What is America?
The land of the free and the home of the brave? Or just a bunch of cowards hiding behind a corrupt government?
The land were the government is sworn to protect our rights that are slowly being taken away by said government? The land were the government is slowly turning against the very things many people have died for? Is it really all that of a free nation? Do the people really have the power like our constitution states?
Soon will it matter if you democrat or republican? will the kids of america now ever get to vote on were the power goes? All men are created equal? Then why are we still racist, and what happened to the women who have done just as much if not more for this nation? Why are we still sexist? United we stand divided we fall? Than why are we united but still falling fast? America the Beautiful? What is so beautiful about thousands of homeless people? What's so beautiful about a government that cares more its power than the well being of its people? Are we all that we say we are? America?