The Bar at the Edge of Universe


A hotel bar with a big window showing outer space on one side and a pair off glass doors on the other side which lead to the restaurant. There is also an automatic entrance door that leads into the bar.

There is a barman behind the bar, he is wiping the bar and generally straightening the bar area. He is humming as he works. He is wearing a typical barman uniform. White Shirt, waist coast and a bow tie.

The main entrance door opens automatically and a man stumbles into the bar wearing pyjamas bottoms with a checked pattern, a plain T-shirt and slippers that resemble shoes. The Man looks startled and a little dazed.

The man looks around sees the barman and walks over to the bar

MAN: (confusedly)were am I?

(silence )

(the Bar Man carries on wiping the tables)

MAN: (he tries to get the barman's attention) Excuse me Sir... (a little louder) Sir

BARMAN: (he walks to the other end of the bar apparently not hearing him)

MAN: Sir... Excuse me.

BARMAN: (Barman sees him) Hello how can i help you

MAN: Were am I?

BARMAN: Why you are at the bar

MAN: What bar? Were?

BARMAN: Why don't you take a seat and i can get you a drink. (he gestures to man)

MAN: (he hesitates then confusedly takes a seat at the bar. The man sits on a stylish swivel chair. He looks around paying particular interest to the window that appears to look out onto space) were am I, this cant be possible he points to the window, I'm….

BARMAN: (interrupts)Now young man do not worry. Do not concern yourself with, what may or not be outside of that window. (he tries to get the mans attention changes his tone slightly) Please, Please let me get you a drink. Please, you can have anything you want, anything at all. We have everything you can possible think of from sprits to cocktails. Shorts to Shots. Please let me get you something.

MAN: (confused) But… How…

BARMAN: (calmly)Let me get you a drink. What would you like

MAN: (starts to think)hmm I would like (hesitates)

BARMAN: What, What is it…

MAN: Ow I'm not sure I don't think you'll have it

BARMAN: Trust me if it's real we'll have it and if its not we'll make it anyway. (he chuckles as if he's said something funny)

MAN: If you have it, then I would like a mojito with fresh mint, if it's available.

BARMAN: Mojito with fresh mint excellent choice coming right up.

The barman starts to get different sprits from behind the bar and mixes the cocktail in a cocktail canister . When he is finished he puts a glass in front of the man and pours the drink into the glass and adds fresh mint.

BARMAN: One Mojitio an excellent choice sir.

MAN: (the man looks at it reluctantly)

BAR MAN: Please... Please try it

MAN: (the man slowly lifts the glass and takes a sip and Instantly his face perks up) Wow this is amazing (he takes another sip) Fantastic. (He finishes the drink)

BARMAN: Same again?

MAN: Sure

BARMAN: (he pours the man another drink from his canister, watches him for a few seconds then starts cleaning the bar)

MAN: (The man drinks it in the same way as the last one he then holds the glass up in the air as if requesting another drink, the bar man is a further down the bar so the man shouts down to the bar man) Any chance of a Refill barman.

BARMAN: (the bar man walks back to the man) That's not a problem but before I do that, would you mind if we just talked a haven't said much since you got here and I'm starting to think I must not be very good at my job.. if folks like you don't open up to me a little.

MAN: Yeah sure what do you want to talk about

BARMAN: I want to talk about you. I want to talk about you Simon

SIMON: (surprised) How did you know my name?

BARMAN: Never mind that. I need to know why you came here

SIMON: (he ponders this question)Why I came here? I do not even know were here is... I do not know were I am (he swivels the chair to look back out of the window)

BARMAN: Look at me Simon

SIMON: (he does not respond)

BARMAN: Simon look at me. Look at me PLEASE

SIMON: (turns to face him)

BARMAN: (the bar man stops him and asks the same question again)If I tell you were you are... will you tell me why you're here.

SIMON: (believes he has nothing to lose by agreeing to this )Ok

BARMAN: So we have a deal


BARMAN: (stares at him intensely) Are you sure

SIMON: (he thinks as he is probably dreaming it does not matter what he agrees to)

Yes I promise.

BARMAN: Good that's marvellous. This place... This place is known as the bar at the edge of the universe

SIMON: Your crazy

BARMAN: Wait Simon. Please listen I'm not crazy and your not either, but you have to understand something or not understand if that pleases you more... As long as you understand the jist of what I'm saying, that will do me fine. The place has been known by many other names and has taken many other forms, but for a long time it has been presented in the way that you see before you

SIMON: (confused)I am not sure if…

BARMAN: It doesn't matter if you don't understand this place is real and you are here and that's all the matters. I'm happy you're here.. very happy.

SIMON: but what am I doing here.

BARMAN: (leans forward towards him) I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me why you came. You made me promise

SIMON: but I don't know why I came. I not sure why I'm here and what or were this place is.

BARMAN: I've told you...your in the Bar at the edge of the universe. Come on Simon. You know why you're here you just need to tell..

SIMON: that impossible I cant be

BARMAN: (grabs Simon's arm) No it's possible this place is real and I am too. Please you know the answer.

SIMON: I don't

BARMAN: (slight anger and grabbing his arm) think simon think. You know the answer. Tell me why your here. You came for a reason. TELL ME

SIMON: (pulls his arm away)

BARMAN: (grabs his arm again)Think to Remember... what did you do before you came here... what were you thinking about


Let me put it another way, what was the last thing you remember.

They stare at each other for a few seconds. Then Simon remembers something. He knows why he is there and he is emotional

BARMAN: (the bar man realises that he has remembered something)YES SIMON YES!

SIMON: No No it can't be. She can't. She can't be here.


SIMON: (he gets of his seat) I knew it. I knew it... I knew she was real. Were is she I have to see her. Please... were is she.

BARMAN: calm down Simon. Don't worry she's waiting for you she's not going anywhere.

SIMON: Tell me were she is

BARMAN: She will wait as long as you are here. She will never leave without seeing you.. do you understand.


BARMAN: Now that you a have come she will wait. As long as you're here she will wait.

SIMON: (in desperation) Please let me see her.

(they stare at each other)

BARMAN: she's in the restaurant she's waiting (he points to the glass doors next to the bar)

SIMON: (sees the glass doors leading to the restaurant runs to them when he is close they open and he enters)