The scene takes us back to the bar. The barman is cleaning the bar, He removes the glass from which Simon drank his Mojito and wipes the surface of the bar. A small boy around twelve years old, comes trough the door; tired, a little sleepy and confused.

BARMAN: (calls to the little boy)Hey there little fella!

BOY: Hey

BARMAN:(he gestures to him)Come... Come over here, let me see you

BOY: (he walks over to the barman) were am I?

BARMAN: Don't worry about that now little fella. Please take a seat I'll get you something to drink. What would you like, Some warm coca or warm glass milk or maybe something different, something special.

BOY: Were shall i sit?

The boy looks at the stool then looks at the barman who is looking towards the stool indicating that he wants him to sit there

BOY: (sighs)Oh ok. (the boy pulls himself up on the bar stool).

BARMAN: What will it be then little fella?

BOY: (the boy looks around the room)

BARMAN: What will it be? What would you like to drink?

BOY: I don't know... what is there?

BARMAN: well there's a lot of things here... but there's not a great deal for a little fella like you. I mean if you really want something I'm not saying we can't get it but it's the middle of the night just take a look outside(he gestures to the window showing outer space, the boy looks but does not pay much attention)How about a nice glass of coca or a warm glass of milk.

BOY: Can I have a strawberry milkshake?

BARMAN: Jeez Louise kid. If you have one of those you'll be up all night. Do you know how much sugar is in those things. That won't do... won't do at all.

BOY: What's the something special?

BARMAN: (sarcastically)Why. Whatever do you mean?

BOY: when I first sat down you said I could have a glass of coca, or a warm glass of milk or I could have something different, something special.

BARMAN: (looks at the boy)

BOY: If its all the same to you mister I think I will have the something special. Yes I will. (with confidence he orders)I will have the something special please Mister.

BARMAN: (he looks at him)by god little fella your right. You got me. Good Choice. Good Choice. Twice in one day.

He starts to pace up and down the bar looking for something, checking the draws and cabinets of the bar and looking underneath the bar

BARMAN:Now were could it be (he finds a key)a ha! I've found it.

He takes the key to the cabinet behind him unlocks the door and gets out a large hexagonal glass jar with a metal lid filled with a white liquid. He places the hexagonal Jar on the bar in front of the boy but keeps his hands on it

BARMAN:Do you know what this is?

BOY: (the boy shakes his head)

BARMAN: This is MOON MILK. (pause)They drill down into the core of the moon were they find lakes of scrumptious succulent milk. Milk so thick and so fresh that it is known throughout the galaxy as been the creamiest most delicious milk anyone has ever tasted. It is truly wonderful.

BOY: (the boy reaches for it)

BARMAN: (the barman pulls it away instinctively then looks at the boy) would you like to try some?

BOY: yes please Mister.

BARMAN: (he unscrews the metal lid and takes a long pleasurable smell of the milk he then takes a spoon from a draw and tries some) umm Delicious. Do you know what the glesions call it?

BOY: (shakes his head)

BARMAN: "nar a ka chu da" which means "liquid Gold". If they could bottle it up and sell it they would... In-fact i think they did. (laughs) Are you sure you want to try some. If you have Moon milk you'll never be able to drink ordinary milk again. It just won't taste the same!

BOY: (the boy nods his head) Yes please. I would like some

BARMAN: Ok but take it steady (he passes the bottle to the boy)

The boy lifts the jar to his lips and takes a big gulp then puts the jar back down on the bar leaving a white line on his lip

BARMAN: (big smile) wow mister that's great. (he takes another big drink) It's so good (he is about to take another drink when the barman stops him)

BARMAN: Easy little fella. You'll make yourself sick. This isn't ordinary milk (he moves the bottle away) Don't worry You can finish it later. First we have to talk.