Second Entry:

June 3rd, 9:13am

I was rooming with three other girls. A girl with chest length, curly blonde hair named Ashlyn North who opened up straight away that she stole things and that was why she was hear. A girl with short brown hair named Pierce Blake who didn't open up quite as easily-but eventually told me she was a sex addict. And then there was a redheaded girl named Kori Clarke who made it pretty obvious that she was an alcoholic.

The four of us hit it off right on the spot-instantaneous friends, as Josephine would've called it. And for the longest time, it seemed as if we were doing okay. We never got into any trouble, we did all our homework, never missed a meal, always attended group therapy-we were like the perfect camp members. At least, they were-I would've been had I ever been willing to share what my thing was. But I'd sworn to myself that I would never tell a living soul.

Still, it was really no surprise when we were allowed to leave months earlier than what we'd all been sentenced to. I guess people figured that since we were doing so well, that there was really no way we could get into anymore trouble. Sadly however, that wasn't true.

Sure, forging a fortune telling booth wasn't all that bad, but it was pretty obvious that that wasn't what they'd wanted us to do when we got out. We'd known that when we made it-and actually, that was a big part of the reason as to why we did it-but we figured that something so easy couldn't be as awful as some of the other things we'd done. I mean, all you had to do was set up a sign, get a crystal ball, brightly colored sheets and then just tell people what they wanted to hear. Compared to stealing, getting alcohol under aged, keeping yourself from getting pregnant when you have sex all the time or…

Well, anyway, we figured it couldn't be that bad. You understand how we could think that, right?

It was fun and completely successful at the beginning-we would get people coming to us all over the place, overly excited over the predictions we'd give. Which-truthfully-weren't really even that specific. All we'd had to do was give them vague descriptions that could describe to anything or anyone, an then let them do the res-

"Kiri! It's time to get up!" Ash's voice came floating through my door.

I turned to face the opening to my room, raising an eyebrow at it. I never got up after nine in the morning-she knew that. She was my best friend. Besides, whenever she woke me up, she would just storm in and throw cold water on me. So, why the hell was she knocking now?

I decided to not let on that I was awake, and merely closed my journal so that she wouldn't see that I was actually writing in it. They wouldn't find that so thrilling, seeing as she was kind of the leader of their little pack.

"Kiri! Please come out!" Ash yelled in, "Mrs. Angel says I can't go back downstairs until you do, and we're not allowed to be alone in the same room!"

I tore a piece of paper out of my journal, before scribbling a quick note on it and sliding out under the door, yelling "I'll be out in a second!" as I did so to cover up what I was doing from anyone who may have been listening in on us.

I heard Ash shuffle back a few steps as I pulled on a bra and some slightly longer shorts before opening up the door. The other blonde was standing with her back pressed up against the wall opposite my room. Her long blonde hair was pulled into two braids that fell over her shoulders, barely obscuring her black tank top and red short shorts.

"Finally." she smirked. I gave her a wide eyed look, silently asking her if she could pass the message on to Kori and Pierce, she nodded. That was all I needed.

The two of us took the long way down, passing by the fire place that Ash had seen on her way up. It was on for some reason though it was the middle of the summer, so Ash threw the note in the flames as we strolled by it. Good. The last thing we needed was one of the Angels catching sight of it. I glanced back just in time to see the last of the ashes shrivel up.

Kori and Pierce were already at the table by the time the two of us had arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Angel sat at the ends, and Damian sat across from them. There was a chair on either side of him, one for me and one for Ash. Well, they were certainly going out of their way to keeping the two of us apart with the hopes of keeping us from finding out what they were trying to do.

I sat down on the chair to his right, blanching as I caught sight of what we were eating. Bacon and eggs-not exactly my breakfast of choice. I glanced at Pierce across from me, who raised her eyebrows and shrugged her arms as if to say "I dunno."

Sighing, I pushed the plate away from me, and leant my head back, closing my eyes.

"Kiwi, are you feeling okay?" Mrs. Angel asked, giving me a worried look, "You look like you're going to be sick."

I glanced over at Ash, silently asking for help. "Uh, she's a vegetarian, Mrs. Angel." Ash answered. I smiled thankfully at my best friend.

"Really?" Mrs. Angel blinked and turned to me, "Well, I'm sorry Kiwi. I would've made something different had I known."

I shrugged, "That's okay." then I pushed myself away from the table, and stood up, "I think I'm going to take a walk and look around, if that's okay with you."

"Well, I can make something different," Mr. Angel pushed back as well, "We have some Coco Pebbles in the kitchen-"

"No," I shook my head, then began to wave my nose as I really started to smell the food, causing my stomach to churn, "I can't eat while I can smell… meat." I motioned towards the food, before making my way towards the exit. "Don't worry, I won't go too far. Just have someone come out and get me when breakfast is done, okay?"

"Wait," Mrs. Angel jumped up, "I'm sorry, Kiwi, but we can't allow you to o that. I know this sounds mean, but you have to understand why we can't trust you to go out on your own."

"How so?" I flung my arms out at my sides, "We're in the middle of nowhere! I have no reception and no way of knowing where to go!"

Based on the looks the married couple gave me, I was guessing that they still weren't about to let me go anywhere. I sighed, before shooting my friends a pleading look. If they didn't allow me to go, everything would go down the tube. Plus, the smell of the meat was really beginning to get to me. I could almost feel myself swaying on my feet, and I was pretty certain it was more pronounced to everyone else.

"Um, Mr. and Mrs. Angel," Kori cut in, "I'm not lying when I say that Kiri can't stay in the same room as meat for very long."

"But is it safe to let her go out-"

"I'll go with her." it would've seemed suspicious that Pierce was so willing to go, if it weren't for the tone she said it in. Besides, I could already tell that Pierce was their favorite-she seemed to be the most innocent, despite the fact that she was a recovering sex addict, "If she's in here for much longer, she'll either vomit or faint." she looked straight into Mrs. Angel's eyes, her own were serious, "If you don't believe us, you can check with the academy. We had to go through this all the time for the first few weeks."

She stood up and moved over to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and another placed on my shoulder, then led me out the door. We took the lack of opposition as a go to.

(A half hour later)

Pierce and I were standing behind one of the trees that was towards the South end of the cabin. I'd told her about the note, happy that I'd managed to get some time alone with her. Now, I just had to hope and pray that Ash and Kori would be able to sneak out-which was probably going to be hard, considering the fact that the Angels may have been (hesitantly) okay with two of us out of their sight, but all four of us? Yeah, probably not.

Ten minutes later, two blobs came running out. One had yellow hair, and the other had red, which meant that it was obviously Ash and Kori, seeing as how all of the Angels had black hair.

They paused right in front of us, as I sighed in relief, happy that they'd managed to sneak away.

"They allowed us to come out and get you." Ash explained, "But we only have ten minutes, before they start coming out and searching for us."

Well, they were obviously trying to trust us as much as possible without making a huge mistake. They were probably hoping that by giving us this little bit of freedom, it would keep us from wanting to run away or something.

Boy were they wrong.

"We have to get out of here, guys." Kori groaned as we moved farther back into the trees, "If I'm around their cheerfulness for three months, I will seriously kill someone."

"I know how you feel." Pierce grunted, "I was about ready to strangle those parents last night on the ride home."

"That Damian kid seems cool, though." Kori added, "Though I haven't heard much from him, and it certainly doesn't make up for his annoying parents."

"No, it doesn't." Ash agreed, "I don't think anything could."

"Well, we've gotten out of tighter situations than this." I cut in, knowing that we had to use this moment that was obviously going to be far and few between throughout the next three months to actually plan our escape, "I think I have an idea on how we can escape."

"How?" Pierce asked, raising an eyebrow.

I shook my head, "No, I don't want any of you guys getting in trouble. If you know what the plan is, than you can't say you didn't if we get caught."

Ash shook her head, smiling lightly, "Typical Kiri, always trying to take care of us."

I smiled back, "That's what I do. Now, c'mon," I started back towards the house, "Let's get going before they come looking for us." I turned back around when I noticed them hesitating in following me, "Don't worry, guys," I said with a smile on my face, "We'll get out of here. Before our three months are up. Just meet me right here, tonight-and then we'll be gone."