees the man's assailant enter the space and the confusion on her face grows all the more pronounced when she sees the source of this man's distress. There, walking slowly forwards on all fours was the least threatening animal that the girl could possibly have thought of. Without hesitation, she stalks forward and scoops the ball of fur into her arms where it seems to remain quite happily, before turning back to the man who was already begun to back away. Before she can even take one step back towards him, the warrior shouts out a warning;

"Stay away from me with that, that… thing!"

Before she even thinks about it, the girl is speaking in a soft voice that can't quite manage to hide the humour that can be seen shining in her caramel eyes;

"Why? Its only a monkey!"