The restaurant resembles an exquisite French restaurant, with a black and white theme of decor. There are nine tables in lines of three and a stage at the end with a band playing.

Two of the tables are occupied by pairs of couples. There is one table in the centre that is occupied by one woman in a blue evening dress. She is facing the stage watching the band, facing away from the doors into the restaurant.

The band consists of aliens dressed in matching suits, playing Cantina by john William's from the film star wars

Simon stumbles through the restaurant doors in much the same way he entered the bar. He looks around the restaurant desperately. He spots the lone women but can only see the back of her head. He wonders if that is the woman he is looking for.

The music starts to settle into something quieter and softer, and the other couples in the restaurant are interacting with each other and enjoying their meals, but not making any sound.

A waitress dressed in white with a black apron approaches Simon and speaks to him in a French accent

WAITRESS: Bonjour Monsieur. Do you have a reservation

SIMON: ahh no I'm not sure

(Simon tries to move and the waitress grabs his arm)

WAITRESS: Monsieur you need a reservation, What is your name?

SIMON: Simon my name is Simon.

WAITRESS: Monsieur Simon (looking down the list)Oh Yes we have your reservation. (she starts to tut) Tut Tut Tut Tut. Your very late. Your lady has been waiting for you for a long time. a very long time. She is very beautiful and you keep her waiting like this.

SIMON: (he look worried) Is that her? (he points to the girl) Can I see her

WAITRESS: As long as she wants to see you I do not think it would be a problem.

SIMON: Great (simon stands there for a minute)

WAITRESS: Well. What are you waiting for Monsieur. Go Go (she flaps her hands in the direction of the table)

The waitress blends into the scene and precedes to wait tables, clear plates etc.

Simon walks over to the woman, she has her back to him watching the stage.

Simon stands behind the woman. The woman very elegantly stands up and turns to look at him

WOMAN: (she offers him her hand for a hand shake and at the same time she says) Hi I'm Amanda Emblem

SIMON: (Simon looks at her longingly then takes her hand)Hi I'm Simon

AMANDA: It's a pleasure to finally meet you

SIMON: You know... You know I love you don't you

AMANDA: (small smile)I do Simon. Please sit down. Lets talk for a while

SIMON: (Simon Takes a seat opposite)I knew who you were, before you said you know.

AMANDA: I know you did simon but we've never met before so it's only customary I introduce myself... don't you think.

SIMON: Yes... Yes of course, but we have met, haven't we.

AMANDA: No Simon. You have seen me in your dreams but we haven't met before

SIMON: How do I know I'm not dreaming now.

AMANDA: (she looks at him then leans over the table and gives him a long closed mouth kiss on the lips with her eyes closed) Does that feel like a dream.

SIMON: (as she is still leaning forward Simon leans forward and kisses her again, this time for a little bit longer, he then takes are hand) I have been waiting so long to see you. I have thought about this moment a thousand times. I just didn't know if you were real.. I just didn't know how to find you. I can't believe I'm finally talking to you. You have been in my dreams for a long time and each time we talked it was as real as you are to me now..but this time I can feel you.. I can really touch you and you're here. I'm so happy to be here I don't want to let you go.

AMANDA: Then don't. Don't let me go

(they are suddenly interrupted by the waitress)

WAITRESS: mademoiselle, monsieur what can I get you.

(Simon does not fully understand)

AMANDA: Simon what are you having

SIMON: (Snaps out of his daze)Oh sorry. I haven't seen the menu.

(the waitress laughs at this remark and Amanda smiles)

WAITRESS: (false anger) MENU MENU. We don't have a menu. What kind of restaurant do you think this is. You don't need to choose from a MENU. Everything here is superb. Everything here is cooked to the highest quality with the greatest most succulent ingredients. MENU HA.

SIMON: well how do I know what you have

WAITRESS: (refuses to answer this question and turns away slightly)

AMANDA: (in a calming direct tone of voice)Simon. They have everything.

SIMON: (looks at Amanda)

AMANDA: The reason why they don't have a menu is that they have everything and anything. (small laugh)You can have anything you want. You just have to ask.

SIMON: Anything?

AMANDA: Yes hun anything.

WAITRESS: Monsieur are you going to order or shall I come back when your Earth moves around your Sun.

SIMON: I'll order

WAITRESS: Good very good. (Prepares to write on her note pad)