The scene returns to the restaurant were the waitress is clearing the final two plates from Simon and Amanda's table. Once the plates are cleared, only a bottle of wine and two half glasses of wine remain on the table.

SIMON: That was delicious.

AMANDA: It really was.

SIMON: I can't believe how everything tasted. It was fresh and so succulent. It was almost as if the taste was heightened and the food was enhanced. It was amazing!

AMANDA: It's quite the opposite, actually.

SIMON: What do you mean?

AMANDA: You said the food was enhanced but it's quite the opposite; it's not enhanced at all. In fact it comes from a time when no one did anything to the food, or anything to anything in that matter. It comes from a time when the air was so fresh you could almost taste it and the ground so full of goodness that anything would grow. The people who live in this place say that if someone pulls a radish out of the ground you can smell it a mile away.

SIMON: I'm confused. How do you know about all this?

AMANDA: Please don't worry about that now. Simon, hold me again.

SIMON: (takes her hand)I never want this evening to end.

AMANDA: At some point it may have to.

SIMON: But you'll come with me, won't you?

AMANDA: We'll be together, don't worry. We'll be together, I promise you that. Please finish the story you were telling me and I'll tell you more about myself.

SIMON: Okay, so ...the next thing I remember I was on a plane coming home. I remember waking up to the plane's din, the hum of the engines, and the dampened sound of the other passengers. At one point I tried to get up but couldn't. I was stuck to my seat. I was coming home and there was nothing I could do. When we landed I was able to get up. I got off the plane, went through passport control, and out of the airport. After all those years I was finally home, and when that cold wind hit my face …

AMANDA: What? What did that feel like?

SIMON: Awesome! On my way home I have to admit I was little scared because I felt so disjointed to any life that I had. When I was away for all those years I felt …

AMANDA: Felt what?

SIMON: The best word I can you use is displaced. I felt displaced and thrived off that feeling. I thrived off it because it was the feeling of not belonging ... not belonging to anywhere or to anyone. I felt like a hero on a journey. But when I walked out of that door and the cold wind hit my face. (action of wind hitting face) Awesome is the only way I can describe it. Do you know what bought me home?


SIMON: You did. It was you.

AMANDA: But I didn't know you. We hadn't met.

SIMON: It wasn't you, it was the thought of you. The thought of you brought me home. I had been searching for you for a long time and then I realised where you were. You were in here all along (he points to his heart). It was that night that I saw you for the first time. This time I was on the plane but something terrible had happened and the plane was coming down. As I closed my eyes I saw the dream catcher I bought from a native on one of the islands I'd visited. It was floating right in front of me. As I concentrated on it I could see something in the web.

AMANDA: What did you see?

SIMON: I saw your face for the first time, and when I saw you everything was okay, everything was calm. The plane was still coming down but I was safe as if I was somehow wrapped in your arms. And then I woke up.

AMANDA: Wow, that's incredible! You know I've been waiting a long time for you and there is something I have to tell you.

SIMON: What? What is it?

AMANDA: When I was a little girl I followed a spider up a drain pipe and to its home. Inside its home there was a mummy spider, a daddy spider, and a little brother spider. They invited me for dinner and afterwards do you know what we did?

SIMON: (shakes his head)

AMANDA: We danced, Simon.


AMANDA: (moves in closer and speaks a little quieter) We danced.

SIMON: Do you want to dance?

AMANDA: I thought you would never ask.

Simon takes Amanda's hand and leads her onto the stage. The band starts to play something slow and romantic. They slow dance until the music changes and the dance become more impressive and energetic, including some twists and twirls. Eventually the music slows down again and they resume their slow dance.

AMANDA: Our time here is coming to an end.

SIMON: Don't say that.

AMANDA: You'll soon have to go.

They stop dancing.

SIMON: No, don't say that. You promised we'd stay together.

AMANDA: No. I promised we'd be together but for now you must go. It's so important that you leave. You must go.

SIMON: No, I can't ... I can't go. I couldn't leave you. I've finally found you after all those years of searching.

AMANDA: Simon, listen to me. Simon, listen to me, please. We'll be together, that I promise you, but there is someone who needs your help. He won't be there forever. He won't wait like me because he doesn't know you're coming. The time is drawing closer. You must understand that this is vital – vital for our future.

SIMON: I don't ... I don't understand.

AMANDA: You don't need to understand as long as you believe. Believe that what I'm telling you is the absolute truth.

SIMON: What should I do?

AMANDA: You must go back; back to the bar. The barman will help you.

SIMON:I don't like it but I'll go. You shouldn't have asked if I believed you.

AMANDA: Well do you?

SIMON: You are the most real thing I've ever believed in and I love you.

AMANDA: Then go.

They kiss and then Simon goes back through the door into the bar.