Chapter 14

"Ooooh, looks like your tantrums over. You know, you really need to fix that bad habit of yours. If you ever flipped out like that in the middle of the street I don't think that the police would be too happy with you. Not that I care, but I don't think your parents would be to happy about you getting arrested for attempted murder…"

"Shut up Gareth!"

"Oh wow, the toddler can talk"

"Do you want me to hit you?"

"Waaaah your soooo scary!"

As soon as I had reached home, I had dumped my bag and gone right through to the gym my parents had built up in the shed outside while my dad had still been in one of his fitness crazes. As it was, I was the only one that had actually used this thing, but it had come in very handy now, for the last hour since I had returned home, I had been in here slamming my fists into the sandbag repeatedly. Thankfully, both my parents had been at work, so no one had been around to question my mood or intentions, but unfortunately for me, today was one of the rare occasions that Gareth was going to eat dinner with my family. He had arrived about 10 minutes ago but had only decided to make his presence felt after I had calmed down. Wise of him!

"You should be scared, I could break your neck with one hand you overgrown ape!"

That threat was pure hyperbole with no weight behind it. It was just a challenge, and he knew that.

"Oh? Is that a challenge?"

Without a seconds warning, he suddenly sprung at me and we both ended up rolling around on the floor, play fighting and breathless with laughter. We were still like this when mum came to call us for dinner. Something that seemed to shock her witch, of course, made us laugh harder.

It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed that night that I realised that Gareth, my elder brother for al intents and purposes, had actually managed to do something that I had thought impossible… Cheer me up! Because if my new found good mood, I decided that now was probably a good time for me to log back in after my er… extended holiday from the game.

I was hoping to get to meet up with Maria, the least extreme person in our group, before going to the others and apologising so that I would have at least one ally against Rose's explosive attacks, but luck was really not on my side today… or maybe it was, I've been finding it hard to tell whether or not my luck is a curse lately. Anyway, call it what you want, but the only member of our team actually online at the moment was Orchid –cries- why him?

Still, nothing was going to be accomplished by acting like a coward so, gathering up what was left of my shattered courage, I went straight to him, admittedly I was hoping that he was going to log off soon, but still, I was proud of myself for facing my fears. However, when I first arrived, I could have sword that there was a glitch in the program. Orchid normally had long golden hair that could been seen poking out of his hood, and even though you couldn't really see his face, you could tell that he was smiling most of the time, and even though he did look slightly… terrifying in his black cloak and hunting boots, he never gave off such a murderous aura.

The thing that was most surprising thing of all however, was not the glare, the glint of red eyes in the shadows or even the blood that completely soaked him, it was the destruction all around the crater in which he stood. Who ever it was, this was not the sweet tempered dawn orchid that would cry from the small bite of one of sugars teeth as he lunged for candy, this guy was a demon… and he was looking at me!

Quickly as I could, I attempted to flee from that place without making a sound, but, as I said, he had already noticed me and man he was fast. Before I could take more than a few steps into the surrounding woods, I felt some strong arms slip around my waist, stopping me from escaping. At this point, although I guess I should have been scared, the touch of his arms on my bear skin sent shivers down my spine, and before I knew it, I had turned round to look him squarely in the face, no fear in me at all.

Due to the speed of his movement, Orchid's hood had fallen back and I could actually see his face, but that was a view I only had for a second before his lips met mine with such force that I had to respond in kind. This went on for so long that I wondered when it was going to end, but right as I was running out of breath, he collapsed into my arms asleep. Looking at him then as his face relaxed and his breathing deepened, instead of wondering what the hell was going on, like any normal person would have, I realised 3 things instead:

Orchid had a really girly face

I was a sucker for a man with feminine features

I really did like Orchid a little too much… why the hell did I let hi kiss me like that?

As I thought this, he began to stir in my arms and my face went bright red. Now this was going to be an awkward conversation!