Prologue :

Okay, so Dr. Carlton is making me write in this journal about my life while I go to this damn outdoor ranch or whatever. What made me turn to drugs, and all that junk. I don't really feel like doing that, but I suppose I'll have to, to amuse my parents. First, I'll start with a summary of what brought me here, and then I'll write in full detail.

I didn't grow up in a dysfunctional family. My parents are great, and I have a little brother that I don't exactly hate, but… you know, could barely stand. Like most girls are with their brothers. In fact, I didn't even go "wrong" until I was thirteen. When I tried crack for the first time. Everyone was doing it, so I figured that I might as well give it a try. What I didn't realize was just how… addictive crack could be. After just one puff, I was totally hooked. And I actually got away with it for almost two years before my parents caught me.

They then sent me to The Charlston Correction Unit where they put me in a cabin with three other girls who'd done something wrong.

There was Ashlyn (but she preferred to go by Ash) North who stole anything she could. A brunette named Pierce Blake who was a sex addict. And finally, there came Kori Clarke who was an alcoholic. Mine was drugs.

Or, at least, that's what I tell everyone.

Look, everyone at CCU had done something bad, so obviously I had to have to. I'll even admit it. I've made some stupid decisions in life-everyone there has. For Ash, it was stealing, for Kori, it was sex. For me… well, truth is is that is a secret.

And I plan to keep it that way.

At least… for as long as I can.

The point of The Charlston Correction Unit was to help "people" like us" use what our skills were for better purposes.

Which was what the four of us did. We used the skills we'd been gifted with… to open a crack fortune telling booth. Ash was the fortune teller, Pierce and I were the background girls that were really only there for looks, and Kori played the fake customer who pretended to be completely psyched about our business.

But, unfortunately, after a few months, the folks found out about that one, too. I suppose that's just what happens when you live with people who always know what you're up to. Or, they at least figure it out sooner or later.

So, now we were being sent out to some out of the way cabin to live with some hill billy family for the summer, where there was no crack, no alcohol, or any kind of electronic device whatsoever. Ugh. Kill. Me. Now.

Chapter 1:

"I can't believe we got in this." Kori groaned, running a hand roughly through her bright red hair.

"I know." Ash groaned, turning away from the mirror which she'd been staring out of for the past three hours. Her long curly blonde hair was pulled up into a slightly bushy ponytail that obstructed my view of the outside. Which actually made me happy, since I didn't really want to see where we were going, "How the hell did those grownups find out about it?"

Kori glared over at her, "I'll tell you why. Someone thought it would be a good idea to invite half the kids from our school." she shot a pointed look at me as she said this.

I sighed and glanced away, "They promised they wouldn't tell."

"Kyle promised he wouldn't tell." Kori flicked her in the head, "You know he never keeps his promises-especially when they're made to you."

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms, stubbornly, "Whatever." I turned my eyes to see that Pierce-the only one who hadn't spoken yet-was completely focused on my braid, "What?"

"Well," Pierce murmured softly-that was how she got when she'd gone more than two weeks without having sex, "Have you noticed that Kiri's hair is always in a French braid?"

Ash raised a eyebrow at her, "What of it?"

Pierce's head cocked to the side, "Well, I mean, even when she gets out of the shower. How does she was it?"

I rolled my eyes, "I take it out, wash it, then braid it, again, obviously." I snorted.

"Yeah, but, now that I think about it, it annoys me, as well." Ash pursed her lips, "I mean, I always thought that your hair only went to your shoulders since that's where the braid ends, but a couple days ago, a chunk came out and it fell past your chest. How long is your hair, anyway?"

I shrugged, before motioning to about the equivalent of my armpit, "Right about there."

Ash pursed her lips, "Odd." and then she turned away, back to the window.

Pierce and Kori rested their heads on each others shoulders and immediately fell asleep, as I stuck my iPod headphones in my ears to blast music into them. I'd smuggled it into my bag so that I didn't have to spend the entire time listening to the hill billys going on and on about the sky and air and water and all that shit.

I wasn't actually listening to music at the moment, though. I was actually just replaying episodes of South Park that I wasn't supposed to have seen, but secretly downloaded. I was currently listening to the episode where Kenny develops a terminal disease and might die. And for some reason Kyle, Cartman, and Stan cared about him, even though he's died about a million times before. It seemed to be the episode that spoke more to me at the moment. On instinct, I reached down to grab a cigarette as Cartman swore he would find a cure for him, but then remembered that my parents had confiscated them all right before we'd left.

Sighing, I rolled over so that I was facing away from Ash, and pulled my knees up to my chest. I had never felt sorry for a character before-especially from South Park, but for some reason, I felt really bad for the four kids at the moment. Though I wasn't sure why I felt sorry for Kenny since… well… you know… he died all the time.

Tears burst to my eyes as Kenny wished not to die. It was supposed to be a funny scene, but I couldn't really see the humor in it, at the moment. I blinked back the tears before any of my friends could see them, before clenching my teeth together. Nobody could see me cry. Not yet. Not until I finally lost it and killed those hillbillies.

A gasp escaped my throat as I felt someone tap me on the back. I turned to see Ash glaring at me, and pointing to the front of the bus where Kori and Pierce were waiting for us. I groaned, before getting up, and slowly making my way down the alley.

Well, this was it.