Chapter 13

For the next few weeks, I basically just tried to avoid Orchid, but it was kind of hard, since, whenever I tried to go somewhere alone to think, he would decide to use the party teleport to come to me as he got sick of being left alone to baby sit the other members of the team… but then again, who wouldn't? It is a continuous barrage of complaints and childish whining about one another!

In the end, I stopped going on the game completely just to get away from it all, though I guess you could just call that running away like a coward. Whichever way suits you best really. The only problem with this is that, now, I had no way of actually venting out my stress from being the centre of attention at school… something I still was not too happy about might I add!

My friend Melody, on the other hand, seemed to find this highly amusing, but why am I not surprised? I swear that she is a sadist, but she does have her moments… very, very occasionally though, like, once in a blue moon? Not even that? Needless to say, this was not one of those times.

"Hey, you look like you're gonna snap soon, tell me when and I will go watch, that explosion is always a good show, so long as your not on the receiving end that is!"

Oh great, you lose your temper all of one time and you friends make sure you remember it for the rest of your life, especially when, at that said time, you were so annoyed that you decided to break things… but still, my life is stressful!

"Shove off Mel, what I do is my business, I would have thought that you would get that by now, or do you want a slap in the face to reinforce the lesson?"

Okay, I may have said that I was shy before, and in front of a large crown, I am. However, my close friends (all of the 2 of them to be precise) will tell you that I am actually quite a violent person… when I want to be. To most people, a threat is bad manners and often acts as a deterrent; however, I am beginning to think that Melody is in no way, like a normal person!

"Ooooh, I knew it, you're pissed! Who's gone and done it this time? Or is it just that stressful being the centre of attention for a change? You know most people would give their own 2 legs just to get a CHANCE of being in you situation and yet you…"

That was it, I had had enough, without waiting for her to finish her sentence, I stormed off towards the bus stop where I might actually find some piece and quiet. Most people that attend Eden high school lived near by and so they walked to and from school, I was one of the few exceptions.

I had just about reached the sheltered waiting area, where I could see about 3 other people, when I felt something solid plough into my side, nearly knocking me off of my feet, nearly!

"Hey, watch where the hell ya going, you retarded or sumthin'?"

From the use of language, I knew who it was straight away, there were only 2 people at this school that spoken in the north country dialect and out of those, only 1 of them was a girl. Erika Lleven, the schools resident bully, best to just ignore her and walk off. Thankfully she seemed to be busy today and didn't follow me.

To make matters worse, the skies that had been stormy looking all day, but had refused to let the water down, suddenly decided that now would be a good time for a down pour and, thanks to my run in with little miss bull dozer, all the room in the shelter is gone and I have to stand out and get a shower, why oh why did I not bring an umbrella?

The bus is late by about 15 minutes so I get thoroughly drenched before I am finally able to get out of the rain and onto the stupid metal contraption. Of course, as we were near the end of the bus route, there were no empty seats apart from the one next to a boy who was in the middle of an argument with another about… you guessed it Millenia World!

Ignoring them became more and more difficult as their conversation got louder and more heated, in the end, I got off of the buss, 3 stops early just to get away from them. Oh well, as soon as I get home, I guess that the dark side of my personality is going to have fun tonight!