Sirens: Creatures from Greek mythology that were said to lure sailors to their deaths on rocky shores by their alluring songs.

The seas were unusually calm, he noted as he looked around from his seat in the captain's quarters. An abnormally dense fog had settled over the almost still waters overnight as the crew slept off the fatigue from the intense days of fishing for sword fish before.

Concerned, he exited his quarters and made his way through the narrow ship passageways to the kitchenette to get a cup of mediocre coffee before he started to steer the ship home. He could hear the sounds of his rowdy crew shuffling around in the living area just ahead, and as he stepped in the room, he was greeted by a chorus of grunts and good mornings.

Nodding in return, he grabbed a cup of joe and moved to stare out the window near the sink. The fog seemed to thicken before his very eyes, decreasing the visibility so drastically that the captain reconsidered setting sail, but a quick glance around the room at his exhausted crew made him set on returning home.

Rolling his shoulders, he set down the mug on the beaten up counter before turning to his crew and telling them to suit up and get on deck, ready to set sail in ten minutes. As they scurried to prepare, he headed to he steering room, ready to map out the route home. The ten minutes passed in peace, and the captain settled back into his chair and announced over the intercom that they were ready to leave.

The first hour or so of travel went normally, only made slightly more difficult by the dense fog, but the captain's years of experience allowed for him to navigate safely, albeit slowly. He was carefully examining the compass when one of the crew members called his attention to the water. It was hard to see, but a few miles in front of the ship was a large, looming mountain with what looked like steep cliffs.

Grateful for the crew's observation, he steered the boat so they drove around the sides of the strange island. The captain furrowed his brows and thought about the island. If he recalled correctly, there wasn't supposed to be an island in this path. Intently, he studied the various maps that he had in search of the island, but he found nothing but the markers for sea routes. Confused, he shrugged it off, assuming that it was a newly made island, even if it had been too large to be made quickly enough to not have been noted.

He let out a small sigh and slumped against his chair while staring out the window at the dark smudges that made up the island though the fog. He drifted into his thoughts, being sure to shift he boat occasionally to stay on the right track.

It was during a particularly odd string of thoughts about octopus and apple pie when he registered the faintest of sounds. Straining his ears, he tried to hear more of it. The sound grew louder and louder as he listened intently until it turned into an enchanting song.

The more he listened, the more enraptured he became with the whimsical music. The song graced his ears, fluttering into his eardrums like a flock of butterflies and caressed his senses. It was like church bells ringing and angels singing and the very sound of it lifted his heart with joy.

Snared by the gorgeous music he bore witness to, he stood stock still listening with the intensity of a man being enlightened by the gods. Closing his eyes, he completely immersed himself in the ecstasy of the music and allowed his happiness and contentment to crescendo with the crest of the song.

So bewitched by the unearthly music, he was, that he failed to register the sharp, towering rocks that he steered the ship towards in an attempt to get closer to the source of the song.

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