Faluin sat by himself at a lonely table, his body welcoming the warmth of the tavern. After four days of travelling through snow and ice-cold rain, he was in heaven. And of course, in heaven they served ale for cheap, and good food for travelers like himself.

At the moment, a busty barmaid was refilling his mug with ale, somehow managing not to spill or overfill it while giving him flirtatious looks with seductive blue eyes. But he was too lost in thought to notice, so she scowled and left to go back to the bar.

He was visualizing the map in his mind, the one that had been stolen from him on the way over. He would eventually buy a new one, but for the moment his memory was enough.

Take Wayfarer's Road Southward, for about three days. So, if I get a horse, I should be able to cut that time in half. That should give me plenty of time to spend at Glamour Reach before the blizzards hit. Perfect. His thought were interrupted by a loud yell that echoed through the tavern, and all eyes were trained on something across the room from him.

He turned to see that the yell had come from a burly-looking man, with black hair and burning red eyes. A demon? A warlock? He thought, brow furrowed as he watched the man pull back his fist, looking as if he was going to punch the person in front of him. Faluin's breath caught and his eyebrows shot up to his hairline when he saw who the man was getting ready to punch.

In front of the bear of a man was a girl, looking about seventeen years old, with dark red hair and dark eyes. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, and even then it almost reached her waist. It waved back and forth as she shook her head, and it took Faluin only a moment to register that she was speaking, but very softly. Others probably wouldn't be able to hear her, but his Elven ears were very sensitive. He didn't even realize that his long, pointed ears were turned forward, so that they now stuck almost straight out to the sides, tuning into the girl's voice.

"...that would not be wise to do, now would it? Because you know, of course, of my...abilities..." She was saying in a voice that implied she was trying to remain inconspicuous, while the man didn't seem to care if he made a scene.

Faluin finally tore his gaze from the girl and then noticed that while most of the people in the tavern were looking at the man and the girl, a good number of eyes were trained on him. He blushed, and his ears flattened against the sides of his head. He quickly untucked the short hair above his ears so that it partially covered them, and made a mental note to be more aware of both what his ears were doing, and how many people were staring because of it.

He turned back to see what the man had done, but found that he wasn't there. The girl had retired to a table in the corner, shoulders hunched as she whispered something to another girl, this one with short, dull brown hair, dark skin, and dull copper eyes.

He tried his best to ignore them, smiling at the barmaid when she brought him a bowl of soup and a piece of bread, but as he began to eat, he couldn't help but overhear bits of the conversation between the two girls.

"...aren't allowed to hurt the sister..." The redhead whispered in an irritated tone. The other said something in return but it was lost to the murmur of the tavern, and Faluin just barely caught the next thing the redhead said.

"That's why I'm an assassin in the first place, though!"

He knew he should stop now, and just focus on his route to Glamour Reach, and where he planned to go after that. He knew he should just mind his own business, but his ears worked of their own accord, catching more of the conversation. Something about a guy they were trying to kill, but they were supposed to get the sister alive, or something close to that. He really only got what seemed to be the gist of it.

He had finished his soup and bread soon, and knew he should probably be on his way. When he looked back over to the table in the corner, he saw that the dull-eyed girl had left, and the redhead was by herself now. What startled him, though, was that she was staring right at him.

He quickly looked away, pretending to rummage through his satchel for something. Out of the very farthest corner of his eye, he could see the girl smirk before getting to her feet. He only then noticed what she was wearing: A black leather corset, black trousers, black leather boots, black fingerless gloves, and a black cape attached to the neckline of the corset and fell to about her mid-calf. It was an odd getup, but he didn't think much of it. After all, she was an assassin, or so she had said, so it made sense that she'd want to dress in darker colors, making her look somewhat more menacing, especially when paired with the large sword swinging by her right hip.

And he probably stood out, anyway, in his bright green shirt and brown trousers, with his quiver on his back and his bow in his lap. Not to mention the eye-catching silver earrings he always wore, small gems attached by thin silver chains that ran up the length of each ear. But other than that, he looked pretty normal. Brown hair, green eyes, tan skin. What would be called usual Wood Elf traits to him were just normal to humans. The ears were what gave him away. Every time.

He stopped false-searching his satchel when he saw her leave. The minute the heavy wooden door had shut behind her, Faluin waved the barmaid over, paid for his meal, and got up to leave. As he stood, he replaced his bow in its usual place on his back - he had been afraid someone would steal it while he ate, which is why he had it in his lap - and headed out.

He shivered immediately when he opened the door, greeted by a harsh wind. He stepped out anyway, though, and looked around. No snow had fallen yet, but it was cold enough that if the Gods wished it, a snowstorm could start at any second. However, snow wasn't what he was looking for.

The girl was no where to be seen.

He blinked, willing any glamour around him to lift. There was none, he was seeing everything that was there. There was the worn path, the trees, the hard-packed soil, and a few stragglers coming nearer to the tavern. He walked down the path, the way he came, for a bit and looked around again. Nothing, no one. He turned back and went the opposite way down the path, passing the seemingly-drunk bunch of men and then looking around again. He even ducked between a few of the trees that lined the path, but there was still no one there.

Whoever the girl was, she was gone.