Sometimes, I would like to say

That I've had it since I was ten

An awkward age, my body had changed

But not for all of my friends

Five years of discomfort, self- conscious, and pain

Plagued by depression and no longer sane

'You are pretty,' my mother said

'This image is all in your head'

At age fifteen, I took my hand,

And thrust it down my small throat

A half hour later and watery eyes

Brought me a method I dote

But it is grotesque and full of risk,

My ways I've got to change

This disorder is vicious and

Others I know would think me very strange

Momma was right, this in not very healthy

And the opinion I've got is mine

Exercise and reasonable foods,

To my body would be benign

Soon, my body will experience many a blunder

Until I am six feet under

Maybe that day will never come

And I'll have the courage to quit

I can gather my strength and climb my way

Out of this bottomless pit.