My best friends mom was talking to us about dreams last night. Se was telling us about how flying dreams have a more seginfagant meaning than others and they give you a sence of freedom. She was telling us about how the flying dreams meant that your soul was in a good spot and was ready to let you be free. I'm a Christian and i do believe that dreams have a special meaning, but i don't believe that they can control our futures.

Now i know that this will sound dumb, but this is the only flying dream that i've ever had, it bothers me that i wasn't free in it.

In my dream I woke up and found myself facing the ceiling. Scratch that, my face was in the ceiling. My bed was perfectly made below me; you couldn't even tell that I had gone to sleep. As I stared down at my bed the oddest thing started to happen, it started to get further away. Though as the distance between me and my bed grew, the distance between me and the ceiling didn't change.

As I started to be able to see more and more of my house I knew that this wasn't safe. If I continued to float up, there would be no way to get back down into the safety of my bed. I clutched my stuffed cat, Buttons, to my chest. I was starting to get frustrated as I couldn't leave the ceiling no matter how hard I tried.

Then it was like the ground was rushing up to meet me. There wasn't a thing I could do to stop it so I let the wind wash over me. Once the ceiling was reattached to my house I found that I was able to leave it. I could fly freely.

I clumsily flew down to my door and opened it into the long hallway outside my bedroom. I wanted to show my mom that I could fly so badly. So I started knocking on the bathroom door. The more I knocked the more I could feel the roof trying to suck me back up. I didn't want to fly anymore. I wanted to be on the ground. So with all my strength I tried to reach the ground. The only thing that I was able to accomplish was being suspended in air with my feet dangling above my head.

With this I had had enough. I had had enough of everything that had to do with that stupid dream. I didn't want to fly; I didn't even want to sleep if I couldn't be master of my own dream. So I simply woke up.

Now you see how i don't believe that my dream signified freedom. If you review, and i hope that you do, please give me an interpitation.

Thank you,